Life without social media is unimaginable now. But with its high penetration, level the dangers of social media are also becoming prominent.

All of us are addicted to social media. If you don’t believe us, just imagine a day without having access to these social media platforms. And you’ll know what we mean by addiction.

There is no doubt that social media has its benefits and definitely a lot of them. But there is a dark side of social media too.

The dangers of social media are impacting us to a great degree. And the worst part is, in most cases, we are not even aware of what impact is being made on our lives. So, we are writing this article to discuss the cons of social media and the way you can limit their impact on your lives. Let’s see what the dark side of social media is.

Cons of social media:

You might have a bit of an idea about these effects of social media. We’ll add to your information and provide you with some of the solutions for handling the negative effects of social media.

1. Privacy Issues:

Issues related to privacy are quite problematic when talking about social media. You can be prone to cyber-attacks, and at the same time, the risk of physical assault increases. This is because of the excessive sharing of personal information, including location and other personal details.

Moreover, the privacy breaches from Facebook have been quite prominent when it comes to sharing your information forad customization. This means that the information that you have uploaded on social media is not the only thing that social media platforms know about you; rather, any of the searches you make on search engines or social media platforms are all tracked to ensure higher customization for you. This tracking is the real cause of creating privacy concerns.

What you can do is to limit what details you provide about yourself on social media. At least you can manage that when it comes to your own posts. Rather than providing real-time location information on social media platforms, you can delay it a bit.

Moreover, clearing your cache and restricting access to cookies can be another option. But we doubt that it would really help in the way you might think it to be. This article about Google Chrome would tell you the reason.

2. Stranger Danger:

You can never be sure that the other social media accounts that you have been interacting with belong to the person who they actually claim to be. These “Stranger Accounts” could not only be getting all your information directly. But might be manipulating you for achieving their own purposes. This is most pathetic among all dangers of social media.

This trend has been increasing with the passing time with the increase in the usage of social media and the manipulative agendas to be achieved.

So, as a user of social media, you should be fully aware of the dark side that it brings along. One of the things that you can do to reduce the cons of social media is to restrict the “followers” and “friends” to people who you know in the actual life. Don’t go for achieving more friends on social media. You could be risking your security this

way and effecting your profile by dangers of social media.

3. Social isolation:

Have you noticed that you might have hundreds of friends on social media, but the feeling of social isolation still exists in your life?

This is one of the negative effects of social media. It provides you with ease for contacting people that are present all around the world. However, that makes you neglect the people and beautiful moments that exist all around you.

You are often so absorbed in using social media that you actually miss what’s going around you. This is not the case of a single individual. With the same scenario applied on nearly half of the people around you, you can expect the degree of isolation that we all experience in our life. No one is with you even when they actually are with you. Isn’t that disappointing?

You can limit this dark side of social media by restricting the use of your mobile phone when you are with your friends or family. This will allow you to develop stronger relationships with them, and feeling of isolation wouldn’t be there.

4. Mental health issues:

Even if you aren’t bothered by social isolation, then you must at least be concentrating on the mental health issues that using social media is bringing along. The social anxiety, lower self-esteem, and lower confidence level are increasing in the generation because of lesser opportunities for physical interaction and the false image of success that is portrayed by most of the social media users.

In order to deal with this aspect of social media affecting our daily lives, you‘ll have to restrict yourself when it comes to the timing of using social media applications. It might sound weird, but when you restrict yourself to just one hour of use in s day, you’ll probably have less time to be carried away with the negative effects of social media.

5. Sleep deprivation:

You’ll know that your phone emits blue light, which is harmful to your body, especially when it comes to your sleep cycles. Most of us use social media in the beds too. So this activity is not just creating a negative impact on our overall health, including the sleep cycle. But also providing you with a distraction to impact your overall sleep cycle. The end result of such an activity is excessive sleep deprivation, which can lead to further health problems.

Again, we’ll advise you to strengthen your willpower for limiting the use of social media. You should set some restrictions on yourself in order to get minimal impact from the dark side of social media.

6. Inactivity:

Inactivity is one of the other negative effects of social media. Most of the time, we tend to use social media applications for hours, sitting at the same place, usually in the same posture. It induces laziness and even postures issues in some cases.

Inactivity becomes a greater part of life, and playing outside or involving in any other physical activity gets limited. This is because of the time restraint as well as the development of inactivity as a habit.

You should make sure to make a healthy physical activity a part of your life; it could be walking or any other sort of exercise. You’ll see that it will create a positive impact on your mood and personality. Moreover, the urge of sticking to social media for all time would reduce as well.

7. Cyberbullying:

Lastly, cyberbullying has increased as a result of excessive usage of social media. People tend to pass their judgments without knowing the actual situation, ruining someone else’s life. Moreover, studies have found that it is easier to say something bad to people on social media in comparison to face-to-face conversation. So, most of the people take social media as an opportunity to pass harsh comments or say something inappropriate.

Additionally, the chances of being trolled on your opinion are high, too, as all of your comments and liking preferences are visible to everyone. Thus, creating a negative impact on your personality.

In order to avoid this aspect of social media affecting your daily lives, you should set higher privacy for your posts that you think would be judged. It won’t be a complete solution but might help in some of the situations.


Here in this article, we have discussed the negative effects of social media on our daily lives. We are sure that you definitely had the idea about these impacts already. But this article would have definitely articulated your thoughts. Isn’t it?

If you think that we have missed something here when it comes to the dark side of social media, then please mention that in the comments section below.