Employment vs business

The question whether to seek employment or to start your own business has been a question that is with us since college. After being done with college the first thing that is on a person’s mind is the choice to decide whether he is going to work as an employee or that he wishes to start his own business. Employment vs business is the issue. Moreover, some people even after opting for one of the options still wonder how things would have been different if they have chosen the other one.

The article about the charachteristics of CEO could be helpful in making the right choice. So, have a look at it.

Pros and cons

This debate is a never ending one, however let’s discuss some pros and cons of each option


The basic idea for a business is to find a problem, and then develop an idea to solve the problem or to reduce it. While many businesses are able to prosper many also fail to reach that stage. There are some specific business terms that you should know before initiating one.

Ease of time

Firstly, The thing that comes like a blessing for an entrepreneur are the flexible working hours. An entrepreneur is his own boss, which gives him the liberty to utilise his time however he feels is more effective.

Advantage of being independent

Secondly, being an entrepreneur you are allowed to make your own decisions for the sake of business, no matter how right or wrong you are. You always have the advantage of bringing in your ideas doing what you think is best for the business.

Exploring new options

Moreover, an entrepreneur is always looking for positive options to earn more and expand their business by what means possible. So they are always exploring their options and making contacts, in short they look forward to write their own destiny.

Capital and investment

The idea to start up always comes the idea of the initial investment that serves as the base of the business and which continues to grow with the passage of time (Checkout the right spellings of start up). Most importantly the initial capital investment is made with the knowledge of no assurance of recovery if the start-up fails. Furthermore, the capital depends on the type of business one is about to start for example the capital required for starting a restaurant would be more as compared to the capital required for a photography business.

Unpredictable Market

The graph of every business when drawn is not a straight line but is a series of ups and down curves. This shows that the entrepreneur isn’t likely to earn the same every month or year. So it’s not easy when it comes to hold a business even when it is at its low.

Mental pressure

As discussed previously starting a business often involves risks to be taken, huge investments and always the constant fear of the market’s ups and downs. So the entrepreneurs always have the stress for such things, it’s not easy to pay wages or to give salaries when you know the business is not flourishing. With the stress constantly adding up it is not easy to manage a business, the entrepreneurs always have to keep their heads cool no matter whatever state the business is in, which is a challenging job.


Meanwhile coming on to employment, being an employee has its own perks as well as disadvantages. You can know more about the questions that could be asked during an interview. Try and give your best as an interview is going to get you the job.

Working hours

Whenever the business is facing problems, the entrepreneur even has to go through some sleepless nights. Meanwhile, the employee has no concern with it what so ever, no matter what the boss is doing the employee just has to work on his usual hours.

Limited load

Employee has a specific set of instructions that he needs to perform in the given period of time. Moreover, the employee doesn’t have to worry about anyone else’s work beside his own work which is also very limited, freeing him of certain responsibilities. While on the other hand the entrepreneur is responsible to manage everything as he has to keep supervision over all the departments included in his business.

Guaranteed income

Furthermore, unlike entrepreneur an employee’s income isn’t dependent on the ups and downs of the business or the market. The employee has no concern to whatever state the business is in, they are going to get their assigned share of income after the end of each month also sometimes they get bonuses at the end of the month, if their tasks are up to the mark.


While fixed working hours was being considered as an advantage they can also result into a disadvantage. The employees are obliged to follow instructions that are given to them by their bosses. They have no sort of liberty to do what they please or to work on a thing that they like. Employees cannot work flexibly as they are assigned specific working hours. Moreover, they cannot take a leave without giving proper notices and also only a minimum number of their leaves are accepted.

Insufficient income

Another employment vs business issue is insufficient income. Unlike entrepreneur an employee has a fixed income that is decided on agreement at the start. While entrepreneurs are benefitted if the sales of the business or the market worth of the business is at rise whereas the employees have no share in this, they will be entitled to just their usual income. But it still depends on the type of job as there are many highly qualified employees that make a fortune, still the odds are low as compared to an entrepreneur.

Insecure Jobs

The employees are never fully satisfied that they are always keeping their position unless the contract they have signed is strong enough. Certain companies even after growing at a steady rate pulls random stunts to cut down their employment rate, with many employees losing their jobs, some even do this without prior notices.

No room for Development

Furthermore, the employees have no room for enhancing their skills but unless they are given a promotion which still doesn’t involve exploring other better options. The employees have to stick to specific tasks they cannot explore beyond the instructions.

To conclude

The debate Employment vs Business is a never ending one with both choices not preceding each other. However, it’s now up to the comfort level of the person whether the person is happy to do tasks according to his qualifications with a steady pay rate or he would like to explore his interests in an idea worth developing.