90% of users are already using the benefits of social media for business and brand by having a presence on different social media platforms. See how social media videos can help in growth.

1. You can expect higher retention:

Gone are the days when you could use the benefits of social media just by targeting them through written content. Now is the time of video content. You will have to use the video content in order to ensure a higher retention level for your audience.

Video content, especially the first few seconds of video, can grab the attention of the users and can make them watch your content until the end.

Higher retention means higher chances that your brand would be the part of the share of mind and share of wallet of your customer. Thus, you can call the video content as one of the benefits of social media for the brand.

 “People are products of their environment. If you want people to buy your products your products have to become part of their environment.” Eric McFadden

2. You can deliver your message with great effectiveness:

The use of social media for business, especially in terms of video content means that you can transfer your message to your audience in a better way. Written content might not reflect the same meaning to the audience that you actually want to portray. But in the case of a video message, the chance of propagating your message is a lot higher.

If you manage to set the right tone, you can make the customer follow what you want them to do. But the main point here is that you should use your videos in the best possible way. Any sort of glitches in the video or the other aspects of the use of social media for business or brand development can lead to serious problems, and definitely, you would not like to run into any such problems.

 “The amount of information contained in one single frame can take 3 pages to describe. The feeling, the colors, the message is seen immediately. It is a known fact that people engage more when they watch a video and tend to stay watching it. They are also happy to pass it along.  Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.” -Lisa Lubin

3. You can convince the audience to give you a chance:

The video content on social media is one of the benefits of social in itself. With the video content, you can tell your customers about the benefits that your products have. Moreover, showing them these features in real-time and providing the users with the exact implementation of all the processes required to get started with the product or service is also possible with the help of videos on social media for business.

Isn’t it a great way to convince them to buy your product or services? When you tell your customers everything about it in real-time, they are more likely going to give your brand a chance; thus, these videos could prove as one of the benefits of social for the brand.

 “We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following; where a massive social following can drive programming decisions; and where programming can be dynamically created by a user. Or an advertiser.” -Mike Henry

4. You can tell the customers about product usage:

Moreover, if your product or service is a bit complex or special, then you can use the video content on social media to tell the customers about the exact way in which they can use the product.

With these videos, you can solve the confusion that may arise in the minds of the consumers while using your product. Moreover, providing the best way for usage would also improve the level of their satisfaction from the product or service and, ultimately, your brand.

There can be situations when your customers aren’t aware of some of the features or product usage. So you can also highlight them and help your customers in the best possible way.

5. You can get an edge over competitors:

Another benefit of social media for business or social media for a brand is that you can get an edge over the competitors. Your competitor might not be using all the benefits of social media already. Lack of video content in the competitor profile would lower the engagement level and the overall benefits that a business can get from social media.

So, when you use video content on your social media accounts, you’ll be able to attract your customers and potential customers, too, resulting in an overall better standing in comparison to your competitors.

Isn’t that you are ultimately looking for? To grab a higher share of the market. It can be this close to you. 

“To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” -Brian Halligan

6. Recall of the brand gets better:

By using video content on social media for a business account, you can improve the recall level. The recall level of a brand is actually the remembrance of a brand by the audience when certain hints are provided to them.

Video content can help in storing the information for longer spans in the minds of the consumer. Thus the chances of generating more and better results are higher.

If you think why you would actually need higher recall for your brand, then let us tell you that higher recall means higher chances that your brand of the product would be purchased when your audience would next shop for the product that you sell. Isn’t it a winning situation for your business and your brand?

7. Building brand loyalty is a lot easier:

By using videos on social media for a brand, you can get a better chance of developing the customer’s brand loyalty. By sharing videos on your social media platform, you’ll be in a better position to show the real and human side of your brand. It is highly likely that this human side portrayed in videos can actually help your customers in understanding you better and creating a better relationship with your brand.

Moreover, you can arrange live videos for your audience. This will provide them the opportunity to interact with you in real-time. They can provide you with suggestions and feedback immediately. This cannot only provide you with an edge over your competitors but can also ensure that you are listening to what your audience is saying. It actually means a portrayal of greater trust in your customers and showing them that their voice matters.

The result of all such efforts is usually seen in the form of higher loyalty of customers towards the brand.

“Stop thinking of ‘video marketing’ as this separate entity that is optional for your business.  Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.” James Wedmore


We all know that the use of social media for business is beneficial in many ways. But in this article, we have specifically highlighted the role of videos in bringing benefits of social media for the brand.  With these 7 steps, we believe that you’ll be able to transform the existing image of your brand, resulting in an overall improvement.

By following these tips, you can also expect to create the brand image that you want to create rather than leaving it to your customers only.

We hope that you’ll get the maximum learning from these benefits of social media for business. Please do let us know how these have helped you in building the reputation of your brand and getting the desired benefits.