Are you looking to start up your own business? Want to be your own boss? But you don’t find most of the business ideas surrounding you interesting enough to get going? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here are a few creative small business ideas that might appeal to you.

Moreover, it is not essential that you need to follow the business idea with the same business model or the exact same idea that we have discussed in the article below. You can definitely optimize these ideas according to your needs and your expectations. However, these ideas for small businesses can be used as the starting point.

Creative small business ideas

Here are the creative small business ideas that you can have a look at:

1. Start a digital marketing agency:

The trend of digital marketing is on the rise with each passing day. This is why starting an agency that can provide digital marketing services to the business can be a good startup idea. Moreover, you can even categorize it in the creative ideas category as well. Because marketing is all about creativity and you can use your skills or hire the experts in the field for this purpose.

2. Build Websites:

Website making is an art. Not everyone can handle it; you can choose between the CMS (WordPress and Wix) or the creation of a website from the scratch. Each of these types can have different dimensions and different challenges. However, you don’t have to make much of an investment in any of the case. Thus, you can consider this small business idea as a mixture of creativity and the low investment solution.

3. Open a Fashion Store:

Opening a fashion store won’t require you to invest a lot of your money beforehand. You can simply present the designs to the customers using the applications and pieces of software that are available for this purpose. Putting them on clothes could be done once you have got your client.  So, you can use this idea as an inspiration for business.

4. Become a Graphic Designer:

Graphic designing is again one of the trending fields that can provide you with the feeling of accomplishment. You can use your creative skills for designing logos and other images, which can be used on various media platforms. With this creative business idea, you won’t be able to feel the boredom. Additionally, you won’t have to face the expenses of a business that might have to face on other business ventures.

5. Start a currency trading business:

If you are interested in the forex dealing, then why not start a business related to it. You’ll be able to combine your interest with earnings. Isn’t it a great idea? You might want to start with a few important currencies and later extend it to a larger scale.

6. Photography:

If you have an aptitude of photography, then you might want to excel in this field. You don’t have to cover the specific events of the clients particularly. You can choose to click random pictures or photographs of the things that you like. And sell these pictures online, you’ll be able to earn a good deal of money through it.

7. Freelancing:

You would not be considering it as a serious idea for staring a small business. But it actually is a good way to initiate the startup. Why? Because you can adjust the work according to your capabilities. Choosing the skills and the work burden is also in this mode of business. Once you establish a strong presence in the market, you can outsource the work and earn commission through it.

8. Virtual Assistant Services:

Being a virtual assistant can be a creative business idea. You can work from the comfort of your home and earn a significant amount of money. You just need a laptop with a reliable internet connection for this purpose and the rest can be handled easily with your skills.

9. Open A Software Company:

If you are in touch with a few software developers, then rendering your services as a company can yield positive results. You can initiate the business as a startup without requiring much of the investment. Nowadays, you can expect to get international clients, so working from home can also be a possibility when considering the option of the software company.

10. Tax consulting company:

Not everyone can handle the numbers quite well. But if you can, and you possess the necessary skills, then you can become a tax consultant for the individuals and the company. It can provide you with a good source of income. Once a reputation of your business has been established, you can expect to hire other consultants and get the formal business.

11. Social Media Management Consultancy:

The growing need for social media management is requiring businesses to get consultancy services from the expert. If you are an expert or have an aptitude in this field, you might want to consider it as an inspiration for business.

12. Recruitment Agency:

Some of the companies who don’t want to set up the complete HR department are often hiring through the recruitment agencies. So, you can be the one providing the HR services on behalf of the companies or helping them find a suitable candidate for a position that they want.

13. Planning an event:

Event planning business just needs a bit of your creativity. You don’t have to make investment initially as you can set your business model to be client oriented. This means that the client would provide the idea and the budget too and you’ll charge for your creativity, ideas, and services.

14. Interior decoration:

Providing customers with the idea of decorating the homes is not new. But it is definitely one of the creative small business ideas that can provide you with business income.

15. Custom Baking:

This idea is not to initiate a bakery rather go for customized baking for special occasions of the customers. For example, you can create customized cakes for the birthdays by focusing on the interests of the individual. Similarly, baking specialized cookies and other such items can also prove to be a great way to run this business.

16. Open a restaurant:

Setting up a full-fledged restaurant can be expensive and might require all your investment. Instead, you must focus on a few dishes or cuisines that you think would be able to generate the best results for you. Don’t forget to include a commercial coffee machine in your equipment costs as you will want to be able to offer customers their favorite after-dinner coffee with their desserts. This can be a creative business idea because a small-scaled restaurant with a focused cuisine to sell has so far been less prominent. 

