Fitness comes first; above anything that you are doing or aiming to do in life. So, that means you must be allocating at least an hour or two for the gym. Yeah, that can be the appropriate way of exercising but after a hectic work routine, I do not think normal people (without a desperate urge to look and be healthy) can actually find enough time for this type of workout. Then what? Full body workout at home? Doesn’t it sound fantastic? It actually is.

You don’t have to keep the instructor of your gym on your nerves for the entire day. Additionally, you don’t have to take some extra time out for commutation and the other frills of exercising in the gym. Moreover, you can even avoid the monthly cost of the gym subscription. Great deal, huh? With all these benefits, the full body workout at home gets a higher ranking as compared to gym exercising. Above all, you won’t have to make excuses for skipping the workout even on hotter days and hectic days of the workweek.

Full body workout at home: How are we going to move further?

In this article, I am going to take things systematically. I’ll compare the difference between the full body workout at home and the gym workout so that you can actually know what you are getting and what is it that you are missing. This will help you in making the ultimate decision about joining a gym or continuing workout at home. Next, I’ll try to provide you with a complete round of exercises that you can do without equipment at your home. You can continue with these exercises and expect to get the most benefits out of them. However, if you are thinking there is a wayout of exercising, then you are wrong. You need it irrespective of your profession and age. Here is an article, which can help you in finding the importance of fitness in the life of an entrepreneur.

Comparison between full body workout at home and working out at gym:

The aim of doing workout at home or working out at the gym is the same. You want to keep your body fit and you find out the ways for doing so. However, the way you execute this aim in both the situations is a lot different. Let us see how:

1. Equipment Requirement:

You donot need equipment if you choose to work at home. You require the right kind of exercises and technique for this purpose if you are doing the full body workout at home. However, if you have chosen gym over the home workout, you’ll have access to the machines and equipment to facilitate you in exercising.

Do you really need such facilitation? That depends upon your aim of training. If you are training to keep yourself active and fit, then no equipment is required and you can workout at home. But if you are training for a specific sport or want to build up your muscles, you will need the right type of equipment like weights, stretching machines, treadmill etc.

2. Variety of options:

While exercising at home, you’ll have to follow the same routine over and over again. You might switch between an exercise or two from the set round but that won’t provide you with the great variety that you might be looking for.

However, in case of gym, you can use a variety of options for a particular type if workout. For example, in order to do a cardio workout, you can expect a number of machines available to you including treadmill, stair climber, rowing machine, stationary bike and many more things. Similarly, the other type of workouts provides you with a variety of opens. The availability of such a variety can enhance your level of interest in exercising that could otherwise be unavoidable.

3. Motivation factor:

At home, you probably won’t have other people to join you for workout. So, the level of motivation would be quite lower in comparison to the situation when you will go for the full body workout at gym. Additionally, the membership fee can also act as the factor of motivation for working out in the gym. But even this factor works for a few days only. After a few days, you’ll be paying for the membership fee without even attending a gym. So, this extrinsic factor of motivation is not going to be much helpful in the long run.

4. Time required:

If you plan to workout for a slot of 30 minutes, then at home, you’ll have to spare 30 minutes for the workout only. But if you choose to go the gym, then you’ll need to go to the gym probably by driving through the traffic, change your clothes, etc. All these things would take at least 30 minutes more than the actual time for workout. With such a comparison, you won’t even think of getting a membership, right. Why waste 60 minutes for a 30-minute activity? But that is surely your choice. You might find some benefits in joining the gym.

5. Expertise level:

The expertise level of your exercise can determine your choice about exercising at home or gym. Full body workout for beginners is often easier at home as compared to the individuals who have been working from quite some time. This is because the experienced exerciser might want to explore something new whereas the beginners want to adopt their body to exercise. This basic difference can create the real impact on the choice that you are going to make.

6. Space Requirements:

The space requirement for the completion of workout at home is not much. But in case you are willing to buy a treadmill or other such machines, then managing it at your home won’t be easy in any way. However, this is not a problem at gym where there are special places allocated for special machines.

These are some of the points of comparison between working out at home and working out at gym. You can particularly decide the form of exercise that you want to choose while considering your personal choice and requirements. Whatever you chose, make sure you do exercise and keep yourself fit.

Now if the gym is your choice, then you’ll find a number of instructors to guide you with the right pose and the right exercises for the full body workout but if you are going to choose the full body workout at home, you’ll probably need help from online sources. In this article, I am going to help you with some of the exercises and the right way to do them (I can try to use simple language to help you in understanding, as we are communicating via written medium). By adopting these exercises, you can keep yourself fit and energetic even after the exhausted routine of the day.

Full body workout at home:

You can start with a 10-minute workout excluding the warming up and cooling off exercises. Going for something beyond 10 minutes might put higher strain on your body. And when you are literally finding excuses to avoid workout, even slight stain on your body can keep you away from exercise for weeks. So, preferably, you can start with 10 minutes and gradually increase the time.

