Even after being the most qualified candidate for a job position, you never get a second call from the employer. These interview tips can help you in interview preparation.

Do you feel that employers just forget you when shortlisting the list of candidates? Has it happened to you a lot of times? We guess we know a few reasons that could be hindering you from getting a job. Do you want to know these reasons?

Then read this article till the end as we are going to discuss the reasons that some candidates despite their qualifications are ignored by the employers. In addition to it, we’ll give you interview preparation tips so that you’ll know exactly how to prepare for an interview.

So, let’s start with the reasons that you are not being remembered by the employer after an interview.

5 Reasons for being forgotten:

These are the five main reasons that can make employers forget you as soon as you leave the room.

Lack of enthusiasm:

You might be excited about getting a job when going for an interview, but are you really excited about joining a particular company? Your answer to this question would define the reason why have you been forgotten.

No one would hire you to fulfill your responsibilities. Every employer needs a dedicated worker who can help him or her in achieving his or her goals. So, you’ll have to show some enthusiasm for which they would hire you.

In some cases, you might be enthusiastic about the company, too, but are too shy to disclose that fact, and it could go against you.

Yaniv Masjedi, chief marketing officer at Nextiva, highlighted one of the top reasons for not calling a candidate again after an interview, according to him, “The number one reason I don’t choose to move forward with someone after an interview is this: they didn’t seem excited about working with us,”

So, the interview tip here is wherever you go for an interview, make sure to research about the company, what it does, and some other important information about it. This information can be used as the base to show your enthusiasm and excitement towards the company.

Lack of proper personality portrayal:

You might be the most talented individual in the entire pool of candidates that the company has got for a particular position. But how would they know if you are really fit for the position that they want to fit in?

“One reason that people aren’t remembered in an interview is that they didn’t connect with the interviewer’s needs,” says Anne Corley Baum.

You cannot tell everything about yourself and your talent randomly. You have to be clear that why are you discussing a particular trait and how could this trait help the company in achieving success. For that, it is important that you should focus on the position that is available in the company.

By concentrating on that particular position, you’ll be in a better position to relate your talent and attributes towards that particular role. And your employer would feel that you are the right candidate for that position.

If you think that your resume should have done this job, then keep in mind that the resume only allows you to get an interview call. From there, it is you who need to portray your talents to the employer. Your CV or resume won’t do much after getting you to the company.

So, here is one of the interview tips from Baum. According to her, “Listen carefully to their position and then discuss how your background, experience, and expertise will take them down the road to success,”

Lack of practice:

Another important reason that you could be forgotten after your first interview is a lack of practice.

An artist can draw something great in the first attempt as well. But in most cases, the lack of detailing would not make the picture as perfect as it should really be. Got our point?

You’ll have to keep on practicing to leave the right impact on the interviewer that you won’t ever get off the list of the shortlisted candidates. It actually means that it would be on your discretion whatever job you choose. Isn’t that great?

One of the interview preparation trips here is that you can indulge in role-play activity when it comes to learning the art of the interview. The role-play activity can be a great learning opportunity for new graduates. Or people who don’t have prior experience of interviews. You can do this exercise within a group of friends or can also join the formal institutes for this purpose.

“Nothing beats role-playing the interview to help you refine your story and smooth out the answers to questions so you won’t drop the ball”. This is one of the interview tips and tricks are given by advises LinkedIn career expert Blair Decembrele.

Display of Extreme confidence:

No doubt that you should be confident when appearing for an interview. But what if you start boosting about yourself to a level that you are perceived as an overconfident individual. No one would actually want that. Isn’t it?

“While interviewers want to know more about your professional history. No one will be impressed by a candidate who wants to go on and on about how fabulous they are,” explains Rhys Williams, managing director with Sigma Recruitment.

So, you’ll have to take care of it while continuing your interview preparation. But then how would you let your potential employer know that you are the right fit for this position?

Here is how to prepare for an interview. According to the interview tips and tricks given by William explains “A better approach is to listen to the interviewer, understand their pain points. And explains how you’ve used your skills in the past to solve similar problems,”

Show of desperation for attaining job:

Definitely, if you are applying for a job, you need to get it for whatever reasons. But you can’t just go and share these reasons with the potential employer or ask them to give you this job because you are in need. This will show your desperation for the job.

Some of the candidates tell the potential employer that they need to quit their existing job urgently; this is why they are in need of that particular job. This is the wrong approach when it comes to interview preparation. You should focus on your traits and talents rather than trying to persuade the employer unprofessionally.

Moreover, it will also show your potential employer that you are not sincere to the organization. Thus decreasing your prospects of attaining the job after an interview or even being called for a later interview.

One of the other interview preparation tips from William here is, “When asked why you want the job. Try to explain how both you and the company would benefit by bringing you on board”. With this answer, you’ll probably get a second interview with the employer.


Getting a job might not be as difficult as you currently think it to be; if you have made the interview preparation properly. In order to increase the chances of being recognized by the employer, we have shared these interview tips and tricks with you. We hope that these pieces of advice from the professionals would actually help you in generating the maximum benefit.

In case you have any specific questions regarding how to prepare for an interview, please ask that question in the comments. So, all of us could benefit from your question and shared learning. Good luck with the interview preparation.