According to a recent survey conducted by Statista, the total numbers of applications that are available in the Google Play Store are 2.6 million. With the presence of a large number of these android apps, finding the best android apps is a difficult task. If you are really looking forward to improving your overall experience of using your Android app, then this article could be highly beneficial for you in this regard. So, let’s explore some of the best android apps that you can use now.

Best Android apps to install:

Here is a list of the Android apps along with a small description of the functionality and benefit that each of the apps provides. Let’s categorize these apps into the functional categories that are available on Play Store:

A. Art & Design Best Android apps:

The applications in this category allow you to manage portable graphic designing on your mobile phones. Here is a list of a few applications that could serve your purpose.

1.      Infinite Painter:

It contains a number of features that can make your painting experience worth it. With over 160 natural brushes, creation of clean lines with the help of guides, provision of clipping masks and a couple for painting cloning and editing makes this application a nice application for the android users. The best part is that Infinite Painter provides you support for exporting pictures in different formats.

2.      Canva:

Most of you would be aware of Canva if you are really into graphic designing and drawing. With this application, you can create your logos, flyers, banners and other sorts of content for social media marketing. You can simply use it to find the graphic designer that resides inside you.  Similarly, editing pictures and other images is also possible through the Android version of this application. Thus, you can keep your drawing board with you on the go.

3.      Word Cloud:

One of the best android apps that you can find in the art and design category is Word Cloud. Using this application, you can convert some of the prominent phrases like “good morning”, “good night” into shapes like heart and rectangle. So that you can send the same message in a way that could give different meaning to the message and definitely a more creative one. You can even customize the message or choose the shape according to your requirements through this application.

4.      Floor Plan Creator:

If you are looking for planning a floor’s interior, then you can use this application, as it will guide you with all the possible options that you can exercise to arrange your floor in the best possible way. You can arrange a 3D tour of the entire plan and can have symbols for denoting specific rooms for specific purpose. By using this application, you can take out all your creative abilities along with the creation of a plan before you actually arrange something at particular place.

5.      Adobe Photoshop:

If you need to draw and design p the go, the android version of Adobe Photoshop is perfect for you. You can manage a number of functions including the use of different brushes to writing text. Additionally, flipping images and cropping them to the right size is also the possibility while using this application.

6. Adobe Spark Post:

The creation of videos, graphics and web pages without any cost is possible by using this application. Both web and mobile access is possible through this application.

B. Augmented Reality Best Android apps:

This category signifies the new reality. With this list of application, you can feel immersed in a situation and experience it yourself. 

1.      Krystal Kart AR:

This is a racing game with augmented reality. You can truly imagine the combination that it brings for you. Immerse yourself in the track and get the maximum benefit through it. Some of the features that this specific android application brings in for you are the competition with other players along with its availability in the single-player mode, fun drifting, and availability of 3 ways for driving cars.

2.      RushAround:

This application revolves around a wonderful idea. You’ll have to race against the clock in the virtual world, but the impact would be seen on your fitness level in the real world. It has all the ways to keep you motivated for your exercise or workout whatever you would like to call it. Presence of 10 different ways to play the game is available for you. So, you do not have to get bored after a few days of using the application.

3. The SIMS Mobile:

It is a simulation game that has got quite famous one the desktop previously. Now, its mobile version is liked by the users as well. SIM is a character that signifies you in the game. You can personalize it according to your needs. At the same time, managing the social behaviors with other characters of the application is the main crux of this application.

4. Cooking Chef:

It is one of the management games that can involve your cooking expertise too. This simulation game ensures that you’ll manage time along with buying new products and machinery. Overall, you can spend your time efficiently with this application.

5. Barbie Dream house Adventures:

With this application, you can design the Barbie dream house, managing the settings of each of the room of the dream house is possible through this application. Additionally, there are new adventures in the game as well so that you can get the never-ending fun with this simulation game.

C. Beauty Best android apps:

Like all other things, you can have access to the beauty application on your android device as well. Below mentioned applications can definitely be included in the best 10 android applications for the year. Know which applications are these:

1.      Troveskin:

One of the best android apps that can work wonders for you is TroveSkin. With this application, you can feel like finding a personal coach for managing your skin in the most appropriate way. You can easily analyze and track your skin and various components associated with its health within no time. Moreover, this application can also provide you with a number of healthy skin to help you achieve your overall skin goals.

2.      Skin and Face Care:

Another important application that you can use as the Android device user is the Skin and Face Care.  By using this application, you can expect to find solutions for face wrinkles, acne, fair skin, glowing skin, blemishes and other problems associated with skin and face.