A. Full body workout at home: Warm-up:

Warning up your body for exercising is important. You need to ensure that your muscles are ready for taking up the pressure. If you think that warming up is a time waster and you can start with the exercises directly, then you are very wrong. You should not start exercising directly as it can lead you to severe medical problems.

Additionally, you can even burn your calories during the warm up process, so it is beneficial for you in every sense. Some of the exercises that you can consider for warm up process include:

1. Jumping Jack:

Jumping jack requires you to stand straight with your arms on your sides. Start the exercise by jumping and moving your hands closer to your hand and your feet apart. Then hop back to the original position. Continue this exercise in a faster way will give you the right results.

2. Squat:

Squatting can provide your muscles enough exposure to face the strain that the bodyweight and other exercise are going to put on them. For squatting, you need to bend down by keeping your need in an erect position. Doing it 5 to 6 times will give your muscles the necessary boost.

You can continue this warm up exercise for two minutes. You might want to add some simpler exercises like hopping on the toes in the warming up session as well. Two minutes warming session for 10-minute exercises (which are not too complex) would be appropriate. However, if you feel that your muscles aren’t used to of exercises and would not adapt immediately to exercising then you can increase the time for the warm up exercises.

B. Full Body Workout At home: Exercise Session:

After warming up, now comes the exercises session. You can follow the exercises provided below to start your full body workout at home.

1. Reverse lunges:

One of the difficult areas to tone up is the lower body. But through these reverse lunges, you can expect to see the difference within a few weeks. By doing this exercise, you can strengthen your thighs and get higher stability.

What’s the procedure?

You need to stand by putting your feet at some distance. But both the feet must be at the same level. For starting the exercise, keep a step backwards by moving one of your feet and bend it so that it would touch the ground, making the right angle.

In order to finish all these exercises in the 10-minute time, you can repeat it 5 times for each side. You can increase the intensity of this exercise later by adding weights to this workout. Hold the weights in your hands while exercising, it would help you in getting better results. Moreover, you can even increase the number of repetitions on each side if you want to increase the time of your exercise.

2. Lateral Split Squat:

One of the exercises for full body workout for beginners is the lateral split squat. This exercise also provides strength to your legs especially the lower body. A number of muscles are targeted using this exercise s an overall impact in the form of higher stability can be seen.

What’s the procedure?

In this exercise, you need to stand with your feet wide open. Bend down on one side while stretching the other leg wide. The side on which you’ll bend will have the knee pushed out. Repeat this exercise 6 times on each side. The lower you’ll bend the more difficult would it get. So, try with the complexity that you can handle. You can make it harder further by adding dumbbells to this workout.

As we are discussing the “no equipment required” exercise, so you can use something heavy as dumbbells from any of the home items, if you really want to make it harder. Otherwise, doing it regularly without dumbbells would be enough.

3. Push-ups:

One of the exercises that you might not have done, but I am sure you would definitely have an idea about it. This exercise is important to include in your exercise routine because it helps in strengthening the upper body. Your shoulders, chest muscles and abs can all be toned up using this workout at home.

What’s the procedure?

This bodyweight exercise requires you to put your hands on the floor having a shoulder distance. Keep your feet close to each other. Take your bodyweight down, closer to the floor and pull it up with your arms. Make sure to keep your elbows closer to your body when you go down.

You don’t have to  touch the floor when you’ll lower your body. It has to remain a few inches above the ground. Repeating it ten times will help you in getting a better upper body.

4. Mountain climber:

This exercise is going to be the best if you are looking for full body workout for beginners. You can speed up your entire metabolism and burn all your fats and calories through this exercise. It is one of the bodyweight exercises that can freshen you up because of its results. So, make sure to include it in your exercise round.

What’s the procedure?

You need to get yourself in the push up position. One done, you need to start exercising by keeping your hands stern on the ground and moving your leg to the front as you were climbing up the mountain. You don’t have to keep your leg in front anywhere. Take it back to the original position in the same go. Repeat it with the other leg.

You can speed up this process of climbing up the mountain according to your pace. In addition, you can start slowly while learning balancing and managing your heart beat. Later, you can increase the speed and enjoy the mountain climbing.

5. Squat Thrust:

This is another bodyweight exercise that you can consider for accomplishing the full body workout at home with no equipment required. Through this exercise, you can increase your cardiac activity and can initiate the rapid burning of the fats.

What’s the procedure?

In order to do squat thrust, you need to stand straight with your feet apart. You need to bend and place your hands on the floor at a place close to your feet. Just in a position that you would normally bend and place your hands on the ground. When you have reached this position, you need to move your legs in the form of a jump, backwards. So, that you’ll get a plank form. Once done, you need to jump your feet to the prior position and stand up again. While standing up make sure that you have humped close to your hands, so that getting up would be easier.

