Two Life ruining beliefs

Anxiety (and stress) is when you feel uneasy and nervous because of insecurity. Let’s look into two beliefs which have a close link to anxiety. These two are not always conscious; instead, they are mostly found in your sub-conscious mind. In your subconscious where they can damage you from the inside and change your thinking so as to think that you are incomplete in some manner or form.

First of all, you need to realize that the beliefs are only there to stress you out, and all the things you achieve or don’t achieve are solely dependent on how much effort you put in to achieve those things. But we all are human, and we all sometimes can go astray from our path and lose sight of our goals.
These beliefs are born in our minds due to a lot of reasons, but the point here is that they are only inside your mind. And your mind should be under your control all the times. Your mind should be able to counter such anxiety and stress sentiments. This will help you in freeing yourself while generating and channeling your positive energy.

Now let’s explore these two beliefs and ways to counter them:

Worst-case scenario approach:

“I am going to face something bad.” You most probably have met, or, are someone who can create a worst case scenario for any situation in your head. As a result, you become worried and start thinking “What if that happens?”. Then your mind starts thinking about the scenario as if it would be the end of the world.

What anxiety basically does is that it amplifies a situation that is anything but a little inconvenience and convinces you that a catastrophe has occurred or is about to occur.

Best-case Scenario Approach:

On the other hand, you most probably know someone who is always able to see the brighter side of things and point out the silver lining of the overshadowing clouds. So what should you do when your mind wanders off into your subconscious for bad? Confront it!

When anxiety starts to do its dubious work, start breathing and think: Are you really facing a disaster which can alter your life considerably? In other words, is it even going to matter later on?

The other question that you need to ask from your brain is, “What are the odds of the worst scenario happening?”
Answering this question will surely be able to address your anxiety. So, you’ll be in a position to handle the question “how to deal with stress?”

The second cause of anxiety is the feeling of helplessness. Let’s figure out how that works.

The root cause here is not being prepared for a situation or being surprised or shocked by it. If we aren’t prepared for something anxiety makes us feel uncomfortable and weak, in turn, makes us doubt our abilities. So, we start feeling incapable while believing we must really be incapable.

How to deal with anxiety?

The best way to fight back when helplessness feels real? Again, Confront It.
The question which is the answer is: What should I do? Find a productive way out of the situation and cope with the situation you’re faced with. Think of all the resources you have to tackle your anxiety. For example, now that natural remedies like Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa being only one strain) are easily accessible, you can use this to aid your symptoms! Your own mind being the best tool for some handy work with anxiety, so there must not be any problem really if you take things positively.

Similarly, If you really had a huge problem facing you what you should do? You should find a way to solve that problem. Take the necessary steps required to return back to normal.

The true nature of life and anxiety:

Sometimes it will get really hard, but life always goes on. Never let yourself be hopeless as long as you are alive. You will always be able to survive the disasters which are meant to happen in your life. Problems and inconveniences are meant to teach you some really important lessons in life. Therefore, you should always take it as a part of your life. Good times and bad times come and go alike. The beauty of life is that it never stays the same. There will always be more prospects to discover, more knowledge to gain, and more life to experience.

The best thing here is that most of the problems we face in life are not drastic or even traumatic. They’re just little things your mind worries about, and you should always have control on your brain in these situations. Only then you’ll be able to deal with anything that life brings for you. Stress and anxiety are nothing.


While struggling with anxiety, Look out for that “?”. Anxiety (and stress) will never provide you with answers. It can only give you questions:
What now? What if? How? What Now? , and questions are perilous. When you face these questions, turn them into statements and tackle them. It is going to help you in dealing with stress and anxiety that certain events of life are going bring for you. Apart from that, the law of attraction could be one of the ways to get you out of this problematic situation. Go through the article on the law of attraction to know more about it.