3.      Icy Queen:

This application has been created to provide the makeup lovers with immense level of satisfaction. They have a doll ready to play as a model. You can have three scenarios to choose from and create a look for your model. All the makeup items are available, so that you can give the doll the look you want. Apart from makeup, selecting the right kind of jewelry and clothes for the doll are also included in the game, ensuring that you can create a complete look.

4.      Homemade Beauty Guide:

This application is available for the Android users to provide them with some of the best tips for the skin care using the homemade remedies. This app discusses the creation of home creams in order to give your skin a perfect look without using any chemicals in it. So, it can be a great app for the people who are looking to find the chemical free and easy solutions for better skin care.

5.      GetGorgeous:

GetGorgeous contains all the beauty tips related to face, hair, hands & feet, and skin. From the homemade remedies to the discussion of the use of natural products, this application provides the users with the information about everything.

D. Books and References Best android apps:

Books are definitely a person’s best friend. But taking a book along every time has not remained as convenient as it was before. But now, you have an alternative in the form of an android app. There are free books and references that you would have to get a hold of in order to keep yourself updated and accustomed to the new information.

1.      Merriam Webster Dictionary:

In order to know the meanings of different words, you need to have a pocket dictionary with you every time. But the changing technology has given you an advantage of keeping a dictionary in your mobile phone rather than a pocket dictionary. So, the android users can get it easily. Even if you want to improve your vocabulary, this dictionary is efficient and can help you with instant meanings and sentence creation of different words.

2.      Memrise:

One of the wonderful applications for the android users is Memrise. This application supports a multiple languages and can help you learn a number of languages and the vocabulary associated with them. The best thing about this application is that it can help you learn those words too. You find 10 words in each exercise to learn. Once you have learnt them, you’ll have to go through an exercise to ensure that you remember these words. Moreover, a collective exercise for a number if previously done exercises is also arranged to give you the confidence that you know the words completely.

3.      Idiom Slang and Phrase Verbs:

Most of us don’t know about the idioms and phrasal verbs, so for all of us, android application by the name of Idiom, Slang and phrasal verbs is present. This app contains a number of categories on different basis. You can find idioms according to alphabetical order or according to the words used in a particular idiom. This makes the learning process a lot easier and you are better able to use the relevant idioms in your language.

4.      The 21 success secrets of self-made millionaires:

This book of Brian Tracy has been amongst one of the most famous books that you can find in the android store for applications. By reading this book, you can find the secrets that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. The secrets from this book can definitely be applied to your life anytime, and there are greater chances that success would be the part of your life too.

5.      Free EBook downloader:

When it comes to free apps, this free eBook downloader has no substitute. You can get more than 30000 books with just a few clicks. This application allows you to search for different books from a variety of sources. Similarly, accessing books directly from the application and ensuring multiple downloads are part of this application. Additionally, other features including Epub reader, night mode support, speaker notes and specific categories for each disciple are available in this application. All these features make it a must-have for everyone.

E. Business Android applications:

The diversity in the business applications is not seen in any other category of the Playstore android application. But in order to provide you with the most relevant applications, here are a few:

1.      Fiverr:

Fiverr is a business forum where you can market your skill and earn a great deal of money without making any initial investment. You can master in any of the skills that can be handled online and earn by selling those skills. Outsourcing work is also possible by using Fiverr. Furthermore, if you are a buyer looking for professionals, you can also find the right match for your assignment. Have a look at this application, and you’ll find a number of business opportunities for you.

2.      Upwork:

Another important application from a business point of view is Upwork. Through Upwork, you can sell your services to clients all over the world. This forum ensures that both the buyers and the sellers get a perfect match for each other, thus to optimize the performance of each of the parties. You can get all the notifications from the forum on your mobile phone application. So, there are minimum chances that you would miss a notification. 

3.      Freelancer:

One of the best android apps for starting your own business on Freelancer. It can provide you with a number of freelancers dealing with different services. At the same time, you can get projects depending upon your own skill set. The android application that this forum provides you ensures that you can get in touch with your business contacts without requiring you to login from your PC.

4.      Facebook Workplace:

You can consider it one of the communication and collaboration tools along with a business tool for the android users. It can provide you a platform to share ideas, files and information between different members of the team. One of the important things about this application is that it is not too formal to restrict the innovation and creativity of the team members but at the same time, there are lower distractions involved. So, you and your team can coordinate in a better way.

