This successful blog wasn’t a success story always…

Hi, this is Mohit Soni founder of Doers Empire and I hope you’re in good health. Let me give you a short insight on how, when and why I started this blog and how my life has been changed.

Every child in India sometimes has to spend his/her life according to the parent’s guidance. For example, they want you to implement what they have experienced within their relatives’ circle and all you can become is an Engineer or Doctor and there is nothing else you can find a career.

Even there is a famous saying in India “Look at the Sharma’s Son how they have become successful and Sharma family is only the successful family in entire India (This is a joke don’t take it seriously)

Well, I was doing the same and I attempted the exam of most famous Engineering University IIT. Those who live in India know that this is Harvard for India. And only a few percentages can get admission and of course, I was the unlucky one. After failing I started my study in my area’s college.

Since childhood, I was very curious about the internet and technology about how this works. During my college life, I started my research on YouTube (YouTube is the best University in the World) and those who know and earn through the internet know the most common thing and that happened to me too. I clicked on some random video which was about “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE”. This was the moment technically my career and direction got changed and I started researching more about this. 

I figured out that there are many methods to make money but I can’t do all of them so I shortlisted some as per my mind and started my first ever startup which was “All Social Services” and I started selling fake Facebook likes, Instagram Followers and YouTube subscribers. OK OK, I admit this is wrong but I didn’t know that before and of course it was a failure.

This failure broke me up completely and I thought to start the normal job after my studies and live an average life and then I saw one ad on YouTube where one guy mentioned there are so many legal and genuine methods to make money and he was making something around $100k per month from blogging and this thing triggered me and I started learning more and more about this and after 6 months of efforts, I bought this domain and started the website and of course there is no shortcut in this world to do anything.

This blog took way more time than I thought to gain traffic from organic methods and I literally learned a lot in the process. Everything that can make this blog amazing and what I learned sharing it below:

There is no shortcut in this world to make money.
SEO isn’t an easy thing but it’s not impossible too.
Content is King by Bill Gates was 100% correct.
Hard work and passion can give you anything in this life.

Well, I’m not a motivational speaker but this is what I’ve learned and just to put it into perspective I’ll give you my current standings. 

Today I own a private limited firm with many people working for me.

I have a total of
15 blogs with monthly traffic around 4.5m
29 Facebook Pages with 7m+ traffic.
11 Instagram accounts with 2.3m traffic
7 YouTube channels with 1.3m subscribers.

And yes I made around $100k only from Facebook pages & still counting!

If you want to learn what I did and you don’t want to do the mistake which I did. TRUST ME this place is heaven for you in terms of learning.
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Peace Out.

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