Everyone is earning extra income. Have a look at some passive income tips or side hustle tips to boost your earning.

Who doesn’t like earning extra income? You don’t have to worry about your existing job or business to have some more earning. Do you want to know how you can manage that?

This article is going to provide you with five ways to earn passive income. If you think that you don’t have enough time for any extra activity, then don’t worry, these tips won’t require your continuous efforts. You can put in some effort once and then just enjoy the online earning.

Five Passive income tips:

Let’s not waste more time and see different ways through which you can make money online:

1. Start monetizing your services:

You will definitely have different skills that you would be using at your workplace. Why don’t you use these skills to generate extra bucks for you?

How can you do that? When everything has a digital version now, you can definitely use your skills to serve the online customers. This is one of the passive income tips that you should use now and secure online earning.

Whether you are an accountant or a person with great marketing skills, either way, you can use your skills and capabilities to serve clients other than your existing employer.

You can join different freelancing forums or get direct clients if you can and provide them the services in return for payment. This will be your extra income online.

Additionally, you don’t necessarily have to be working for some clients with your existing skills and capabilities; you can simply create an online course revolving around your skills and capabilities. There are multiple forums available online that would actually help you in selling that course and earn passive income as a result. Thus, using this side hustle tip can make you earn a few extra bucks each month. Isn’t that great?

“You’re already putting effort into your job,” Walters advises. “If you can instead put that effort into yourself – by tapping into your God-given talents – you’ll have more to offer to others, and a better opportunity to maximize your income.” Nicole Walter.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the new reality of the modern world. There are dozens of companies out there, which are ready to share their profits with you when you help them by sending customers their way through different channels.

You don’t necessarily have to keep promoting the product again and again to generate passive income through this means. The easiest passive income tip that you can use here is to write a compelling article and include the relevant affiliate links on the website. By doing this, you’ll get a constant income stream.

How? Because these links would be live forever, and you won’t have to work on the website regularly, thus generating a source of lifetime income for you. If you don’t want to write an article, then you can even promote products on different social media platforms. The number of people who would purchase products through your affiliate link would be a source of passive earning for you.

According to Nicole Walters, “Your favorite companies, from Amazon to Wal-Mart, pay commissions of anywhere from 5% to 50% of each sale you send their way, Since links live on forever, you can keep getting paid – passively – just from a good word you gave out!”

Nicole Walters has already implemented this technique, so we guess you can use this side hustle tip easily without having any doubts.

3. Make Videos:

The trend of video marketing is on the rise. The social media platforms are providing incentives to the content creators as well. So, you can make money online by using this passive income tip.

All you need to do is create powerful content that the audience would love and what you’ll get as a result is a mechanism for earning online. In this side hustle tip, you need to ensure quality in the videos so that the social media platform would engage more users. The higher the number of visitors for your content, the more you will earn.

You’ll have to complete the policy requirement of the specific platform that you are choosing to share your fresh content. But these terms aren’t too hard. You can find a number of people making money out of these videos.

Two of the most prominent platforms where you can apply this side hustle tip include Facebook and YouTube. Once you’ll get a regular stream of the audience, you’ll be earning passively.

4. Purchase high-end dividend:

Even if you are not a financial expert, you can still find the high-end dividend options very easily. All you need to do is a bit of research, and you’ll definitely get a hold of some valuable stock that won’t only pay you regular dividend but would also increase in value over time.

In this mode of online earning, you won’t have to do anything at all. You’ll just need to purchase the stock that you think is worth buying and then sit back and earn extra bucks without any further effort.

If you think that you can use a bit of your time for better optimization of your investment, then you can use the data available online to make better decisions. The best part is that there are a lot of online portals and forums that can provide you with this facility of stock management. So, you can make an account on any of these forums and keep on earning your passive income.

Some of you might categorize it as a traditional way of income-earning, but the modern marketplaces and the availability of online forums have changed this means of passive income a lot, and you can easily categorize it as an online income mode. Thus, it easily fits the passive income tips category that we are discussing here in this article.

5. Set up a dropshipping store:

In the dropshipping business model, you don’t have to be active all the time. You might have to spend a few hours initially to set up your store and make dealing with the supplier.

But once your store is established, all you need to do is to respond to customers and ask for their feedback so that you can attract even more customers.

Initially, you’ll have to find the right products that are in demand, along with the right suppliers. If you were interested in opening such a store in order to generate passive income, then the dropshipping guide would be extremely helpful for you. Do give it reading, and it will solve a lot of your queries.

Important Note – consider it as one of the bonuses passive income tips:

Don’t expect just to sit back and keep on earning. Yes, we have said that all these methods are the sources of passive income. But you’ll definitely need to put in some effort at the start. You’ll have to research and find the best possible model to execute the idea for online earning.

In some cases, you might have to review it often. For example, in the case of the dropshipping store, you might want to add new products or review the supplier, and similarly, in case of stocks, you might have to sell the existing shares and buy the new ones depending on the market condition.

But what we mean by passive here is you can still continue your main business or job as you are working on this side hustle tips, and you’ll go perfectly fine with the generation of a huge passive income.


We have tried to come up with the passive income tips that you can actually utilize to generate some extra bucks for you. For that, you won’t have to go far beyond your comfort zone but still earn. Isn’t that a great thing.

Do implement these side hustle tips and let us know how well they have helped you in making money online. We’ll be waiting for your feedback.