5. WhatsApp Business:

It is an application through which you can get in touch with your clients via chat. Although, it is similar to the simple WhatsApp messenger but there are certain additional features that are important. Some of these include the existence of the business profile, statistics regarding messaging and availability of quick tools for easy response.

6.      Excel Formula App:

This application is important for the people who need to learn Microsoft Excel. It contains all the important formulas for building up the complete sheets in a single application. Moreover, it is easy to use that makes it easier for the android users to download this application and utilize it for learning and business work.

6.      Grammarly:

It is an application, which can help you in improving your writing skills. You just need to copy paste the text in the Grammarly editor in order to identify the mistakes in your text and writing style. Although it works totally fine in the Free State if you’ll buy the premium version, you’ll be even able to get the vocabulary options that you can use in your writings along with the identification of other advanced issues in writing.

7.      Google App:

One of the most prominent applications that work for Android users is Google App. Like its web version, this mobile browser is free for the users. You can search an unlimited amount of data with great accuracy and the most suitable results just with a few finger taps. Most of the Android mobile phones contain Google App in them by default.

But in case, you have deleted this wonderful application of yours’, and then you can get it back through Play Store. Another important tip here is that there are higher chances that a default application of your phone won’t be deleted by mistake, but you might have disabled it mistakenly, so, you’ll have to enable it to use it again.

F. Comics Android apps:

The comics’ category of android application ensures that you find something comical and entertaining to make your mood better. Here is the list of comic’s category best android apps.

1.      Grand prison escape 2019:

In this game, you can need to create a jailbreak plan for one of the heroes, so you can expect how adventurous could it actually be. The simulations ensure that you get the exact scenario of the jailbreak adventure to keep your interest level in the game high. In order to make this game a bit more advanced, the prison in which your hero has been captured is on special high security. So, you’ll have to react extra cautious about it.

2.      Crazy Car Driving Simulator:

This is a driving simulation game included in the comics’ category by Google Play Store. If driving is your hobby, then this application can provide you with difficult but enjoyable tracks for driving the cars. These tracks would help in creating the best scenario for entertainment. Definitely one of the fun applications for the driving freaks.

3.      Web Comics:

One of the platforms to read the authentic comics is Web Comics. On this platform, you can find the greatest number of comics. So, by downloading this android application, you can find a great entertainment to spend your time.

4.      Super Manga:

Another android application that can give you with different comic genres is Super Manga. Apart from the specific categorization, you can even find the details about each of the comics within no time by using this application. So, if you are tired from the other entertainment websites and genres, then you can definitely try this application

5.      Line Webtoon:

If you like, reading comics on your Android device, then line Webtoon must be specifically there. Manga and Manhwa are the two comics that you can read freely through this application. The content or the comics on this application are updated on a daily basis, which makes it one of the best applications available for this purpose.

G. Communication:

Communication is the key to survival. The simple messaging or calling application is no longer in excessive use nowadays, especially after the advent of smartphones. The applications that have replaced the simple messaging and calling features of the phone include the following.

1.      WhatsApp:

One of the best messaging applications for Android devices is WhatsApp. It can allow you to use different forms of messaging. Whether it is a text file, audio, video or picture, Whatsapp supports all of it, and all the features of the application are free.

You can get a number of emojis to express your opinion in the best possible way. Additionally, the possibility of adding a response to a specific message makes it easier for users to understand the conversation. Audio and video chat options are also available and provide greater connectivity between the users.

You, as a user, do not have to worry about the security of your messages, as end-to-end encryption facility is available. Group creation and management are also easy through this application. Thus, making it one of the best android apps that we have for the Android platform.

2.      Facebook Messenger:

Another application that can serve the purpose of communication and messaging between individuals and groups is the Facebook messenger. Through this application, you can share all types of media including images, videos, links, files, and audios. Video calling and audio calling features provided by the application makes it on par with the other applications present for this purpose.

3.      Google Hangouts:

This application does not require your phone number to operate. It can simply work with a Gmail id. When it comes to the feature, it provides you with individual and group messaging features, audio, and video calling opportunities. One of the best parts of using Google Hangouts is that you can synchronize the same Gmail address with the other important applications that you would require for effective communication too.

4.      SnapChat:

This application has been especially designed to share a specific moment with friends and family. Nowadays, it can also be considered as an efficient application for the purpose of personal communication and business communication. All you need to do is to handle this platform quite efficiently as it does allow long stories or excessive description. You’ll have to keep things short and simple while using this application.

5.      Twitter:

Another application that you can find in the category of best android apps for communication. It is a tool on which you can share your thoughts in a precise manner.

