Are you curious about the famous entrepreneurs of the world? Want to know which business people have established their leadership skills to a level that the world recognizes their skills? Then we are going to highlight the top entrepreneurs of the world in this article.

You might be thinking that there are some prominent businesses and the owners of these businesses are no doubt going to top the list. Well, you are right. There are some famous businesses that each one of us knows and these businesses are under influential entrepreneurs to top the world. But there are going to be a few businesses and the world famous entrepreneurs that you would not know earlier. So, let us not wait more and start our list.

1.    Bill Gates:

One of the famous entrepreneurs is no doubt Bill Gates. He is the founding member of Microsoft. Rather creating Microsoft was his idea and vision that became a reality. And today we don’t have to explain what is Microsoft,

You might have heard that he was a college dropout. But you can’t match him with an incapable individual who did not complete his studies because he never understood what was going. It won’t be over-exaggeration to say that Bill Gates probably knew more than most of the students studying there. Leaving university was just a way to start his entrepreneurial career in a field that he liked the most.

2.    Larry Page

When it comes to the revolution in the IT industry, the name of Larry Page would always be included in the list of famous entrepreneurs. He was the co-founder of Google. One of the masterminds behind the creation of search crawlers that ranked the page was created by him. Till this achievement, you can consider it his personal achievement. But he used his created crawlers in Google and sold the code to Microsystems for $10000, which fulfills the definition of an entrepreneur.

Have you imagined how would have digital marketing and online environment worked without the algorithm for page ranking? This is why Larry Page is amongst the influential entrepreneurs who have changed the current dynamics of the industry altogether.

3.    Steve Jobs:

The founder of Apple needs no introduction when it comes to the discussion of famous entrepreneurs. He started by assembling computers and selling them on profit to the others. So, this idea actually led to the creation of Apple Incorporation. Today, apart from computers, it produces the world famous mobile phones, tablets and iPods. This is not it, software applications are the other sources of income for the founder of Apple Incorporation.

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4.    Sir Richard Branson:

The first British on the list are Sir Richard Branson. He is known for the Virgin Group. You would have heard the name of this group in the airline industry, telecommunication industry and certain other industries as well. A total of 360 different companies are part of Virgin Group. So, he is the real entrepreneur who has diversified his portfolio to the maximum possible industries. In addition to the other skills, this diversification is the part of the success that Virgin Group and Sir Richard Branson have enjoyed.

5.    Mark Zuckerberg:

Another famous entrepreneur who we have actually seen growing from scratch to a billionaire. Currently, he is amongst the top five richest individuals of the world. So, his idea must have something great. It actually has. Before Facebook, there were a few social media applications but none of them had such features and neither those applications had a long time span. But Facebook has its. It is because of the leadership role that Zuckerberg has played to make his business a success. Don’t forget that this idea also started in a dormitory and later got the commercialization aspect.

6.    Peter Jones:

You might not know him much well because there are no prominent business empires on his name. But if you’ll have a look at his history, you’ll get to know that he has transformed the telecommunication sector of UK. He has joined a number of companies rather he has been named as the youngest entrepreneurs. Why? Because he worked in Siemens Nixdorf at the age of 20. Later, he did establish his own businesses a number of times. But because of a number of reasons, his initial ventures did not work well. Later, he launched Phones International Group, which has attained the new heights in the telecommunication sector.

7.    Michael Newton:

Haven’t heard his name? He is the pioneer of the CCTV cameras arranged in a way that could capture a number of videos and images at a particular time. It is due to his efforts that we have been able to make the developed countries highly secure to live for everyone. This idea and his effort in the industry helped him in earning a lot of money. Obviously, he started this as the business. Thus, showing the combination of idea and commercialization makes an entrepreneur.

8.    Simon Nixon:

He is a UK based individual known for the money supermarket that he has created for himself and the others to earn a profit. The provision of mortgage system online, the management of portfolios and making investment decision online are amongst some of the basics that are the part of Simon Nixon business.

Overall, his efforts revolutionized the online financial system. So, the effort that initiated in 1993 has made Simon Nixon an individual with worth $570 million.