17. Moving Company:

You might be thinking that it won’t be a small business idea, but it actually is. You can easily manage the scope of your business. Advertising specific items or outsourcing a part of the business to the ones that are suited to the job can be a good idea. However, it depends on you. But you’ll have to start somewhere so that you would reach a top position in the industry someday.

18. Provided guided tours:

There can be a number of places around you that can be considered as a tourist location, or many of them would already be declared as the tourist spot. All you need to do is find such places and become a guide to the tourists to visit these areas. It will provide you with a source of earning. Additionally, you’ll be able to have your own startup. Later, you can expand it to a traveling agency or other services suitable for the niche.

19. Nutritionist:

If you are the diet conscious person of your group. Then you’ll probably have exercised a number of options in order to make an effective diet plan. If this is true, then you can guide others with your experience as well and charge them a fee for your services. You can consider this model as one of the creative small business ideas that you can use for establishing your position in the market.

20. Personal Trainer:

Are you interested in toning up your muscles and keeping yourself fit? Have you been giving the training suggestions to your friends as well? So, why not start it as a business? You can give training to others to make them fit as well. Additionally, it is not about fitness only, training is also important for self-defense. Some tips for self-defense can be found in this article.

You can start giving the training sessions by yourself and gradually hire the trainers as well to increase the scope of your business.

21. Open an online Boutique:

If you really need something creative to do, then you can open up an online boutique. All you would have to do is showcase your collection online and provide the customers with what they need. You’ll have to make some investment in the initial dresses, but you can expect those dresses to be sold online within no time. So, you can definitely consider it as one of the creative small business ideas.

22. Sell your Paintings:

You can sell your paintings if you know the real art of painting and selling products. You can initiate with an online store with a physical warehouse in your garage. You might want to buy the paintings from the other artists and sell them online. It is up to you how you are going to manage the presence of your business.

23. Open a music school:

Whether you know music or not, you can still expect to start a business school. You can hire teachers and enroll students online and generate income from it. It will enhance your creativity and would provide you with revenue as well.

24. Start a blog:

If nothing else is attracting you, then you can start your own blog and make it a source of your income. As soon as you’ll get more traffic and a number of people in your team, you’ll be able to give it a business feel as well. So, for now, an initiative with this creative business idea and see it prospers over time. For a complete guide, see this article.

25. SEO Consultant:

Being an SEO consultant is one of the creative business ideas that you are looking to start your own business. All you need to do is grab the necessary skills, start practicing and implement the things practiced on the client’s project.

26. Application Development:

The development of applications for the mobiles and desktops is in demand. If you have the interest in this field, you must initiate it as a small business. The best thing is that you won’t have to put in much effort in increasing the business size because more contracts will earn you more business.

27. Open A house cleaning Agency:

If you don’t want to spend much but earn a lot of income, then you might want to start a house cleaning company. in this business, you’ll need to hire a few people who’ll work for you. Additionally, the cost of the cleaning equipment would be the one time cost that you’ll have to bear. Once all these costs are settled, you’ll be good to go for earning a high amount of money through this business.

28. Handyman service agency:

Finding the handyman services is not easy for most of the people. additionally, the customers need to be sure if the person claiming to be a handyman actually have the require skills. In this situation, opening a handyman-providing agency could be a good business idea for the startup. You can act as an entrepreneur and cover the market, which is still not much saturated.

29. Become a Dentist:

Although, you can more closely associate it with a profession rather than a business. But if you are a dentist and providing freelancing services or serving the customers in your own clinic, then it actually gets into the form of a business.

30. Open a tuition center:

If you can teach your skills or knowledge to the others, then it would be better to start a setup where you can provide the kids with your knowledge. It would help you earn money and at the same time, you’ll be able to teach the children as well.

31. Open a vocational institute:

If you believe that you have a particular skill that is in demand in the market, then you can initiate a vocational institute. It won’t be a creative small business idea for you rather it would also be able to help the learners in framing their creative small business idea.

32. Start a taxi service:

You can start a taxi service for people. it would help in generation of revenue for you. But make sure to have a look at the government rules and regulations before making any decision regarding this business idea.

33. Be a Massage Therapist:

If you know the right technique for massaging others, then you can definitely consider it a creative small business idea for yourself.

34. Teach driving:

You might have seen a number of driving schools teaching driving to the students. you can open one too. it won’t require much of your investment other than your personal car. Once you have got s good name in the market, you can buy more cars and hire more instructors.

35. Provide career consultancy:

Students these days are quite concerned about their career and goals. You can open up a consultancy business for such students. In such a business, you can provide them with all the options that they have for securing their future.

36. Lend your place for an event:

If you have enough space that you can lend for arranging an event, then you must do it. It would prove to be a creative small business idea that would become a constant source of income for you.

