Social media is no doubt, one of the important media forums that have proved its’ worth when it comes to the marketing of businesses. Have you been using social media for your business purposes? We are sure that you would be facing a lot of problems when it comes to scheduling the posts, managing the right kind of engagement and finding the current trends in your specific niche. If you are really struggling with everything, we would recommend you to use Social media management tools.

Importance of Social media management tools

The Social media management tools are important when it comes to handling the content and analyzing the trend. Some of the factors that can motivate you to skip the manual management and use the automated Social media management tools are discussed below:

1. Saves Time:

The most common benefit that would highlight the importance of these tools is its time-saving ability. Whether you want to search the trending posts in your niche or are it the engagement level that a post creates, you can save your time by analyzing it automatically.

2. Works beyond the individual capacity:

Searching online for content that could be the cause of generating leads is possible to a particular extent only. Beyond a particular extent, you can’t expect to do it manually. So, then comes the use of Social media management tools. These tools can help you in managing all such dimensions for you.

3. Management of social profiles:

Through the use of Social media management tools, you can expect to manage more than one profiles from a single tool. Thus you don’t have to go through the hassle of maintaining data for the individual accounts.

4. Analytics are also available:

You need to have access to the audience information regarding the engagement with a particular type of content in order to create the content that could yield more benefits. This feature is also part of these automated tools.

Social media management tools:

Here is a list of social media management tools that can actually help you in managing your social media presence in the industry in a better manner. Moreover, you can expect to generate the above-stated benefits.

1. HootSuite:

One of the tools for managing social media is HootSuite. With this tool at your disposal, you can integrate a number of forums within no time. Moreover, you can schedule post ahead of time to ensure that you have everything set to attract your customers. Additionally, analytics data for the audience analysis is also part of the features that you can get through this tool.

The management of content calendar, generation of the lead with the contents and all such activities are easier to manage through HootSuite. HootSuite offers two different Plans. In the free version, you can have all these features with limited access. For example, you can schedule up to 30 posts with the free version. In contrast, the premium version can provide unlimited features.

2. Sprinklr:

Another social media management tool that can allow you to manage all your social tools from a single location is Sprinklr. The approval of content, scheduling on posts on the leading social media platforms is possible by utilizing this tool.

You can even utilize metrics reporting feature that Sprinklr provides. This feature actually involves the integration of the number of visitors interacting with the post, profile of the audience and other such metrics, which can help in the generation of the right kind of content in future.

3. MeetEdgar:

If you want some evergreen posts to be re-shared every now and then, this MeetEdgar tool is definitely holding your back. You won’t have to go through all your posts one by one to find the engagement of the content for each. MeetEdgar can find the evergreen content for you without wasting any time and re-shares it to keep the memories of your audience alive.

Moreover, this tool can even recycle the posts that you have made while considering the categories in which they have been posted. Such a feature allows you to manage your entire content with a fairly easy manner.

You can set a specific frequency when it comes to re-sharing, or you might want to go with the default settings. That is your choice. But overall, it can be helpful in saving time and refreshing the memories of the audience.

4. Buffer:

It is a similar application as that of the Buffer. It also has two plans. You can choose between the free and premium plans. The difference in both of these plans le in the features that each of the version offers. With the free version, you can easily manage three social media profiles and the scheduling of up to 10 posts.

In addition, one of the features that make this tool stand out from the others is its browser extension using which you can easily browse the web while scheduling your posts. Analytics, account management, and mobile application features are the other prominent aspects that you can manage by using Buffer.

5. Hubspot:

In order to get a detailed analysis of the publishing information across different platforms, you can use this tool. With this tool, you have access to engaging posts and the demographics of the audience. When combined, this information can allow you to create the content that won’t be engaging only, but it would also lead to higher sales as well.

Another thing that you can get by using Hubspot is that you can also find the channels that would allow you to create maximum engagement from the audience. In other words, this tool can make it easier for you to choose the right forum and then create content that would yield maximum results.

6. Tweet deck:

If you are using Twitter as the major platform to keep a connection between your business and your customers, then this tool can do wonders for you. With this tool, you can create team accounts, and manage the customized timeline. Moreover, you can also have access to messages, so managing all the features of the Twitter account is possible.

One of the limitations that you can face while using TweetDeck is that you won’t be able to manage the other platforms. But if you are relying on Twitter alone, then it can ease up the entire process of social media management.


This management software is the acronym of “If this, then that.” We know that this is a unique name for social tools. But it is not only the name that is unique; the functionality that it provides to you is also unique. You’ll get to know that once, we’ll share some of the features of IFTTT with you.

You can easily integrate your social media pages with your website and the mobile application by using this tool. In order to get it started, you need to create a particular trigger and based on the trigger it will create an action for you. Didn’t get it? Let us explain it with the help of an example. For example, if you have created a blog post, you’ll be able to convert that blog post into a Tweet o its own. You don’t need to put an extra effort into creating a Tweet, thus resulting in the generation of relevant content and less time wastage.

However, you might have to adjust the tweets and other social media posts created as a result because at the end of the day, it is software and it does not know what do words mean and how to create the best impact. But still, it is designed in a way that it can pick up the prominent lines. Moreover, you can even specify the punch lines for this tool, on your own.

8. SocialOomph:

This tool is one of the comprehensive ones when it comes to the management of different platforms. Apart from the liability of SocialOomph to link a number of accounts, you can even have a number of features especially available with this application.

The simple functions like scheduling posts for different accounts and access to analytics are definitely the part of the package. But what will amaze you is the ability of the tool to keep your direct messages section of different platform clean. Additionally, shortening of URL, finding keywords and even scheduling the blog post at the time you desire are included in the other features.