9.    Donald Trump:

If you are wondering that he is the president of the US, then how can he be the entrepreneur? Well, being a president doesn’t waive of the past efforts done by an individual to establish his business. Isn’t it? He started his career in the 1960s. Although, he cannot be included in the list of famous entrepreneurs who came up with a unique idea and established themselves as a businessperson. But he definitely used his skill set to show that he could transform the failing businesses to the successful ventures.

However, for him the times have not always been the same. And he has filed bankruptcy in the year 1992. But he did manage to come out of the debts and establish his empire once again. This makes him one of the good candidates to be included in the list of global entrepreneurs.

10.    Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos and Amazon go hand in hand. Although the startup of Amazon was as a bookstore later, it has achieved new heights in the e-commerce industry. Probably everyone would have searched for the products on Amazon even if you haven’t purchased them from there.

The development of A9 algorithm for the ranking of the products on Amazon was another milestone that Jeff Bezos achieved for Amazon. You won’t agree but Jeff Bezos says that this business idea came to him in the car when he was coming back from a road trip.

11.    Emma Harrison:

She is a UK based entrepreneur who has an engineering degree as her educational background. But her services for the business community have earned her two degrees of a doctorate. Action for Employment is her business venture, which has been providing employment to a number of individuals in different companies of the world. Around 4000 members have been appointed by her up till now. Even her business is the government recruiter as well.

12.    Andrew Mason:

Founder of Groupon – Andrew Mason. Groupon is definitely one of the newer ideas that have grabbed the attention of the market in particular less time. Groupon started the business by charging 50% of every deal. The Groupon concept is not very old but still the co-founder and company have managed to get a great net worth reaching millions of dollars. This really requires a lot of effort and this is why Andrew Mason is amongst the top entrepreneurs of the world.

13.    Linda Bennett:

She is just 46 and the owner of around $436 million. Sounds great? What does she do? She is a UK based entrepreneur who has entered the retail clothing sector. His entry in the sector was not a piece of cake as the retail sector especially clothing has already filled with a number of players in the industry. However, she managed a great presence in the industry and has a great deal of net worth and business reputation.

14.    Matthew Mullenweg:

One of the famous entrepreneurs is from the web development and online marketing industry as well. He is originally from the US and is well known for the development of WordPress. Most of the websites, including this one, which you see online, are made on WordPress. Thanks to him that he created an open source platform, which contains a number of free themes to facilitate everyone literally.

However, after launching WordPress he has not ended his efforts. Now, he is running an organization where he is an angel investor and funds the new ideas of the young entrepreneurs.

15.    Brian Chesky

Another famous entrepreneur from America is Brian Chesky. He is the founder of Airbnb. Yes, the same company that provides the sharing facility to the landlords and the other words, it is a peer-to-peer lodging company that provides the services to the people and earns money out of it. The current worth of the company is $3.87 billion and it has been increasing over time. The success of the venture especially with the new idea is enough to rate him as a global entrepreneur.

16.    Larry Ellison:

If you have some of the ideas of Oracle, then there can be some chances that you would have heard his name earlier. Larry Ellison is the founder of Oracle Corporation. The idea of introducing Oracle and the success of this business idea over time is the reason that Larry Ellison is in the list of famous entrepreneurs.

Oracle is a company that provides the database facilities to the mid and low range systems and helps them in storing and analyzing the data at a nominal cost.

17.    Michael Dell:

The founder of one of the computer manufacturers is Michael Del. His company sells Dell computers to users all around the world. Initially, the company started by selling computer online and this idea was a great success. Today, you can get your computer customized and purchase it directly from the organization. This business model of the company is unique in the industry and is the reason for making him one of the famous entrepreneurs. But this is not all; he also has other business including the investment houses and real estate business. So, he is a real businessperson.

18.    Carlos Slim:

Someone other than the American and the British entrepreneur here is Carlos Slim. He is Mexican and has investment and businesses in his country. Grupo Corso is the name of the company that he owns and he is currently working as the CEO of the company. His conglomerate has a share in a number of leading businesses of Mexico, which is the reason for his success. The major mode of earning that he has is through the investment in the others’ businesses as the shareholder. So, this is how he has made his fortune.

