If you are new in digital marketing, you must be considering that there is a rivalry between Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords. You are not totally wrong about this perception of rivalry between the two companies and their services. These companies have advertised them in such a way that anyone would believe it. Additionally, these companies fit our definition of rivals. Both the services are from different companies, providing the same services in the online world, right? Not exactly. If you are an expert in digital marketing, you would not agree to such an argument. Rather, you’ll be more interested in finding similarities that can help you in your project.

There are a few differences in the working of both these companies. In addition to it and obviously, you can leverage from the strengths of both the services to convert them in your favor. Moreover, another important point here is Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords; both these platforms can depend upon your budget. You don’t need to block a significant portion of your money to choose one of these platforms at a time.

In this article, we’ll try to examine Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords to find out the similarities, differences and the benefits that we can get by using each of it.

Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords and Facebook Ads – Differences

We are going to start analyzing the two platforms through the differences that each of the platforms bring in for the business.

Google AdWords: Paid Search

It is the most acceptable and most used form of marketing in the digital world. Most of us take the “paid search” synonymous to the Google AdWords. However, it is not the only platform for the paid search. Moreover, a number of other platforms are available as well including the Bing search engines and its consequent advertisement services.

Google AdWords User Interface

Google AdWords work on pay per click model for payment. You as a user have to bid on the keywords, so that you can use them in your advertisements. However, you are not alone in the bidding process. There are a number of competitors in the bidding process too. The presence of these competitors makes the bidding process and the advertisement through the interface of Google a bit difficult.

But the best part is that you are only supposed to pay for the advertisements on which the potential searchers will click. You don’t have to pay for the impressions that Google will show to the visitors.

Facebook Ads: Paid Social

Usually the Facebook ads are known as the Paid social. The number of active users on Facebook is more than any other platform and that is the major benefit that Facebook Ads can provide to the users. You can reach a lot of customers, more than you can reach through any other platform.

Types of Facebook ad

With the use of Facebook Ads, you don’t really focus on the keyword to access your target audience. In contrast to Google Adwords, here the focus of the platform is to target customers based on the behavior shown by the customers online.

If you really need to state the difference between the two platforms in a line. You can easily say that through Google Adwords, you find new customers whereas through Facebook Ads, your customers find you.

Now after the identification of the main differences between the two platforms, let’s concentrate on the strengths of Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords.

Advantages of Google AdWords

With Google, you can expect to be working with the leader in the search engine industry. 3.5 billion Different search queries are the part of the routine in Google. This is why it is a platform where the marketers and advertisers can promote their product and expect exceptional results.

1. Broad Base of Audience:

You’ll be aware that Google handles 40, 000 different search queries each second. With this estimate, 1.2 trillion searches are posed to Google each year. Moreover, with even more improvement in the artificial intelligence and algorithms of Google, these search queries are expected to increase to a further level in the upcoming years. This new creates a possibility for the advertisers and businesses to reach even more customers through this platform.

In other words, you cannot find any other platform that can provide you with such a high number of customers. You can definitely generate your customers through Google. For that, you’ll need help from Google Adwords. Because it is a special platform that helps you in creating ads. Additionally, it can aslo help to analyze your audience.

2. Equal Opportunities

By using Google Adwords for the purpose of advertisement, you don’t have to worry about the advertisement budget. If you are perceiving that the companies with the largest budget would get all the traffic through this type of advertisement strategy, then you are wrong. At Google Adwords, the success is dependent on the strategies used, not the budget itself. So, You need to create the quality ads with proper keywords to get the results.

a. Relevancy:

The relevancy of advertisement helps in determining the importance of the ads to the users in case of Google Adwords. The more important it would be the more satisfied would be the user from the search query. And this is why users would continue using Google. This is the reason because of which relevance and quality of the ads get the most reward on Google Adwords.

b. Cost:

There is a cost involved in the process. It is in the form of bidding of the keywords. The rate of the bid depends upon the number of competitors and other such factors. However, the actual amount that you would pay for your ad is highly dependent on the ranking of the advertisement when your ad was clicked.

Relevance + User Experience = Quality Score

3. Variety of Ad Formats:

Now, you can expect a number of ad formats through Google Adwords, so you can expect better results in the search results. And you can choose the type of format that suits your needs. So, quite a number of benefits, isn’t it?

4. Mobile PPC:

Now, you can even have mobile ads for your customers, so Google Adwords provide a wide range of options to target the customers. Especially mobile targeting is important now when majority of the searchers are the mobile users. In such a situation, the use of mobile optimization by the platforms can increase the efficiency and overall productivity.

These are some of the strengths of Google Adwords when considering the Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords. When we have discussed the positive points of Google Adwords. Now let’s move towards the strengths of the Facebook Ads, so that you would be able to draw a better comparison.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

You would agree with us that the Facebook Ads are the sort of new comers when it comes to the comparison with Google Adwords. However, the continuously improving experience of the Facebook Ads is highlighting the potential that this forum has for the advertisers. After all, this platform has become a pioneer in the paid social category.

1. Options for segmenting the audience:

The audience of Facebook is around 1.55 billion per month. So, this actually makes one fifth of the entire world. This is why this platform is amongst one of the prominent ones when it comes to spreading the message of the companies to the target audience.

2. Advertising is possible based on behavior:

Facebook lets people post every bit of their detail. Whether it is related to their age, marriage, studies, interests, friends or their network. So, based on this information it is easier for this forum to expose the audience with the things of their interests. At the same time, it is a way to help the advertisers to reach the desired audience. Thus, dual benefits for the users.

Moreover, another service that you can expect Facebook Ads to provide to the users is the lookalike ads. As an advertiser, you need to upload the information about your potential customer. Facebook will use the third party applications to identify the users matching with the uploaded information and thus display your advertisement to them. It will, in turn, increase the chances that you’ll reach the right kind of audience for your product or company. Therefore, a win win situation.

3. Visual Platform

One of the other edges that Facebook Ads have while discussing the Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords is the possibility of adding videos and images to the advertisement. Moreover, you can ensure that your advertisement will be shown in the new feed of your potential customer. Thus, giving your advertisement an aspirational tone as well. So, all these aspects increase the chances of generating more customers.

4. ROI is amazing:

With Facebook Ads, you can expect a phenomenal ROI. This is because you can target your ads to the audience that you want. Thus, showing a high potential that the investment that you would made would be covered through the purchase of product and service that you are offering. Additionally, you can start your campaigns with small budget. This gives an extra leverage when it comes to the measurement of ROI. So, you won’t have to face problems, even if you are a small scaled businss.

Which Should You Be Using?

Now, when a comparison between the Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords has been made. You must be thinking that which of these platforms has better strengths and more potential to provide results in the long run. With the discussion about the strengths of each of the platforms, you must have found that both of the platforms have their own strengths. So, it makes them complimentary to each other, not the competitors. Therefore, you can use both of the platforms together.

So, in other words, you can use the positive attributes of both the platforms and invest a part of your budget in each of it. In other words, it must not be Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords, rather it must be Facbook Ads and Google Adwords. So, you’ll be able to attract most of the customers for your website or business. Hence, it will ultimately lead to positive results in the long run with the generation of an overall higher ROI.