37. Content Writing Agency:

With the rising use of website and digital media as the base for spreading information, the role of content writing agency is unavoidable. You can hire a few writers to start this business right now. You won’t have to make investment if your writing ability and skills are good enough to satisfy the clients.

38. Open an E-commerce Store:

You can open an e-commerce store and sell the products that you like. Platforms like EBay and Amazon are already available for your help. But your product should be good to create a market of your own.

39. Affiliate Marketing:

You can start your business on the affiliate-marketing model. You can promote the product of others’ through different means. It could be either through the creation of videos or by writing content.

40. Start a drop shipping business:

If you don’t want to invest much or take any risk in doing the business, then you can start a drop shipping business. In this business, your role would be to get orders and place them to the seller for a commission. For complete guidance about the dropshipping business, visit this article.

41. Make a YouTube channel:

One of the creative ways that you can choose to earn money is by making a YouTube Channel. You’ll have to specify your niche and use informative content in your videos for this purpose. Visit this article, for a detailed guide.

42. Resume Writing:

Another creative small business idea is to help others in the job search by writing their resumes. You can charge for the template and professional looking of the resumes. Similarly, you can upsell the services of job search and mock interview provision to the fresh graduates.

43. Start a Motivational Speaking Agency:

The trend of motivational speaking is all time high. If you can communicate well, then you can start this business. Know some of the important aspects of delivering an effective speech before you get into this business. You don’t have to take all the responsibility of motivating alone all the time. You can book the time slots of some of the famous motivational speakers and arrange sessions for the companies and institutes.

44. Initiate a Training Agency:

Other small businesses like you might not be able to hire the sophisticated training companies that are already present in the market. So, you can provide help here. You can undertake the necessary training providing courses after the completion of your degree and train the employees of the small businesses.

45. Start a Pet Center:

For the people who love pets, this idea can be a creative small business idea. You can buy some pets and sell them to the pet lovers. It can generate you a decent income to influence you to start your business on the large scale.

46. Provide Veterinary Services:

Hire a few vets and link up the customers or the pet owners with the veterinary doctors. It could prove to be a creative small business idea.

47. Start a “Reviewing” Business:

The online world wants reviews on everything. So, you can consider it your business and provide such services to the businesses or the individuals depending upon what they require.

48. Security consultancy Agency:

You can start a security consultancy agency for the business where you can provide businesses with a way to analyze their security needs and provide them with a solution to it.

49. Create a  virtual security agency:

Websites and the computers of the users also need security. You can become a consultant for them providing them with the ways that can keep their websites up to date when it comes it the functioning and the security concerns.

50. Start a feasibility analysis business:

One of the small creative business ideas that you can adopt is the creation of the feasibility analysis for the businesses. You can analyze the marketing environment and highlight the needs to establish a strong footing in the market.

51. Open a marketing research Agency:

Companies often want to know every detail about the market that they are serving. So, you can start a marketing research agency to help them in finding all the details.

52. SMS and Email Marketing Agency:

The use of SMS and Email marketing is quite prominent nowadays. So, you can start such an agency to establish your business with the help of these creative small business ideas.

53. Editorial services:

Students, teachers and researchers often need editorial services for them in order to get the things done in the right manner.

54. Financial Advisor:

The financial advice can also consider as a way to start your own business. You’ll need to know the details for all the transactions.

55. Online Photo Selling:

If you have the skills of editing the pictures, then you can provide these services to the clients. Additionally, making sketch from the pictures can also be the services that you can offer to the customers. Thus, making it one of the creative small business ideas.

56. Survey Taking:

Taking surveys online can also be a way to generate income. You can simply make survey questions for different companies, depending upon their needs. Additionally, you can also find the target audience for them to get them filled.

57.  Produce Videos:

You can even start the production of videos and use it as a source of your income. These videos can be used in a number of ways. Using videos on social media channels and marketing the products can be the possible utilization of the video. So, consider it a way to earn money.

58. Travel Planning:

Planning travel locations can be another business idea that you can consider. You can provide the destinations to travel, provide specific places to visit and arrange the tickets etc. for them.

59. Custom Tailoring:

Custom Tailoring business can also be a way to start earning your income. Initiating it as a business requires an efficient knowledge about tailoring. Once you know how to manage it, you are good to go.

60. Property Manager:

You can start property managing businesses where you can take care of the properties of others and manage their rental expenses maintenance of the building. So, you’ll need to find a number of customers to make it a profitable venture for you.

These are some of the small creative business ideas that you can consider as an inspiration to start your own business. Most of them are not much high in cost, so you can easily start right away. You can know more about the qualities of entreprenurs through this article.