2018 is done and dusted. What’s next? 2019 with all that you may dare to take from what it offers. Despite all the stress that we face in our daily commitments of life there is something about them that keep us going. There are certain facts of life that need to be admitted. None of us can say that things have been only bad and that there was never sunshine. Things never go as planned and maybe some of you have lacked in achieving the life goals you had planned for this year. Does not matter as it is never too late and if you stay focused then you will have it all even before you know it. Here are 6 facts of life that will help you shine starting from now.

Success takes its Sweet time

You may just wake up one morning and know very well that you are successful. But that morning may take months or years before you experience it. Whether it is a money making business, a beautiful relationship, financial freedom, a strong body and mind or whatever you are trying to create it will not be easy and it will not be quick. Every day, step by step you will have to put in your efforts to turn what you envision in to a reality. Only you can do it even if nobody can. Self-doubt is your worst enemy. You just need to come up with a road map that will get you where you want to be. Sincere planning is essential and then delivering it as planned will pave your way to success.

Incorporate Discipline in your life:

Without self-discipline forget that you are getting anywhere. Not where you want to be at least. For a fulfilled life you got to be disciplined. You need to setup a time table and follow it religiously. You maybe a night person but your brain works best when you wake up early while half of the world is still sleeping. Exercise is the best way to get your blood flowing and starting your day, and with a healthy body you will also develop a healthy mind. Eat right as you are what you eat.

Maintain a healthy diet to stay healthy and active throughout the day. In the coming year all your success depends on it. So get up and take charge of your life as nobody is going to do it for you. Don’t do it just one day but everyday till you have gotten everything that you have always wanted and trust me you will be doing it for the rest of your life and it will be very well worth it.

Manage your $$$ – Spend Wisely

Manage your expenses wisely.Being a spendthrift never pays off. I know it is very hard but good things never come easy. Every penny counts and instead of just saving it for a rainy day try and multiply it. There are a number of ways depending on the amount that you are looking to invest. Aim for something where without putting in even the least bit of your efforts you can generate regular earnings. It could be through a business partnership, mutual funds or certificates, property or anything that keeps bringing in some cash flow. And make sure to save first (by reinvesting into the same, similar or another venture) and spend later because without that you will never be left with enough to save.                                             

Without Action there will be no change

Think enough but just don’t over think. You need to move or push things a little further to get a clearer picture. It is equally important to be neither too fast nor too slow with your decisions. Unless you do it you will never know what lies ahead. Always plan and know your exit route but make sure that you at least enter as there could be a chance that it might be the right door or at least you will find something useful. Just do, see and know to decide if you want to continue with it or try something new or more appealing. You will learn as you do it and automatically you will know your way.  You’ll have to admit these facts of life to get success.

Cut yourself off from Negativity

Immediately get rid of toxic people and away from all toxic relationships. We have had enough and they will never stop. We need to be happy and only surround ourselves with people that make us feel happy about ourselves, about your life goals, your accomplishments, your efforts, your values keeps and your vision. You don’t want or have to be with people that put you down, no reason is ever good enough. You may feel for them but there is nothing you can do for people who are miserable on the inside, absolutely nothing. Our dreams and our life should be our priority that is where we need to focus and our time is the only precious and valuable thing that there is. This is one of the facts of life that you must keep in mind every time.

Accept failures and rejections with grace

One of the other facts of life is to accept failures. What is not meant to be will not be no matter what we do. There is a huge possibility that there is something better lined up and in store for us. We should go with the flow and see what happens without keeping our hopes too high or even too low. We need to give it your 100% every time and learn from the experience gained. Nobody is the same on their first attempt as compared to their most recent ones. Despite all the failures everyone does get successful at learning some new lessons or tricks of the trade that may just do wonders anytime soon or at the right time with the right people making it all just wonderful. Keep these facts of life with you and you’ll be successful.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

It is all about self-confidence. Whether you win or you lose,make sure you attempt it. I wish you all a prosperous 2019.