What makes some people successful, whereas the others not so successful? One of the things that we can think of is habits. Habits of successful people.

No self-made billionaire was born successful. They had to strive for it, and today we can see a number of billionaires who started from scratch or now earning billions of dollars. So, how do you think they managed to do it? They did not have more time or capability in comparison to the people who haven’t achieved anything. But they definitely had some special habits. We would call them the habits of successful people.

What are these habits? Let’s have a look at these habits in this article. We hope that after reading this article, you’ll adopt some of these habits.

12 habits of successful people:

We’ll be focusing on 12 wonderful habits that successful people have in their life.

1. Introductions are given high priority:

In the practical field, introductions aren’t just for the sake of greetings. Introductions reveal about your mindset and understanding about your field. Successful people realize it and are often seen to use their second or third connections to establish something big.

So, one of the habits of the successful people that are revealed here is that they give high importance to the introduction. Whether it is giving their own or remembering about the others’, both sides are equally important. They don’t ignore or hesitate to follow up to build stronger relationships, which might become the reason for their new entrepreneurial venture.

With this habit, successful people are friends with a lot of people and have a vast social circle. So, whenever they need some information or insights about the industry, they’ll definitely find someone from their connections to help them up.

You should try implementing this technique. At first, you can start with a few compelling lines about yourself and your passion. With time, you can add to your achievements and state the relevant ones when meeting with people from some specific background.

2. Maintenance of work-life balance is important:

Without the maintenance of work-life balance, you can’t be passionate about your idea for long. You’ll have to give in. And this is where successful people dominate you.

They manage to maintain a perfect world life balance. They focus on the work things when they are working, but as soon as they finish their work, they make sure to have a full personal life where they would give quality time to their friends and family.

It does not only help in maintaining good social relations around them. But it also helps in keeping the motivation level high for what you want to achieve.

Phil Knight – CEO of Nike, says: “There is an immutable conflict at work in life and in business, a constant battle between peace and chaos. Neither can be mastered, but both can be influenced. How you go about that is the key to success.”

You should follow this advice and devote some specific work hours where you should give your 100% to work. Similarly, when out of work, you should ensure that you have some family time, friends, time, and me-time as well. Adopting this habit will also include you in the list of successful people.

3. Failures are considered normal and is among things that successful people do:

Successful people don’t consider failures as something unusual. For them, they are part of life. They are open to accept them and learn from them, rather than discontinuing their efforts for the achievement of the desired goal.

This habit of successful people demands a bit of patience and the ability to understand things as well. It is a rationale to believe that your plans would succeed, but it is also a rational approach to let go of the failure if things don’t work your way.

What do most unsuccessful people actually do is they leave the idea or passion behind on the encounter of the first failure. They won’t even wait and think about what went wrong or how can it be improved. This actually leads to the achievement of literally nothing.

You can learn this habit from the following quote of Thomas Edison: “I didn’t fail; I learned hundreds of ways not to invent the light bulb”

4. Be an action-oriented individual:

You have thought of a business idea that is great. Finalized the implementation plan? That is wonderful. But do you think you can keep on sitting with this implementation plan and get results? We guess no. This is not even among the possibilities. So, this is one of the habits that you don’t have, but successful people do have. Action-oriented approach. These people don’t only make plans but also implement them as well.

To be successful in life, you’ll have to make sure that you are not only thinking about the idea or making plans, but you are also implementing them as well. Only then it would turn into success or failure — either way, your benefit.

5. Be optimistic:

Another habit of successful individuals is to be optimistic. Optimism is a feeling that can show you your glass half full rather than being half-empty. So, see what a difference it can make in your entire life. This is one of the power tools that successful people have. If you’ll read about the traits of the CEOs of the successful companies, you’ll come to know that each of them has positive energy and shares this energy with everyone around them.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

However, being optimistic doesn’t mean that you’ll find success in any move you take. Optimism gives you the courage to start and to believe in something. It can give you hope, and hope can even make you successful. So, try to be more optimistic in your personal and professional life and see the difference it makes.

6. Be willing to take a risk:

Risk-taking could be one of the innate qualities that any individual possesses. But it can definitely be developed. If you are skeptical about taking the risk, then you can complete your homework before to see if the risk is worth taking or not. The successful conversion of the risk into positive outcomes would make you more confident, and you’ll slowly develop the power of taking the risk.

