Instagram account without engaging users isn’t going to bring any benefit to you. What you need is organic Instagram engagement. Here are 7 creative ways to help you out.

Like any social media platform, your role doesn’t end after gaining a specific number of followers. We would say that the real work actually starts here. What would you do with thousands of followers if they weren’t engaging with the content that you are posting? To be honest, such a business is going to generate a negative word of mouth without even doing something. How?

Think of a scenario where you have posted about the upcoming product or service that your business is going to offer. But none of the thousands of followers of your business has engaged with the post in any way. Don’t you think that it is going to create a trickle-down effect on other users too? Firstly, the algorithms of social media are designed in a way that they promote content with the highest engagement; secondly, new users will definitely feel a gap that you’ll have with your audience. Who wants to be part of the business where customers aren’t important enough?

So, the end result would be a reduction in the following or a further decrease in the engagement level. To avoid this scenario, you need to come up with some creative tricks and techniques that will encourage all users to participate, and this is going to boost the reach of your post automatically.

Finding it difficult to think of such creative ways? Don’t worry. We are here to help you out. We are sharing these 7 creative ways to generate organic Instagram engagement in this article.

1. Use Puzzles for Engagement Creation:

Research highlights that for better recall, you should be engaging your customers with your brand. How can you do that? The best and the easiest way to do so is the creation of brand-related puzzles. Additionally, the other benefit of using puzzles for your Instagram account engagement is that it will keep the mind of your customer or audience fully occupied, and they’ll be tempted to share their understanding and know the right answer. So, for both of these activities, they’ll have to engage.

Moreover, a simple post, especially coming from a brand, is more likely to be ignored in the other entertaining posts. So, to grab immediate attention, these puzzles can play a vital role. People will stop scrolling and ponder over the puzzle for a minute or so to reach the answer.

However, make sure not to keep the customers hanging for the answers. You should regularly update the answers. This will help in creating your reputation that you don’t only post a query but also provide an answer to it. Here we aren’t referring to simple “choose the tagline” type puzzles because that won’t even require an answer, and customers won’t wait for such answers either.

You can use a crossword template and hide the name of your products in it. Let the customers find those names, and it would be helpful in getting the organic engagement for your posts.

2. Scavenger Hunt is an all-time favorite:

Even people who aren’t interested in your feed or posts would respond to this one. Scavenger Hunt of emojis or some specific items from a random picture is what will require a minute of your audience. Once they have stayed on your post, it is more likely that they’ll comment or at least react to your post.

Additionally, such a post on Instagram would create a conversation opportunity for your audience too. The people who won’t find the emoji or the picture would want others to help them, and it would help in generating the organic engagement on Instagram.

Furthermore, you can take the level up by hiding your brand name or any of your trademarks that your audience recognizes. So, in between playing the game and conversating with the other users, your audience will be actively involved in remembering your brand. So, apart from organic engagement, your brand recall would increase as well. How does it help? Next time when the customer would be looking to buy the product that you sell, there is a high probability that they’ll remember your brand name, leading to the sales of your products.

3. Challenge your audience:

Another important technique for creating engaging Instagram post is to create challenges for your audience. What do we mean by challenges? Let us explain it with an example of a restaurant. If you are in the food business, then you can challenge people to share their pictures with a specific dish or while eating a specific dish. Such a challenge should have a timeline set, and the person with the most likes or comments should be declared as a winner.

What will it bring for you? You won’t only be able to create a constant series of posts for the specific time period, but whenever your audience would see that dish, they’ll remember your post and thus your brand, keeping the recall level high at every point.

You can even announce a free meal for the winner. This will also increase the number of posts and would portray a goodwill gesture from your side too. Additionally, any of the future challenges that you’ll post would also get higher engagement because of your previous reaction and contribution towards the winner of the challenge.

Make sure that the winner you choose should be through a transparent mechanism. Transparency is important because it will enhance the brand trust and value as well. Some other tips that you can use for improvising the visibility of your challenge post include the use of a relevant hashtag, engaging with participants, and promoting the challenge on the other platforms as well.

Use Instagram stories for instructional video:

An instructional video can improve the visibility of your video stories. People would keep viewing until the end because they want to know what’s next and what comes after that.

The nature of business for which you want to create Instagram engagement is quite important in this regard. Not every business can go for this technique. Such videos would only help in situations when you have something to teach to your customers or audience.

However, not all videos have to be instructional. If instructional videos don’t fill up your business needs, then what you can do is to try to involve humor or satire in the videos. It will also create high engagement, and people would consider your brand more of an entertaining brand, and thus, the chances of future engagement would increase too.

Posting times are important too:

Your business would belong to a particular niche having a specific target audience. This means that your audience would have a lot of things similar. This similarity is often seen in the times of using social media platforms too. Use the insights data and find when is your audience more interested in your content.

After analyzing the timings of higher engagement, try posting at those particular times, and you’ll see a massive increase in the engagement level. Most probably, the target audience that you’ll be looking for will be engaging with your posts. And this obviously means an increase in brand recognition and the sales of your brand too.

Call to action might seem out of fashion, but they aren’t:

You might think that calls to action are pretty boring or old fashioned now. But if they actually were, why is everyone using the call to action still? Although we don’t encourage going by the herd’s mentality. But if you don’t include some specific call to action in your posts, then try adding some from now, you’ll definitely see an increase in the engagement level.

All you need to do is to design the post caption in such a way that it would make users do what you want them to do. If the aim of your post is to get the quote of service, then your caption must be so compelling and must be requesting specific action from the users. This will directly improve the goal that you have set for the campaign. Moreover, it will also help you in generating more comments. Some of your customers could be willing to get a quote or call you, but they might want to know if you are going to charge for it or what timings are you available. So, what you get is a dual benefit in the form of direct completion of your campaign goal along with organic Instagram engagement.

Don’t forget the analytics:

The analytics of your Instagram account is the most valuable piece of information that you can get about your Instagram followers. So, don’t just let the analytics sit aside. Use the data generated from the engagement and your post for the creation of your next posts and campaigns. With the help of this data, you’ll be in a better position to see what went wrong last time and how could you improve the current situation.

Moreover, it will also help you in understanding that it is part of your Instagram audience. If your Instagram audience is different from your original business audience, then you are definitely doing something wrong. In this case, you need to adjust your entire strategy and find the relevant audience first before you can even look for organic engagement on Instagram.

However, if your business audience and Instagram audience are the same, then the information about the things they like and the way they interact with your post would tell you more about them. Additionally, it will also be an evaluation of your own posts and campaigns, etc. thus, don’t forget to rely on it, and you’ll see an improvement in your Instagram organic engagement in real-time.

Important tip:

When nearly every business, including your competitor, is relying on Instagram, it gets important that you should be utilizing this forum meaningfully to grab the attention of your audience. For that, content matters a lot. These ways to create organic Instagram engagement that we have discussed above wouldn’t work fully if the content that you have created for them isn’t unique or in accordance with the needs of the audience. Make sure to have this in mind.

Beautiful words by Francisco Rosales highlight the importance of marketing for a business, keeping in account the new forums available for this purpose. 

“When people feel insecure about something, they look around for validation. Show them that other people trust you.”


We hope that these ways of creating engagement would help you in achieving your objective. What we have focused on here is to create excitement or curiosity in your users. So, if you have any other technique that can actually serve the same purpose, you can use it too.

Please share your unique technique for creating high Instagram engagement organically with our audience too. We’ll be waiting for it in the comments section.