The landscape of marketing is continuously changing. This is why it is difficult to analyze which of these trends would gain popularity over time and which one would leave the industry. These marketing factors are dependent on a number of factors. Technology has the most importance in the marketing trends for the upcoming years. The change in technology changes the entire scenario. If you are interested in analyzing the marketing trends for 2019, then this article is definitely for you.

In order to set some of the trends for 2019, the evaluation of past trends is important. The past experience helps in expecting what could rule the market and become a marketing trend in 2019. Here are the 10 most important ones.

1. Shifting of marketing funnel:

The current marketing revolves around the acquisition of the customers. The evaluation of the customers is done based on the profitability that each of the customers brings in. If the level of revenues is fruitful for the business, the customer is readily accepted in the marketing funnel and vice versa. such a marketing effort is seen as an insult by the customer where the customers are highly focussed on profitability and have no concern for the audience.

However, this trending is probably changing in 2019. The companies are focussing on the niche audience to get the desired result. Firstly, it will help in reducing the cost associated with marketing. Secondly, it will let the companies to give higher importance to the audience.

2. Focus on content:

Focussing on the content is amongst one of the new marketing trends that you should expect in 2019. The companies are focussing their content to inspire the audience and compel them to buy the products rather than focus on the product. Provoking their thoughs or exciting them with a particular idea can be amongst the solutions that you can incorporate in your content for attracting the customers. now that you need to entice your audience: inspire them, provoke their thoughts, excite them or appeal to their emotions.

3. Chatbots have their importance:

In order to provide the best customer service, the chatbots have become quite important. They are no doubt one of the elements of the marketing trends that you can expect in 2019.

With the busy routines of the individuals, talking to the customer support through an email has become redundant now. In order to replace the readily available solutions for the queries of the customers. These chatbots are playing an important role and would be expected to influence the market even more.

4. Artificial Intelligence has your back:

The use of artificial intelligence in different aspects of business can be quite helpful. You can expect a better data analysis while using the artificial intelligence software. AI is the latest form of machine learning. YouTube and other such forums provide you with the suggestions for your next video depending upon your interest and previous browsing history. This is because of AI. Similarly, whatever, business are you in, you are expected to ease the life of the customers through this technique.

You can even analyze the online patterns of your customers to provide you with better information about your customers. Using AI in this perspective might involve some legal concerns. So you might be fully aware of the legal limits before you to choose to use AI.

5. Security is the Real Concern:

The technology is creating situations where compromise on security is inevitable. Whether it is in the form of website cookies or attacks from the hackers, the information of the individuals is not safe. However, this is not the case for every company. Here are a few companies that take the security of their customers particularly important. Such companies are liked by the customers and are often the favorite for the customers.

If you need to be one of such companies in the upcoming year, you need to follow the marketing trends for 2019. And ensure that the information of your visitors and customers is 100% safe with you. Every company should ensure that its security is thorough.

6. Voice search is getting important:

The estimates of Search Engine Land shows that voice sales have reached $1.8 billion in 2017. By, 2022, they are projected to increase to $40 billion. Thus, a clear indication of the upcoming marketing trend.

7. Vertical videos have no match:

One of the marketing trends for the upcoming year is the use of virtual videos. The virtual videos provide the audience with an ease to enjoy the content without switching the mobile on the side. Instagram is already using this form of videos. And have got great acceptability in the customers. Apart from the other types of content, videos have already gone way beyond. So, the use of vertical videos in the content is going to make the difference.

8. Gen Z can kill you:

Gen Z is too tech savvy. They know how to search for information. They have all the knowledge about a product. So, you can’t expect to lie to them to sell a particular product. You’ll have to be extreme careful in order to cater these customers. As they are growing older, so you’ll need to cater them for increasing your profitability. This is one of the most prominent marketing trends that you can expect to influence you in the future.

9. Visual Searches have a role too:

Visual searches like the voice searches are on the rise too. Google allows the individuals to take a real time picture and find more about it. So, this trend is getting stronger and stronger. You’ll have to follow this trend to stay in the competition. Otherwise, the competition will ruin you.

10. Different identities of influencers:

The influencer marketing technique is still on the rise. But the type of influencers are continuously changing. Influencers which were once the celebrities only, are now changing to normal people. These people have a lot of following or say and their following is used by the marketers to spread the message that they want.

The marketing is definitely becoming complex with the new technology and the changing realities. You need to be aware of the marketing trends of the upcoming year to ensure that you have the best strategy already in hand to attract the customers. To know about specific Instagram trends for the year 2019, visit this article.