This world is eventually becoming a ruthless place to live on. The headline news every day highlights the brutality that exists in the nature of human beings. While watching the news or hearing such incidents around us, we often believe that such incidents won’t be part of our lives. We hope that you are right, but you cannot wait for any barbaric incident to harm you before you would take any measures to remain safe. Basic self defence tips must be part of our upbringing as a society. As we know, no such importance is given to self defence at an early age. This is why we believe that you must know some of the basics about self defence so that you’ll be in the position to defend yourself.

12 Self Defence Tips:

In this article, we are sharing 12 basic self defence tips that can reduce the impact of the heinous crimes. We have tried to figure out the simplest tips so that you would not have any sort of difficulty in remembering them or implementing them in any dangerous situation.

1. Precaution is better than cure:

Such a statement would be more suited in medical terms, but in order to ensure clarity in our suggestion, we are using it here as well. In order to avoid any problems, the easiest way is to be vigilant about their existence in advance. Most of the attackers choose people who are ignorant of the situation or are too involved in something else. Whether the motive of the attacker is to rob an individual or kill someone, the attacker would get an easy chance if that individual were absorbed in his or her own thoughts.

This is why the first tip that we can give regarding self-defence is to be vigilant of any unusual activity around you. You can change your route to office or home occasionally and park your car in a well-lit area. These habits will keep you away from being a victim of barbaric crimes, and you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy and peaceful life.

2. Shout:

Although staying away from such situations is the ideal situation. But you can be unlucky at times. For such situations, as soon as the attacker touches or reduces the distance between you and him/her, you should shout. Shouting can be beneficial because of different reasons. Firstly, the people around you will get conscious and can approach for help. Secondly, the attacker would also be intimated and would back off on his/her own without requiring you to do anything else. So, it is one of the most important self defence tips that you should keep in mind.

3. Use busy roads:

Busy roads might not be much suitable when you are getting late or looking for ways to avoid traffic. But they are very essential in keeping you safe from the attackers. When there will be people around, the chances are that you won’t be attacked. No one wants to get more risk than what is necessary. Additionally, you’ll also have the moral support, and in some cases, you might get physical help from the people around you. Moreover, the chances are that picking you from the crowd (unless the attacker is specifically looking for you) would be lower when there would be limited or no options available. Don’t you think it would be far better if you’ll go by a busy road safely rather than facing the attackers in a stranded street?

4. Use Pepper Spray:

This is one of the easiest self defence tips, and you would be already aware of it. It is best to have a pepper spray along in your bag or your car. Spraying it directly in the eyes of the attacker can give you enough space to run away. These sprays are meant to irritate the eyes. Some of them can even cause temporary blindness. So, you can well imagine how important could these sprays be for you.

5. Get hold of sand or stones from the ground:

In case you don’t have the pepper spray or aren’t close enough to it, then you should simply get down and hold sand or stones available on the ground to attack the assaulter. Aiming it could be a bit tricky, but you can put in your right guess and at least manage to distract him or her for a few seconds. This time should be enough for you to escape.

6. Attack the attacker with your hand:

In case the above tips aren’t apt for your situation, then you’ll have to attack the assaulter as self-defence. One of the best and easiest moves for the attack is to use your palm and hit it hard on the nose. A blow to the nose will definitely put the assaulter off balance, and you’ll get a chance to run from the situation. Make sure to hit him or her as hard as you can. At this point, when your life is in danger, you can’t think of the severity of pain that they will go through rather your aim must be to inflict maximum pain. So, that you can run away from the scenario.

One more thing to be aware of at this stage is that you must aim right. Trying to hit nose but ending up in a mere slap won’t save you from the grip of that cruel person. And you might make him or her angrier. Additionally, you won’t get the same chance again. This makes it highly necessary to avail it to save your life and belongings. Remember this self defence tip to get the most benefit.

7. Use anything you have:

In case you have been attacked by someone in the middle of the road, you can use anything that you have at the moment. Whether it is your bag or keys, you can give a blow to the attacker strong enough to run away and find a place to hide. In case you have been attacked at home, you can still use anything available alongside. A vase or a book can be equally good if you’ll target the right place. As soon as you get the opportunity, you must run to the kitchen to get a knife or other sharp objects that can keep the attacker away.

8. Better to keep a Swiss knife:

Swiss knife can be your efficient tool to fight for your defense when you face a problem. It can easily hurt the attacker and can save you from a life-threatening position. But be careful in using it. You should be aiming for a few simple cuts on the skin to distract the attacker. As deep cuts can even take the life of an individual if, they are made on the vital organs. And you would not want to be a murderer. But yes, defend yourself well.

9. Ensure to get out of the wrist hold as quickly as possible:

Once the attacker gets close to you, one of the possibilities is that he or she will get a hold of your wrist. So, it would be imperative to loosen the grip and get yourself free before you would do anything else. In this situation, you should not waste your energy by making vague efforts to be freed; rather, you must use the right technique.

You can rotate your wrist (within the grip of the attacker) to the point (in attacker’s hand) where the finger and thumb meet. At this point, the grip would be weakest, and by putting a little effort, you’ll be able to set yourself free. Additionally, you can also squat and use your elbows to attack the arms of the attacker for freeing up your wrist. But one thing to note here is that you must be as quick as possible because you won’t have much time before you’ll be caught with a stronger grip. So, follow this self defence tip.

10. Use all your force:

In case any of the above techniques is not working for you, then the last tip that you can follow is use a ll of your force. It can create prospects that you can get free and run. However, make sure to apply some strategic moves before you get to this step.

11. Learn basic self defence techniques:

You might not require these moves every time, but learning to defend yourself in a cranky situation can even give you another life. So, spend some time now and learn a few of the basic martial arts techniques that will make you a basic fighter to fight and keep yourself safe in a problematic situation. Follow this self defence tip and it would help you in staying safe.

12. Make sure to switch on the Emergency SOS feature in your mobile:

Currently, only a few mobile phones are offering this feature, but if you are the owner of such a mobile phone, then it can help you in saving yourself from greater harm. Through this feature, you can call a friend or family member automatically by pressing a single button. Make sure to look for these settings and activate them, so it can be a backup plan for your help.

By pressing the help button, you might not get instant help, but you’ll be able to send a message to a close person who’ll be able to arrange something for you in no time.


These are some of the self defence tips that can save you from the dangerous situations. It is better that you should make a deliberate effort to remember a few of these tips and make a mental note. So, that even if you get into some trouble (we pray that you don’t), you’ll be able to drag yourself out of it safe and sound.

If you have any other self defence tip, then you should definitely share it with all of us. The comment section below can provide the necessary medium. Feel free to use it.