6. Tik Tok:

One of the applications that support the video format for sharing the message is Tik Tok. Max 60-second snippets can be used in this platform. You can record your own video or add music to make the videos appropriate for the message that you need to convey.


It is another social media application that allows the users to create lip-synching music videos of about 1 minute. The aim of the application is to help you go with the lyrics while enjoying a song. Additionally, a number of other features like slowing, fastening the pace and other such options are available for the users.

H. Productivity:

Applications can be considered as ways to improve the overall performance are listed below:

1.      Google Drive:

Another application that can be included in the top 10 android apps is Google Drive. All of your shared and stored files are available for you on the go. You can even upload new items or delete any existing items from the application by using your mobile phones. So, it works properly and with all the possible functionality, both on the desktop and the mobile.

It provides you with an efficient storage location to keep your files secured and easily accessible wherever and whenever you require. However, managing the files in the drive would require you to have a continuous internet connection. Without the internet, you can see the already loaded version of the files but not the updated ones.

2.      Way of Life:

One of the major drivers of productivity is a healthy body. To manage your habits and ensure enough attention to your health, “Way of life” is an important application. It is available for Android users to keep a track of the food & water intake, exercise & mediation and other customized tasks that you want to keep a track of. You can make notes and evaluate your performance over time through this wonderful application.

3.      Spin Me:

Do you face difficulty in resuming your work after a nap?  Do you waste your most productive time by getting up late? For such a problem, “Spin Me” is a solution. This great application helps you in getting out of bed on time. It works as an alarm but you can’t shut off this alarm unless you follow the spinning instructions of the application. The basic purpose of such an application is to make you get up according to your plans.

4.      Trello:

Trello provides you with a digital board on which you can manage your activities and tasks. It helps you in organizing the work done, in progress, and still pending. You can share your boards with others as well. It is helpful in enhancing productivity by reducing the time spent on work management and coordination. It is a must-try application if you are working in teams or managing a small-scale organization.

5.      Google Calendar:

One of the most obvious to secure a position on the list of applications enhancing productivity is Google Calendar. Google Calendar does not only allow you to set tasks and activities with specific timing but it also helps you in their timely completion by sending constant reminders. The best thing about this application is that it can be integrated with other Google apps, plus it can be accessed from your mobile and computer simultaneously.

6.       Forest:

For most of us, mobile phones are severe distractions. To deal with this distraction, an application, Forest has been introduced. This application creates a psychological barrier for you, limiting your phone usage. Once you set a timer on this application, a digital tree starts to grow. If you decide to switch the application that tree dies and you are not able to grow a forest. It creates resistance in the application users to use the phone and thus better focus on work can be ensured. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

7.      EverNote:

One of the important applications that can provide you the facility of creating notes in various formats is EverNote. With this application, you can easily use different formats for creating notes. Some of the formats that the application allows include images, text, audio, and video.

In case, you are using more than one device then this application ensures connectivity and synchronization of data between devices. Moreover, you can expect to have better organizational abilities when it comes to the benefits of using this application.  In the android devices, you can even have the widget available for this application. With this widget, you can have quick access to all your important notes and data.

8.      WPS Office Suite:

It is a complete Office Suite that contains all the Office Applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and the presentation-making application. This free application has a number of features. With this application, you can get a free PDF Converter. Similarly, you can share files with the other users.  Similarly, WPS Office Suite allows you to encrypt the file as well, so data security while working or sharing the content of data is not an issue. If you are connected to a Cloud drive, then the documents opened with this application can easily be stored onto the cloud.

9.      TickTick:

If you are in need to create a to-do list for your tasks, then you can definitely find a number of options while searching. But one of the best options that we can recommend to you is TickTick. This application has all the possible features that you could be looking in a to-do list. You can set reminders for the tasks, create recurring reminders or tasks if you need to perform a duty often. Additionally, it also helps you in sharing the tasks with the others, or you can categorize your activities on this application for easy sharing.

Additionally, the synchronization of this application with the other management tools such as Trello is also possible. All you need to do is create your account and explore the various features that this application provides.

10. Xender:

It is another application available for smartphone users. With the help of this application, you can share your data between different smartphones. In order to understand its functionality, you can consider it an alternative to Bluetooth. But the file sharing speed is faster than using Bluetooth. Moreover, it can eradicate the need for carrying a USB data cable along for the purpose of data sharing.

11. LastPass:

This is a free password management application that you can use on your android devices. By using this application, you won’t have to remember a number of passwords for different applications. You can expect the Last Pass to fill in all the credentials on its own without requiring you to fill those fields. So, apart from reliving you from remembering a number of passwords, this application ensures that you don’t have to waste time filling up the credentials every time.

