Public Speaking

In this amazing era of technology we live in today, there are a plethora of ways to entertain, motivate and educate people. But just like the way a real book can change your reading experience, real physical interaction with people such as public speaking, or a speech, can amplify your message and let you really connect with them on a spiritual level. However, to deliver an effective speech a lot of effort is required. You have to develop your soft skills with active learning and ensure that you are amongst one of the good public speakers.

Hold the mic in your hand and try to keep moving or use gestures. Do you know what this means? This means if you do it right, Not only will you be able to influence the audience in an engaging and fun way, But they will also be able to understand and connect with your message much better.

What’s the catch?

The only thing is that communication comes naturally to some people while some have to learn it and some feel paralyzed just at the idea of speaking in front of strangers or you can say the common phrase, fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING.

But once you learn how to communicate effectively, you will see a boost of confidence in yourself very quickly. Effective communication means that you are able to deliver your message in the most proficient manner while keeping a hold on the audience’s attention.

Here Are 8 Tips That Can Help You to deliver an effective speech

1. Organize your mind

When organized correctly, your mind becomes a tool incomparable to any other. Before a speech, try to plan your words and sentences in your head. This method helps reduce anxiety and reduces the chances of you going crazy when you’re delivering your message. Moreover, by simply organizing the words and planning beforehand you will be able to focus on a single point at a time and just simply prevent the chaos of words in your head. This is the key to deliver an effective speech.

2. Make eye contact:

When people speak to you with eye-contact and gestures, don’t you feel more connected to them and feel yourself get absorbed in their conversation? On top of that, what you listen will also make a lot more sense to you. That’s all you need to do with your audience if you want them to really understand what you are trying to explain. Find someone who is carefully listening to what you are saying and pretend that you are speaking to just that one person. This will help you take your mind off your anxiety and let you focus more on your message.

3. Breath efficiently:

Take some time to breathe. Your message isn’t going to be delivered if you forget to breathe. So, learn to breathe when in stressful situations. Breathing between sentences and even words is a great way to calm yourself down. And it also gives you a few moments to organize yourself and organize the words coming out of your mouth. The development of soft skills is all about that.

4. Practice your speech!

Before you go out and impress tons of people with your wordplay, impress yourself first. Before any event, Practice your speech in an enclosed space in front of a mirror. This isolation will help you listen to your own voice, and the mirror will help you keep a check on your expressions while you are delivering your speech. Try to present your image as calm and positive and you’ll through this technique, you’ll be able to deliver an effective speech.

5. Turn negative into positive:

When you’re nervous everything seems to be going wrong. But did you know, your body’s defense mechanism produces loads of adrenaline in such situations?

Adrenaline is a hormone that your body produces in difficult and potentially dangerous situations. This is because in difficult situations, you need to pump energy to every part of your system. And adrenaline helps in it. So use that adrenaline to be pumped up and excited about what you are doing.

6. Nail the introduction:

A calm and composed introduction can help you ease up for the remaining duration of your speech. Therefore, you need to introduce yourself like no other. Once you are done with a solid introduction, then your audience will be hooked, and you will be able to command their attention properly.

7. Engage with the audience:

Make things personal with the audience. In order to be an eloquent speaker, try to convey your message in such a way as to make people interested in your words. Try to incorporate personal stories and accounts in your speech and encourage responses from your audience. This will help you establish a strong connection with the masses. Additionally, mastering this skill will result in delivering an effective speech for the audience.

8. Failure? What’s That?

Stop worrying about failure. Stop thinking about what will happen and how you will feel in the event that your speech is unsuccessful. And live in the moment. Remember that the audience is there to listen to what you are saying; they’re not after your blood. One doesn’t fail until you give up, and one should never give up. That is the moral of the story and you must follow it religiously. Because it will help you normalize your feelings.


Fear to deliver an effective speech is a very common thing among people. However, once this fear is overcome, the ability to orate and communicate will open countless doors of opportunities for you. You will learn interesting things about your audience while improving your communication skills.