The word CEO seems too fascinating to most of us. Isn’t it? Most of us consider it a designation that you can attain after loads of experience, and probably you need to be old enough as well. Definitely, the experience is one of the important factors, but it is not the only thing that can declare you a CEO material. You don’t agree? Well, we have examples of some young CEOs who have started their businesses and have got fame and success through them. Mark Zuckerberg is only one of the examples who are running a great business venture.

So, this leads us to the point that there must be something special in individuals that help them in attaining the position of a leader in an entrepreneurial venture. In this article, we are going to highlight the 11 qualities that you must develop in yourself to be CEO material.

Qualities to be a CEO material:

Here are the qualities that can help you in running a successful business venture:

1. Vision:

All other things aside, vision is one of the important qualities that can declare you a CEO material. What exactly do we mean by vision? Vision is the ability to plan for the future, but it is not random planning, there must be some sort of wisdom and analysis involved in this planning that would help in making the vision a reality.

If you think you have a good sense of events going around you and the way in which these events can actually impact your business idea, then it indicates that you have the vision. You can start up your own venture or become the CEO of a company looking for guidance.

In case you need to improve this quality, then one of the pro tops that we can give here is to surround yourself with visionary individuals. This can help you in learning the art of analyzing the events and incorporating them to your business idea.

2. Effective Communication:

The next important quality that you should be looking to develop, to be a CEO material, is effective communication. Communication is the key to get anything done. Whether it is at the personal level or business level, you’ll have to communicate in a way that others understand you and follow your suggestions or your orders. The role and importance of communication in business can be understood in detail through this article.

Communication is not only about talking. It is about listening as well. You can’t be a great talker if you can’t listen attentively. Moreover, being a listener also reveal a lot of information that you would not have known otherwise. Thus, making the overall need for effective communication one of the must-haves for the individuals who are looking to be a CEO or an entrepreneur.

3. Decision-Making:

When you are at the highest level of an organization, it is you who is going to make decisions even in the situations where the information available is not sufficient. You can’t procrastinate or delay decisions with a hope that things will go right on their own. You have a driving seat, and people would require you to steer the wheel and choose the right path. So, for that, you must be a good decision maker who has the ability to take unpopular decisions in a timely manner if they are in the interest of the business.

4. Emotional Intelligence:

This is something that you won’t find in the top qualities to be a CEO, but for us, emotional intelligence is one of such qualities that should be the part of your personality if you really want to head towards being a great entrepreneur.

This is because you’ll come across a number of situations where you’ll have to handle your employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders, professionally as well as personally. So, for that, you’ll have to be emotionally intelligent.

5. Risk Taking:

For any entrepreneurial venture, the risk is an associated factor. So, an individual can’t be expecting to be a CEO when he/she is not willing to take the risk. Here we don’t mean a non-calculated risk, because it no longer remains an entrepreneurial characteristic. In order to excel in a business venture, it is important to go beyond the comfort zone and explore the new world and all this is only possible by taking the risk.

6. Optimism:

Another quality that can make you a CEO material is optimism. Looking at the positive side and dealing with problems having a positive attitude is expected from the entrepreneurs and leaders. With optimism, you can find a solution to a lot of problems by converting a problem into an opportunity. But when pessimism is at play, even the opportunities are treated with great caution, and there is a high probability that you’ll lose that opportunity because of pessimism.

7. Motivation:

Motivation is necessary for making the entrepreneurial venture a success. You need to keep up your energy level high because your employees and other people around you would be deriving energy from you. You’ll have to keep considering your aims and objectives to start the business to keep it running.

In order to motivate your employees, you can provide them with the right kind of incentives. To know more about it, visit this article. For each individual, motivation is derived from a different force or energy. As an entrepreneur, you need to find that specific energy and the ways through which the employees can be motivated. Only then, you can be considered a CEO of any business organization. Knowing some of the things that you can demotivate you can be found in this article.

8. Perseverance:

You cannot start one venture today, wind it up and move on to the next one because the previous one did not work well. We do not require you to stick to a failing idea, but you need to be sure that it is in the greater interest to leave the idea and move to the next one. Usually, it is normal to face difficulties and challenges in any business venture, and it requires perseverance to get the best out of it.

But if you’ll lose hope and leave the ideas as soon, there is a challenge in it. Then you aren’t determined enough to be known as a CEO.

9. Networking:

Networks are the key to success in any business. Without networks, you are not going to have enough people around you to help and make your venture a success. Building networks require effective communication, along with the incorporation of other elements of networking.

You can get in touch with the best resources through this technique. Moreover, the effort required for acquiring the best resources for managing the business could also be lowered if you are maintaining a good network.

10. Team Worker:

As a startup, you only have enough resources to create a traditional organizational structure and run the operations through it. You’ll have to rely on teams. So, if you are not a team worker, you’ll face enough problems that you won’t be able to focus on your venture and you won’t be considered a CEO material.

Moreover, it is not necessary that you’ll be working in the traditional environment where the CEO was used to be the boss, the one giving all the instructions and the employees were used to follow them. Now the time has changed and the organizations are moving towards organic structures. You’ll need to work with people and for that knowledge about working in teams is very important.

11. Modesty:

Last but not least, humility must be another characteristic that you should have if you are looking to be an entrepreneur or a leader. This is the trait that will make you popular amongst people around you. The best resources would be willing to serve you because of this special trait.

Moreover, you’ll be able to have a close link with the people and society, thus helping you in identifying problems in a better way. Similarly, the problems faced by the employees would be more comprehensible and you’ll be in a better position to solve those problems.


Being a CEO material is not something god-gifted only. There are people who can have one or more of these characteristics since their birth. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot develop these qualities. Most of these traits can be acquired through proper counseling and practice. You need to identify your weakness and find your strengths at the first step to develop any of these traits. Once you’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses then you’ll be able to figure out which traits are required. After that, you can find a good mentor and learn the best practices for each trait.

Do you agree with the traits and characteristics that we have highlighted in the article to be a good leader? Share your opinion in the comments section below,