The limitations that you can expect while using SpcialOomph is that you’ll have to pay a fee in order to get the advantage of linking and managing multiple accounts. This tool is available free as well. But the free version revolves around Twitter management only. So, it is going to be your call now.

9. Sprout Social:

You can’t be expecting your social media team to keep an eye on all the “mentions” of your brand or company, especially if you are running a medium sized to the large-sized company. In this situation, you must use some automated tool that can ease the process of finding all the things relevant to your brand name.

Moreover, you can even use this feature of Sprout Social to get in touch with the advocates of the brand. This gives you a chance to increase the positive image of your brand. Additionally, scheduling posts and finding the engagement patterns are also possible with the help of this management software.

One thing that you’ll particularly like about this tool is the report generation feature. The reports generated via SproutSocial are comprehensive enough to help the marketing personnel to identify the current need of the content and the ways through which future content could generate the maximum benefits for your business.

10. Friends + Me:

Although this is one of the tools available to you for the management of social media platforms, you might not find it very helpful when it comes to working. Why? Because it focuses on Google + extensively as compared to the other platforms. Extensive focus on Google + does not mean that other forums are not supported, but the free version and even the paid one has a higher tilt towards Google +.

The reason for not considering Google + as an attractive platform for marketing is that the service of Google + is going to end in a few months. So, there is no purpose of putting your investment in a tool that would not be of any use in a few months. Secondly, the current followership of audience with Google+ accounts is actually minimal. So, you as the marketing manager for the business would not be able to generate leads for the business. Thus, investment in such a tool is not worthwhile.

Another thing that you must know if you are still looking to purchase the access to this tool is that you cannot manage your business Instagram by using it. You’ll have to either manage it individually or use some other tool for this purpose. So, with all this information available to you, using Friends + Me is surely going to be your choice.

11. Followerwonk:

The use of this tool is more effective for the analysis of the audience rather than scheduling posts. It can provide you with complete guidance about the profile of your audience, letting you explore them deeper. Moreover, you can also compare your audience with the competitor’s audience. This can help you in identifying a plus point that you could have over your competitor.

Additionally, the analysis of the followers of social media accounts is also the part of features that Follower wonk provides. You can find if the followers of your social media profile are actually making any difference in your sales or the actual objectives that you want to gain through them.

12. Google Analytics:

Are you wondering why have we included this tool in the social media management section? This is because Google Analytics can let you know where your traffic is coming from. When you’ll have access to this information, you can easily find the channel that is most engaging. Consequently, you can use it for managing future content strategies.

13. Google Calendar:

Similarly, Google Calendar can also be effective when you want to have a complete planning strategy for all your content and activities relevant to your social media. Although you might find the calendar in few of the other tools that we have discussed above, if you are particularly aware of this tool or are used to of the Google Calendar, you can use it for planning ahead and executing the planned strategy.

14. Zoho Social:

One of the tools that can serve your marketing management function for social media is Zoho Tool. It provides you with an opportunity to manage more than one brand from the same application. This is why you can consider the usage of this tool appropriate if you are running a marketing agency or have multiple brands in the portfolio of your company.

Zoho Social allows you to have CRM integration so that you can have a holistic system for maintaining the relationships with the customers. Apart from that browser extension, facility of easy searching and Facebook Lead Ads reporting features are also the part of this tool. You can expect all the relevant information at hand when using this tool for social media management.

15. Raven:

If you are particularly looking for an integrated version of reports when it comes to your posts, different platforms and the results of SEO and PPC, then the tool that you can rely on is Raven. Raven creates reports while considering all these factors into account. Moreover, scheduling the posts on different platforms and accessing the relevant data, is possible while you are using Raven as your social tools.

16. SpecialFlow:

This management tool allows you to find the behavior of the users of your targeted audience. Through this analysis, you can find the optimal time for posting content on different platforms. The best thing about this tool is that you can get the real-time data for optimization and you don’t have to rely on the estimates or historical data. The optimization of posts based on such real-time data can actually enhance the overall performance and ROI that you can expect from social media tools.

Moreover, you can even optimize your audience depending upon your definition of the target audience, if you choose to use SpecialFlow. Overall, it is an important tool for the optimization of revenue per customer and the returns from the investment made on social media.

Want to know which companies use this tool for their social media management? National Geographical Channel and The New York Times are the top two companies, which manage their social media platforms through it. So, if you are impressed with the handling of the account of these companies, then you can definitely give it a try for your own brand or social media presence as well.

17. Iconosquare:

For the businesses relying on Instagram, Iconosquare is an application that can provide you with in-depth analytics for your business account. You can expect this tool to become easier and more informative for you with the passing time. Now, it allows you to schedule your posts and view the data from a number of different accounts in a single Iconosquare account. Thus, you can expect to have the best experience of all the times.

18. Agora Pulse:

The responding, scheduling and reporting features for different social media profiles of your business are possible via this social tool. You can even analyze the progress of your competitor and compare your own results with the ones of the competition. So, you can consider this tool to be a spying tool that can reveal particular insights that can generate the maximum benefits for you.

19. Social pilot:

The cost-effective and simple tool that can be utilized by the marketing agencies and marketing teams is Social Pilot. You can manage post, schedule the posts in bulk and create the content calendar within the application. Additionally, URL shortening and the feature of contribution posts are some of the subcategories for the content management section that this application provides.

You can also get help from the analytics for your social media tools. Similarly, adding different accounts and team members for the management of social media profile is also possible through the paid version of this management software tool.

Social Media Management Tools can make your life easier by providing you with saving time, and enhancing your productivity. If you are interested in knowing more about the management of social media, you can read this article.