“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing,” Chris Brogan. Learn some social media hacks to create your PR and indulge in marketing.

The importance of social marketing is no longer a hidden aspect of any business. Every business, from its very first day, creates accounts on different social media forums and start sharing stuff. But, soon, they realize that they aren’t grabbing any traffic to their social platform; neither is it creating any positive engagement that could be ultimately translated into the achievement of objectives. So, what’s wrong with this approach? Obviously, they are using social media, and as a theoretical approach, it should bring in the advantages for them.

Actually, this is what is wrong in it. You cannot expect to create an account on social media, and the next day see your account traffic reaching thousands of followers. That is even not theoretically possible. It is not about time that we are specifically highlighting here. It is about your CONTENT and STRATEGY. You need to strategize everything before you can even look for the results.

In order to help you with social media marketing, we are sharing some social media hacks that are definitely going to pay off in the form of higher engagements, more followers, and better conversion rates.

Social Media hacks to boost your business:  

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stay on Google forever!” – Jure Klepic. We can take Google as any of the social media platforms, as well. If you’ll establish your presence and stay on these platforms, you are going to stay there forever. However, it cannot be said in the situations where you don’t manage to establish a good footing. People will forget you in no time. 

To help you in establishing a good footing, we are sharing these social media hacks:

1. Know what you are doing:

The first and foremost social marketing hack that can actually change your audience’s perspective about your brand is to know what you are doing. Up till now, if you have been using a strategy of creating one poster a day with one of the random products that your business sells, then we are sorry to tell you, but you don’t have an idea what you are doing and what social marketing exactly is. 

This is even not a social media hack but a simple thing that you should be developing a complete strategy about the image that you want to portray, the type of business, and the ways that you can use to keep your audience engaged. 

For example, if you are a B2B business, using social media can be effective, but you can’t share memes and expect your potential customers to take you or your business seriously. Similarly, in a B2C business, you cannot share sophisticated interviews with the industry experts talking about how things work in the industry. The point is that your strategy needs to be different for every particular scenario. And it has to be YOURS, coming from YOU, not from anything that you saw on the internet. 

“Being yourself is the only way how to stand out in today’s crowded market. So what’s YOUR story?” – Magnetic Silvia. Try using this approach to win your audience and develop your brand.

2. Social Media Analytics can yield significant information:

social media hacks

Businesses usually work on the social media accounts and then analyze the metrics to see about the visitors and audience of the posted content. But we suggest that you should do the opposite. What would be the purpose of analytics when you have done everything based on your assumptions? Obviously, you need them for evaluation. But keep it in mind that would be for EVALUATION. We are talking about the creation of a good strategy. 

“Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.”


The social media hack here is to analyze the audience first. Most of the social media platforms share detailed analytics data when you touch the 100 followers mark. So, this is the time when you should start using the social media analytics data and see who is visiting your page and what creates most of the engagement. 

Analyzing this data is going to help you in determining your future content strategy. You’ll get a clear idea of memes or interviews that you have been sharing got the response, if the audience visiting your page is really the audience that you want to target for your business and whether or not you should move to the other forums more specified for the type of audience that you want to target. 

For all of these aspects, this social media hack is important and can be helpful for boosting your social media audience and, ultimately, the audience of your business.

3. Video content is the king:

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text (Insivia).

As a business, this should be your actual goal. You should be looking for the audience that will remember your product, services, and the brand name more than the other players of the industry out there will. So to ensure this, using video content is one of the social media hacks that you should use for your business.

Luckily, all of the social media platforms provide you the opportunity of using video content in your feeds. So, make sure to utilize this opportunity and establish a good reputation in the minds of the customers.

When we are talking about video content here, we don’t mean that you should share any video that you find online. We are talking about the original and relevant content that can trigger the interest of your audience in your products. Additionally, some informative or guiding videos could also be part of your content strategy. But whatever video you use should be according to the audience that you are targeting.

With this social media hack, you would have noticed that the above two marketing hacks get even more important. So, social media marketing can actually be treated as a process where you should focus on creating a specific content and marketing strategy with high reliance on videos. And this strategy must be flexible to incorporate the results from the analytics. We hope that these marketing hacks are making sense to you.

4. Save your time:

social media hacks

Social media marketing is important for your business, but it is not the only thing that you’ll be doing in a day. In order to ensure that you get all the work done appropriately in the minimum possible time, you should look for the social media application that can allow you to manage different social media profiles from a single platform.

By using these tools, you’ll be reducing the amount of work by scheduling posts, arranging them, finding who is talking about you, analyzing the engagement statistics, and creating helpful reports. Devoting a day for scheduling up the week’s post can ensure that you have the remaining days of the week for the other business work.

In order to facilitate you in the best possible way, here are some of the names of the applications that you can use. But don’t rely on them just because we are sharing them. They are all good, but without having a specific objective under consideration, you cannot use technology or expect it to bring any sort of advantage for you. Give each of them a try and then find the one that works best for you.

BuzzSumo, Wordstream, GetResponse, Canva, Google Analytics, and Hemming Way are some of the social media tools that won’t only save your time but increase your productivity as well. If you want to know more details about this tool, then you can visit the article: Marketing tools that will boost your business.

5. Contests and giveaways can give your business a boost:

Lastly, another social media marketing hack that we are going to share with you is to use contests and giveaways as means for creating engagement on your social media platforms and ultimately boosting your business revenues and profits.

As a new business, you might not be willing to spend anything additional. But spending some money on this dimension can actually be the reason for yielding more profit for you.

Create some simple questions about your industry or business specifically and post them every week on your social media profile. Don’t forget to offer something in return for the engagement. It could be one of your products or a discount coupon that the winner can avail of. It won’t only create the social media engagement only, but by using this strategy, you’ll also be in a better position to let a few of your customers try your product or service, and if you are really good at what you are doing, these customers will return to you. Isn’t it a good strategy?

Another social media marketing hack that you can use for giving giveaways is that you can choose a particular name and give a 2-3% discount for the customers with those names for a specific day. This is going to help you in increasing your customer base as well. People who won’t have the “specific name” would also tag the people they know with that name, and you’ll be generating more audience for your business. The audience generated through this way would most probably be the relevant one because tagging a person to whom your business won’t matter would not make much sense. So, with the help of this hack, you can expect to improve your engagement level on social media along with the improvement in the potential customer base.


With these social media hacks, we expect you to get the most out of your business. We’ll have to admit that the social media hacks that we have discussed are just a few of the ones that you can actually use in social media marketing. 

Marketing is actually the name of innovation, and you should be more than willing to take a risk and explore its full potential to get the best out of it. There can be a number of strategies and steps that could be enhancing your productivity. But not all of them could be applied for every individual and every business. That is why there is always room for customization, and this is what we encourage here. 

If you think any of your specific marketing tactics can work as a social media hacks for others, please share that in the comments section below. We believe in collective learning, and any contribution from your side would be fully valued. We’ll be waiting for your pro tips.