How To Increase Your Productivity?

Time is a valuable thing which has no replacement or substitute. Being able to use your time productively is something you should learn as early as you can in practical life. When you are productive, you are able to focus your mind towards the goals you have set for yourself and achieve them. But the ultimate question here is about the ways to increase your productivity in the long run.

One thing that all successful people share is a set of productive habits. A productive person is a lot more organized and clear minded than normal individuals. If you find yourself lazing around most of the time and want to change your habits so that you could focus more on things that matter, then you need to adopt the following habits.

Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Following are some of the ways to increase productivity:

Rise early: Wake up early:

Your morning routine greatly impacts how you spend the rest of your day. If you have a habit of laying in bed for a long time after waking up then you need to change that and start doing something productive as soon as you wake up. So, what is the best thing to do early morning? Exercise or just simply stretch your body so that your muscles get the signal that it’s time for some work.

To get used to waking up early, Plan your routine activities in such a manner so that you go to sleep early, and sleep at the same time every day so that you can get quality sleep. Make waking up early a target in your mind and stick to it. In the beginning it will be hard, but with every passing day it will get easier.

Take healthy meals: Have a healthy breakfast:

You are what you eat. So if you eat a lot of unhealthy stuff, it will affect your body and your mind alike. If you are not well nourished throughout the day, you will not be very productive. Make sure that you take three meals a day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be the heaviest of the three. Lunch is also very important as you are mostly at work during lunch time, and you need to keep your stomach happy in order for your mind to work properly at work. Finally, Have a light dinner because it is the last meal of the day and you have to sleep soon after; your digestive system also needs to rest so don’t give it too much food to work on before you go to sleep. Make sure that all your meals have a balance of fiber, protein and calories.

Make a productive ‘to-do’ list: Make a “to-do” list:

After you are done with your morning routine, make a productive to-do list of activities that you plan to do throughout the day. Writing things down will help you remember them and then you can come up with a plan on how go about completing your tasks.

Keep your to-do list specific, simple and easy to understand for yourself. Focus more on the tasks that have a greater impact rather than the stuff someone else can also do for you such as chores. Prioritize the tasks according to their importance and tackle the tasks individually with complete focus. This will help you in saving your time and thus increasing productivity.

Clean up your workplace: Tidy up your desk.

A clean workstation is not just for showing off. The psychological benefits of a clean and organized environment are countless. A chaotic desk will make it difficult for you to focus on the task at hand. This is because there will always be something to distract you on an unorganized desk. Not to mention how difficult and time-consuming it is to locate something when you need it.

An organized desk will increase your productivity because you will have more space to work. Your things will be properly organized and you will be able to find things exactly where they should be. Use drawers or lockers to store the items you don’t use very often. And keep a wastebin near you so that trash goes in the bin instead of sitting on your desk.


As a result of following these tips, you will see a boost in your productivity and willingness to work. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important if you need to be productive. Exercise your mind with puzzles in your free time and make a habit of reading as it helps you generate more ideas and tests your imagination. Pick up a sport or some physical activity so that your mind stays active and healthy at all times. Because the more you exercise your mind and body, the healthier they get and thus you can see an increase in productivity.