With 1 billion monthly active users, most of them within the age bracket of 18-29 years, you need to be doing using Instagram in the best possible way. Increase Instagram engagement by using these tips.

Instagram can prove to be one of the most traffic-driving platforms for your business, but the question is you using it the right way? Do you manage to engage your followers through your posts? Are your Instagram goals met?

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself, considering your own industry and business setup to know if you are using this social media channel in the best possible way.

If you are still struggling to increase Instagram engagement or Instagram followers, then we are sure that this article is going to be of special importance to you. So, don’t panic and have a look at these ten tips that we are going to share with you. You are definitely going to see an increase in Instagram engagement.

Tips to increase Instagram engagement:

Here we are sharing some tips to grow your Instagram followers and engagement per post. We are sure that these tried and tested tips would bring the most benefit to you from your Instagram account.

1. Relationship development should be the focus:

One of the most important tips that we’ll like to start with is the importance of relationship in increasing the engagement level of your Instagram account.

You shouldn’t be focusing on increasing the Instagram followers for your business account; rather, your prime focus should be to engage those followers and develop authority and trust in the relationship.

If you don’t agree with it, then let us ask you a question. Do you think your follower count can translate into bank balance? No? Then what about customer relationships? Most of you would agree that developing the relationship with customers definitely translates into your bank balance too.

2. Ensure value for customers in every interaction:

It is essential that you should provide something valuable for your audience in every interaction. This will encourage participating because of the value creation activity. This participation could be in the form of likes, appreciation, or disagreement in any way.

However, in any case, bringing something useful will increase Instagram engagement and the level of trust that your audience puts into you.

Moreover, it is important that you should help your audience with your knowledge, worth, and experience in the field. This is only possible when you’ll share your knowledge with them in a way to provide them with maximum value.

3. Fishing for followers shouldn’t be a technique:

What do we call “fishing”? Hunting for new Instagram followers by following them in the hope that they’ll follow you back. Usually, people do that, and that is reflected in the number of followers that a brand or business has.

If you have been thinking of using this technique or have been using this technique, then it is better that you should stop using it rather than stop thinking about it?

The use of this strategy for creating engagement on Instagram creates a negative impact. Your audience would know that you have been using this technique.

Additionally, if you’ll gather followers based on this technique, what benefit would they bring to you. Here we’ll urge you to go through point one once again.

4. Post body text should be used:

You can create more interest in your users in the brand if you’ll start using the story of your brand or the story of the picture behind the picture shared.

Here we don’t want to give an image that you should only rely on text. We believe that images are better to grab attention as everyone believes them. Create a catchy headline and use the body text to deliver the right message.

Incorporating human elements in the posts by stating emotions and sentiments in the post would help you grow the engagement level.

As a brand, the message that you want to convey might look like a marketing strategy, but when you involve some sentiments in it, people would be able to relate with your story and the message being conveyed.

5. Use the right hashtag to grow Instagram traffic:

Another important tip for Instagram for business is that you should use the relevant hashtags in your posts. It will drive the right audience to your posts, and the result can be seen in the form of more Instagram followers.

Here are some of the tips that you can use for using hashtags. Firstly, bring variations in the hashtag. Don’t go for the same one in each of your posts. 30 hashtags are allowed. You can use 30 of them if you find the relevant ones, but don’t just use any hashtag to fill the 30 hashtag slot available.

Moreover, search for hashtags that can bring in a lot of traffic for you. You might need some social media marketing tools for this purpose.

6. Instagram stories should be considered as a way to reach the audience:

The latest marketing trends and predictions highlight that stories are going to gain more prominence in the next year. Therefore, you should capitalize on this prediction in the best possible way.

You can provide discounts or special offers to the customers via stories so that your audience would give higher importance to these forms as well and come back to check them every now and then.

7. Direct Messaging can create Instagram engagement:

Another way to create Instagram engagement is by responding via direct messages to the audience who has commented on your posts in any way.

You can thank them for the appreciation or answer the questions that they have asked. This won’t only create engagement on that particular post. But it will also put their trust in you as a brand.

You can expect such an audience to interact with you more in the future. Furthermore, don’t forget the word of mouth impact that such an audience would create for you.

8. Be honest:

You don’t have to cover up everything with the false statements or a made-up story. You should be brave enough to have an honest option and give direct statements. Again, this is important for building the reputation of your brand and this impact on the engagement level.

Secondly, honest opinions can actually generate more comments, and people could have more opinions about your brand when you are sharing some honest experiences. This can also encourage people to narrate their experiences that are relevant to the post.

This strategy can have its consequences too, as every one might not like your story or candid response, so you’ll have to bear with that.

9. Use fresh content:

Don’t expect the audience to keep following or keep engaging with you if you are using old content again and again. Here we are not referring just to your own old posts, but if you are sharing some news or data source, make sure that is relevant and have fresh data.

The latest data and new posts would be helpful in making your audience inquisitive about the fact, and they would be with your post for a longer time, increasing the chances of interaction and engagement.

10. Be creative:

Last but not least, content is the king. You’ll have to create such posts where people would stop scrolling, read your post, and take the action that you particularly want them to take.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” — Albert Einstein

Content plays a vital role in creating engagement, growing Instagram followers, and making customers or the audience take the required action.

Let’s see how creative you can get with the post. The more creative you are, the more engagement you would create.


You can increase Instagram engagement by following these ten steps mentioned above. By constantly relying on these Instagram tips, we believe that your engagement level and Instagram followers will increase.

We’ll love to hear your opinion about this post. Kindly share your opinion in the comments section below.