12. Cam Scanner:

By using this application, you have the possibility of converting your phone or tablet into a scanner. Just by using the camera of the device, you can get the scanned copy of your documents, pictures etc.

I. Google Cast:

Some of the applications that can provide you with live streaming options are included in this category of android applications. You can have a look below to know a few of these options:

1.      YouTube:

Another application that tops the list of the best android apps is YouTube. You can watch any sort of video online with the presence of this application in your Android Phone. It’s working on the Android platform is the exception, and it lets you find your desired content within no time.

The algorithms used for the search process are customized for the Android version of devices, so you won’t have to face any difficulty while using it on your device. Furthermore, other functionality like downloading videos and getting notifications for new videos works just fine, making it a helpful app for every purpose.

2.      Sound Cloud:

It is a free application to provide you with unlimited music. You can search for your favorite music, play a track and even create your own playlists. Another important feature that this application provides to the users is that you can find the multiple versions of a single music track, so in case the first option is not the one that you want, then you can always switch to the later options that this application provides. It is totally free, so you can enjoy all these functionalities without paying anything to the developer.

3.      Netflix:

One of the prominent applications for live streaming is Netflix. It can provide you with exclusive right to watch dramas, movies and your favorite shows all at one place. All the programs available for the viewers through this application are exclusive and cannot be found on another forum; this application has a special place in the heart of the users. You can be the part of the Netflix family too. If you need to try the Netflix services for free, then you can simply visit their website or install the Netflix application directly.

If you have an account already, then you can download the Netflix application from PlayStore and sign in with your credentials. But that doesn’t mean signing up for a new customer is not possible through the mobile application. You must provide the details and choose the package that you want to subscribe to in order to get the access.

4.      Beat Maker Pro:

This application allows you to create your own beats within a few clicks. You can even create new music or mimic the tunes and beats of the existing songs by using this application. Then playing it from this application is also possible and you can enjoy the created tunes and beats directly.

5.      BBC IPlayer Radio:

This application ensures the streaming of BBC broadcasting for you. With this application, you don’t have to get along with the timings of the programs rather you can catch-up with the programs at the time that suits you. Additionally, you can use this application while being offline. No internet connection is required for listening to the podcasts.

J. Personalization:

Another category of the PlayStore revolves around the personalization options for the users. So, a list of these applications has been provided under this heading:

1.      Zedge:

It is an application through which you can customize the sound and visual elements of your phone. You can choose your favorite ringtone, customize the alarm tone, find the right kind of wallpaper and can even modify the tone for general notifications.

In case you like to change the themes of your mobile phones often, then this application can serve this need of yours’ to. With this android application, you can find the season-specific themes that can give your mobile phone a different kind of outlook. So, you’ll be able to enjoy an occasion or season to the maximum extent. However, all of these themes won’t be free, and you’ll have to get them by paying the app charges.

2.      SwiftKey:

Like most of the applications, this application also provides you with some free features and has a few options for in-app purchases. What can this application exactly do? It is a third party keyboard that can help you in customizing your experience while using the keyboard of your drive. It can provide you with gesture typing facility, synchronization of the library across multiple devices and assurance of multiple language support. All these features are free.  The premium features include the facility of changing themes and background of this application to make it look better in usage.

3.      Themes:

This is one of the best android apps that you can use for personalization of your mobile phone. You can get original these to make your phone look visually better and functionally optimize. Some of the features that this application provides include the lock screen styles, wallpapers, and icons for applications. Moreover, you can customize your phone in all other dimensions using this Themes application for android smartphones.

4.      Black Art Wallpaper:

If you are fond of color black, then this application could be the best app for personalization that you can come across. It provides you with black background with a beautiful art on the front. So, whether it is the wallpaper or your lock screen, you can easily use this application for customizing your phone.

5.      GO keyboard Lite:

As the name shows, it is an application through which you can customize your keyboard to the maximum level. Personalization of keyboard with your favorite picture, presence of a number of new emojis, and different fonts available for chatting are amongst some of the features of this android application that you can enjoy.


These are a few applications that you can enjoy as an Android user. Each of these applications is meant for a different purpose and can facilitate your life in the best possible way. By categorizing these applications in the way they appear in the PlayStore has been done to make your life easier when it comes to downloading these best android apps.

If you think, we have missed some unique applications that should have been the part of the list of the best android apps, and then you can mention them in the comments section below.