Successful people have already developed this habit. They have to take numerous risks for the proper functioning of their business. So, they are quite comfortable with even the bigger risk.

If you start developing the risk-taking approach slowly, you’ll be in a better position to make decisions even in a highly risky situation. These are essential for growing your business, too, thus having an influential role in making you successful.

7. Don’t be fearful of introducing new ideas in the market:

Google and Uber are two examples of the evading companies that we know today. Both of them started with a unique idea. Guess what, on the introduction of both these companies, the initial reaction of people about both this company was that they are disasters. Yahoo even rejected the purchase of early Google.

The point here is that every new idea gets criticism from the users until it becomes successful. Beautifully put by Mark Twain, “A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”

So, if you have any idea and you believe that it can become a great hit, just stand by it. Don’t be fearful of the initial reaction of people.

8. Spend some time without gadgets is a habit of successful people:

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg would be on Facebook every time? We don’t know about him, but at least we are, isn’t it?

The use of gadgets and digital marketing is important, but excessive gadget use can actually be a serious problem, and you might not be realizing it. It actually deviate your attention from the important tasks, and the end result is you don’t achieve anything.

“Time away from the digital world is critical for my sanity, productivity, and general wellness. Late night walks along the ocean without my phone provide a tranquil way to get exercise, digest the day, plan the next day, and enjoy nature.” Tony Anderson.

So, one of the habits that you adopt from successful people is to limit the use of social media, in particular, and gadgets in general.

9. Be ready to work hard:

Hard work is the key to success. All the successful individuals that you see around you or in the media have done their part of the job early in life, and they are reaping the benefits of it now. Even the ones that you assume that their period of hard work would be over, even if they have to make decisions, make strategies, and find new ways to stay relevant in the industry. Hard work is never off, and it definitely pays off.

You’ll have to put your input in the best possible form to get the desired outcome. For that, you’ll have to come out of your comfort zone and see what different can you do to achieve what you want. But coming out of your comfort zone is not everyone’s play. Success does not come to you without making any efforts. You’ll have to make sure that you work hard to achieve your goals.

“Unless you are willing to drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top.” James Cash Penney.

10. Listen to others:

Gaining feedback from people around you and making them comfortable enough to do so is another habit that successful individuals have. They make sure they listen to the grievances from the employees and improve their attitude and the workflow. This ultimately leads them to success.

Listening to others doesn’t mean you have to follow everything. Not everyone could be in your shoes at the time of giving advice or raising an issue, but everyone has the right to express their opinion, and you can definitely find out the ones worth implementing.

Whether they are your employees, partners, or mentors, make sure to listen to them and see what they have to tell you about the business and your attitude. You can learn a lot from others. Don’t miss this opportunity.

11. Pay attention to details as successful people do:

Successful people make sure that everything is perfect. You don’t expect large companies to make mistakes that could spoil all their reputation. So, for that, the leader of the business needs to pay attention to details and foster a culture where detailing gets important.

If you are an individual whose focus is just on the outcome, then you should probably change this habit as this is something against the norms of being successful.

Don’t be superficial. It can actually leave some of your problems ignored. So, to avoid this attitude, you need to pay attention to details.

12. Keep improving as it is a habit of successful people:

Learning is a constant part of love for all successful people. The moment you stop learning, you lose your position. The failure of Nokia is one of the recent manifestations of this point. Successful people and companies realize this and ensure that they keep on learning and improving their products, attitudes, ways of doing things, etc. it helps successful people to be successful all their lives.

You should adopt this habit too. Never stop learning. Reading about the latest news about your industry, talking to people who have more knowledge, and thinking of practical ways to implement this knowledge in your life should become part of your personality. No one is perfect, and neither should you assume that. Make sure that you improve continuously. This is the key to attain success in your life.


By following these habits, we guarantee that you are going to become a successful individual. Adopting all of these techniques at once could be challenging, so what we advise you is to adopt these habits one by one and see the changes that it brings in your life. 

Which of these habits is the most difficult to adopt for you? Share your opinion along with the plan that you are going to follow for adopting these habits.