19.    Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Most of the shares of the company are possessed by him. He has been included in the top 20 wealthiest individuals of the world from a number of years now. Believe us, reaching that top position is not that easy. He would have to put a lot of efforts to be in the billionaire range. Additionally, he has already announced to donate his wealth for charity.

20.    Sergey Brin:

He is a Russian entrepreneur who is known for the internet and computer expertise that he possesses. He was the co-founder of Google along with Larry Page. And now he works as a CEO of the parent company of Google. Moreover, he is a PhD in computer science and has shown his expertise in the field. The commercialization element of his idea has made him one of the individuals in the list of famous entrepreneurs.

21.    Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is an odd one out in the list. She is not running a proper business rather by profession she is a TV host. Apart from hosting, she had a magazine of her own that was the reason for her initial success.  She has also faced imprisonment for 5months because she lied to an investigator. But since she has come back from prison, her magazine, books and television deals have become the source of income for her. And this source of income is not a few millions. She is above $900 million income category.

22.    Penny Streeter:

She was born in Zimbabwe. But over the years, she moved to South Africa and the UK. Ambition 24 hours was her business that worked as a recruitment agency. She started with the provision of staff to a number of different sectors built in the nursing sector was the most prominent one. Upon the initial success of the business, she decided to move to South Africa as well. There she managed the company and made it a multi-million dollar recruitment service.

23.    Simon Fuller:

Are you a fan of the IDOL musical shows? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know the man behind the concept. He is Simon Fuller. Fuller was born in Cyprus but had British nationality. The Idol concept started in the UK first later it moved to at least 100 other countries, making the idea of Fuller one of the most accepted ones in the music industry. Through his idea alone, he has earned a significant amount of wealth and this is why he is in the list of famous entrepreneurs. So, what would you say about such an entrepreneur?

24.    Steve Case:

Steve Case is one of the internal fame holders when it comes to his career. He has served for the global companies at a number of positions. Some of these companies include Pizza Hut, Proctor & Gamble and many others. With all the experience that he gained in these companies, he co-founded Quantum Computer Services. Additionally, with the partnerships with some prominent players of the industry, Quantum Computer Services enjoyed great success.

25.    Ariana Huffington:

The creator of the Huffington Post, this women entrepreneur needs no introduction. Her business provides information regarding a number of topics that can facilitate the readers and provide her the necessary business. Ariana Huffington is one of the prominent names in the blogging industry who has not only created a name in the industry but has sustained in the industry as well.

26.    Henry Ford:

You might be wondering we have gone a bit too far while discussing the entrepreneurs of the world. But the truth is the company, which is currently working, must be given credit. Ford Motors is based on the idea of Henry Ford. He had the idea but not enough investment that he could convert his idea into reality. Although that does not mean that, he belonged to a poor family but his family wasn’t wealthy enough to invest in his idea. However, he did not lose hope and managed to establish an automobile company. He had to change the name of the company twice as he got bankrupt. But the current company is still working and making profits.

27.    Peter Cashmore:

Today, the entrepreneurship has not remained limited to the creation of the physical existence and this has been proved by Peter Cashmore who has managed to be in the list of famous entrepreneurs. Peter started his media website in 2005 by the name of Currently, he has 10 million monthly readers, who are helping him earn millions of dollars a month. So, a great entrepreneurial venture it is.

28.    Alexander Levin:

He is the founder of ImageShack. It is web hosting websites that have global recognition. The website started in the year 2003 and now it has been16 years he is in the business. He is not earning alone rather with this virtual business he has been providing jobs to a number of other individuals. So, you can actually get inspiration from him and start your business now.

29.    Ryan Block:

A 28-year-old individual who is the owner of Engadget – Ryan Block. You can find his website to provide you all the information relevant to the gadgets. He was initially a reporter but with the start of his own website, he has earned more money and reputation, both. So, it is one of the great ideas for young entrepreneurs out there.

30.    Catherine Cook:

She started his business online at the age of 18 years. MyYearBook is the website that has earned Catherine the reputation. It is a social networking website that provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the features of Facebook and Friends Reunited together. Additionally, most of her revenues have come from the advertisements that she allows on her platform. Isn’t it great?