Have you ever thought that what would happen if all your private information would be available to public? Where everyone will be able to see your details and use them according to their wish. You don’t think that it is possible? Well, haven’t you see the public affairs of celebrities coming out to be public. Most of them are because of the availability of personal or unintended information online. How is this possible? While using your computer, you leave traces of information, which if revealed can cause you much damage. Here are the 5 ways for securing your online information.

1. Create Unique Passwords and Usernames for Each Online Service

Most of the people use the same passwords for multiple accounts. Whether it is their social media platforms or the password to the financial details. In such a situation. you are taking unnecessary risk in managing your online information. In case of one of your passwords is overseen or is leaked by anyway. All your accounts would be under threat.

In order to manage different passwords and still keeping your life easy requires a specific application that can help you with password management. You can go for any of such applications available in market and you’ll get different passwords along with the ease of remembering them.

2. Don’t Assume Services are Safeguarding Your Information

You should not expect the cloud services to provide you with security of safeguarding the information too. For that purpose, you must take extra care by encrypting all the data that you transfer to your cloud accounts. It will help in the protection of your important data in an easier manner.

3. Be Careful Sharing Information Online

If someone asks to fill online form or surveys, then make sure you know what you are doing. Know the purpose of information sharing first before you go for filling up these forms etc. Otherwise you’ll be at risk. This is one of the ways for securing your online information.

You can even use some special applications to keep such surveys and forms out of your life.

4. Never Give Out Private Information

In case, someone asks you to provide your personal information like your postal address (unnecassarily), passwords, account details etc. Don’t ever give your details to anyone. You would be in real danger. It is one of the most important ways for securing your online information. And you must follow it to keep yourself safe.

5. Log Out of Sites Often

Make sure to log off the accounts that you no longer require. Whether they are the social media pages or the bank accounts. Logging them off will keep you secure. In case you don’t log out off your account, someone else using the same computer would have the access to your important details.

It is particularly important if you are using a public computer. Moreover, even in offices, your computers aren’t your possession and any of your collegaues might want to use it. So, it is better to be safe than sorry.


You cannot everyone around you to be a well wisher. So, you’ll have to take care of your data as you would do for your other possessions. These are the 5 ways for securing your online information. You must make them a habit and ensure that you are safe while in the online world. Apart from it, your browsers might be keeping your cookies, you need to adjust its settings as well. Stay Safe!