Here’s how to know if you are underemployed at the job

Having a job is not enough. As you are going to be working for hours at a job, you should take into consideration some pros and cons of jobs. But today due to rising competition and unemployment, many people have to settle for less than they deserve. However, it is important that you must know when you are underemployed at job.

Having a job that is beneath your skill set can affect you in a couple of ways.


The performance due to disengagement from your field of expertise can make you depress. This may not seem like a problem when you are employed, even if barely so. But it becomes an issue in future interviews, where it can be hard to explain why your performance has dropped, because your career confidence gets shaken.


Being underemployed at job leads you to be less and less productive. Additionally, a job in which you are not up-skilling is useless for you if you think long term. Because with the passage of time, it becomes harder for you stay relevant in the job market. Since you become less and less familiar with the newer and improved methods and technology now being used in the field.

Look for these warning signs that can alert you when you may be failing to grow as a professional due to the current job you are in. If you see these signs, it may be time to start looking for a better job. It will help you in making yourself productive before your skill set goes completely stale.

1. Your workday is a drag

Counting every minute of work and leaving as soon as it’s off time is a sign that your work is not interesting or motivational enough.

2. You haven’t been learning anything new

Following a mundane and boring routine without being able to learn or try anything new is another sign that your current job has not been able to challenge you. Repetition of the same boring activities, again and again, is a sign of stagnation.

3. You’re embarrassed of your job

Not being able to take pleasure in the nature of your work or feeling shameful in what you do means that you ’re clearly doing something that is not very satisfying.

4. You don’t see a way forward

Another sign is that you cannot envision a clear career path in your current job.  If you cannot see how your current job will lead you to advancement, it’s time for a change.


If you can relate to the above-mentioned cases, then that means you are underemployed at job. And it’s time for you to seriously explore your options. I won’t say that you should not pay attention to the money you are getting for your work. But if you can manage to earn a little less for some time while you work in your relative field of expertise, then you may be able to construct a well-defined career path.

Having a broad and open career path is essential if you want to see yourself grow in the future.