85% of women want to be in the top position, but nearly 79% of them lack career confidence. It is one of the reasons for the wide gender gap that we see in the workplace.

Aren’t the statistics discussed unbelievable? With these statistics, we actually mean that most of the women that we see around us aren’t confident enough to perform great at their workplaces. And you’ll agree that in most of the cases we find them the most capable ones in the entire organization, isn’t it?

If you are wondering where we have, we gathered these statistics? Then let us tell you this data is gathered by one of the recent surveys that have been conducted by “My Confidence Matters.” 2500 individuals took part in the survey. Most of the women, nearly 85%, wanted to break the glass ceiling and reach the topmost positions of the companies.

But 79% shared that they weren’t confident to adopt and pursue that roe. What percentage of men showed their lack of confidence? Just 10-15% of them. This gap is huge and cannot be simply termed as individual behavior. It has to be taken in the scenario of gender discrimination and the problems that women have to face at the workplace.

What makes women so low in confidence?

After seeing the results from the survey, it is our duty to analyze why are women so low in their career confidence and how does affect their actual success.

We guess the factors that are usually responsible for hindering women from achieving top positions aren’t new. The same lack of training, lesser propositions for acquiring improving skills, family pressures, excessive workload, and lower pay as compared to their men counterparts are the main issues.

If you are wondering how can all these impacts the confidence, then you just have to look deeper into the lives of women affected by all these issues.

Imagine going to work when you know that the same job that you do is of lesser value to your employer as compared to your main counterpart. Similarly, how would you feel if your male counterpart is sent to a conference for attaining better skills, and you are denied that opportunity? This is not it.

Women have to face such kinds of issues at every step, which actually shatters their confidence and drain away all the energies that could lead them to a position at the top of the companies.

Where does this lack of career confidence lead you to?

This lack of career confidence makes them contented with what they have. Usually, a lower pay sale is accepted by women despite working more in comparison to their male counterparts.

Most of the time, they have to let go of their dreams because society denies them the right to advance.

All of this results in the widening of the gender gap. Do you know with the current progress that we are making in closing this gender gap, how much time would be required? Any guesses. We’ll take about 108 years. And to bring in the gender parity, we’ll require 202 years. Do you think that the level of progress and advancement that we have made up till now, hundreds of years for providing gender equality is justified? At least we don’t think so.

This isn’t creating issues for individuals only. Our nations are suffering because of this high gender gap. The lower economic value that we are generating as a result of this issue is actually unaccounted for. So, it is just not about the lack of career confidence. Just with a minor problem, we have highlighted a vast range of issues for you. So, just imagine the actual depth of the problem that we are facing.

What are the prominent barriers, which decreases women’s career confidence?

There are multiple reasons that take away all their confidence. We have highlighted a few of these issues above. But they were from a general point of view. Here is what the women from the survey identified. So, let’s have a look.

Lack of opportunities for internal promotion:

Promotion is not only linked with higher pay, benefits, and authority, but it also depicts the confidence that your company has shown you onwards. But most of the women find that the room for internal growth is minimal. Colleagues and bosses both aren’t too helpful in making them climb the ladder.

Too many responsibilities:

Working women have to be multi-taskers, managing their families, and work together. So, many of them complain that the lack of flexible working hours created a lot of problems for them. Usually, their work is under-represented because of the effort to manage everything, and they are internal dissatisfied as a result of it.

Lack of coaching:

With the high level of lack of career confidence reported, all the organizations should provide coaching for women. But only a handful of organizations provide this facility, which keeps the issue as it is, and no progress is made for the betterment.

How can we build career confidence in women and provide them a road to leadership:

We are sure that everyone would agree that women aren’t any less capable in any way. Their perception of themselves is the major issue that is restricting them from moving further. Here we are especially referring to the women who are already working at some level in the organizations.

So, let’s find out the ways through which this situation can actually be improved.

Provide support to women employees even if they lack confidence:

As a society, it is our responsibility to help anyone if they are in need. As the statistics show that women need support in work life. So, we should be supporting them. And by support here, we don’t mean doing anything extra. Managers are only expected to help the women employees a bit, and the results would astound you, for sure.

Investment in leadership training:

As we have discussed it many times, leaders are not only born; they can be made too. So, women should be given an opportunity to become a leader as well. Proper coaching and training should be provided in this regard. Believe us, this investment in women would eventually pay off, probably in a better way, in comparison to men.

Internal Sponsorship matters:

The organizations would have to realize that internal sponsorships could play an important role in giving women the right confidence. Recognition from the supervisor could provide women with enough confidence to boost their self-esteem. So, senior management should take into account this aspect, and special arrangements should be taken in this regard.

Recognition from the supervisor could provide women with enough confidence to boost their self-esteem. So, senior management should take into account this aspect, and special arrangements should be taken in this regard.

Tips for women:

You, as a woman, should not be leaving everything on the others. If you won’t be willing to boost your confidence, then no one else would be able to help. So, here are some of the things that you should do:

Don’t be afraid of failures:

The first suggestion that we can give you is that you should not be afraid of failures. Failures are part of our lives. If something goes wrong once, you should not stop doing it. Learn from your experience, explore, and be successful.

Know your worth:

Another important point here is that you’ll have to recognize your own worth before you would expect others to recognize it. You’ll have to ask for a decent pay or pay raise with confidence. Without asking, you won’t get one. So, be prepared to ask for your rights.

Seek your own mentors:

Even if your organization doesn’t support your learning, you don’t have to limit yourself. You can find your own sponsors and mentors who’ll teach you everything needed for leadership. Once you’ll acquire skills and implement them at work, there is no way that you won’t be recognized.


We, as a society, need to put a lot of effort into creating gender parity. Because of this gender inequality, women are prone to lack of career confidence. This consequently leads to lower leadership positions for women.

Organizations will have to invest in training and coaching of the female employees. It will provide them with equal rights and enough confidence to perform their best in any of the roles assigned to them.

Let’s play our role and make the difference that we can. What do you think about career confidence and its importance in attaining leadership roles? Share your opinion with us.