6. Touchdown Jacks:

This is another cardio exercise that can impact your entire body. You can trim the excessive fat and shape up your body with this exercise. Do it carefully as it involves jumping and changing postures. In case you have some back issues, then it is better to avoid it.

What’s the procedure?

You need to stand straight with a small distance between your feet. Next step is to jump by moving both your feet apart as you would do in the jumping jacks. While moving your feet apart you need to squat down and touch one of your hands to the ground. Then, jump back to the original position. Now, repeat the same procedure with the other hand.

You can repeat this exercise for 20 seconds at first and later increase the time.

C. Full Body Workout At Home: Cooling down:

Once you are done with all the exercises, which would hardly take 10 to 12 minutes. You need to cool down your body. You can’t stop right where your exercise stops because your muscles are at the vulnerable position at this time; All heated up. So, you need to cool them down before you can start your normal activities. In the cooling up process, you mostly need to relax and let your muscles relax too. Some of the cooling exercises are also discussed below.

You can continue these exercises for 2 minutes, but can definitely extend them if you have enough time or having a feeling of pleasure while doing it.

1. Child’s Pose:

Kneeling down can make you feel lighter and relaxed. So, you can take off the stress of all the exercises by using this technique. That is why make sure to do it rightly.

What’s the procedure?

Kneel down on your exercise mat. Your torsos need to be on your thighs and your thighs are to be on the tibia and fibula. In addition, make sure your neck and spine are stretched out to the maximum. It will give you the relaxation effect. Your arms should be extended with your forehead placed on the ground. You can hold on for this pose as long as you can. 10-30 seconds interval is the optimal one.

2. Standard Forward fold:

Performing this exercise in the right way might require a lot of flexibility and stamina that you can get from exercising regularly. But for the beginners, you can manage the way you can.

What’s the procedure?

You need to stand straight after completing the exercises and let your torso bend down as much as you can. You need to keep your chin closer to your chest. But the head must be towards floor. Hold your arms from the elbows and this is the pose that you are expected to maintain for 10-30 seconds.

3. Shoulder Circles:

This one is really simple but can definitely help you in relaxing your upper body especially your shoulders.

What’s the procedure?

You need to move your shoulders in a circle while standing straight. Go for the clockwise and anticlockwise direction both. Repeating this exercise 10 times would be appropriate but you can continue it for long, if you want.

With this written description, you’ll need to put in some effort for understanding the exercises, if you aren’t used to of exercising earlier. The same problem can persist if you don’t know the name of the exercises that you are doing. Additionally, you might need help in tracking the time period of doing a particular exercise to complete the round. Another problem here is you’ll need to remember the exercise before you can manage to convert it into 10-minute complete exercise cycle. For all these problems, you can include technology and get them solved. How?

Full body Workout at home: Apps:

Here are a few applications that you can easily download on your mobile or other devices and can continue to workout with them. Not all the applications are without the equipment requirement. Neither all of them provide the full work out facility. So, in order to save you from wasting your time in finding the right application for you, I am discussing here a few applications that can serve the purpose along with the main features that these applications provide. However, as always the applications cannot do your task. You’ll have to put in all the effort. These applications are just the moderators. Additionally, not all these applications are equally helpful for everyone. You’ll need to set your prioritize first to find which of these applications would suit you.

1. LumoWell Daily Cardio:

This application is full of a number of features. You can find 5 minutes and 10 minutes exercises planned for you. you can choose the one that you want and can even continue repeating these 5 minute or 10-minute exercises for as many times as you want. It can help you in tracking the days on which you have exercised. So, if you are planning to go by alternate days or maybe 3 or 4 days a week, you can track it on the application.

Moreover, you don’t have to remember the exercises, you can select the 5 minute or 10 minute slot, and you’ll get an animation performing the exercises with time left for each of the exercise as well. So, you can readily finish your exercise.

Apart from exercising, you can also find weight loss tips and other resources as the part of the application. However, some of these require you to have a premium plan. You can have a look at the resources and choose if you need them or not.

2. 7 Minute workouts by Simple Designs Limited:

With this application, you can get the 7-minute exercises for working out. Most of these exercises are the ones that I have just discussed above. So, you can consider it a video representation of this entire article with a few modifications.

3. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer:

With this application, you can track your exercise without any difficulty. This application provides you with a feature to select the particular part of the body that you want emphasis on, and it will show you the exercises related to that specific part of the body. So, you can complete your 30-minute workout quite easily.

Additionally, the functioning of the application is not difficult at all. You just need to download the application, pick the specific area that you want to exercise and start your workout.

Moreover, you can mark the days on which you have completed your workout so it can help you in keeping a track of your performance. You can download it here.

4. Noom:

Another application that is available for you to remain healthy and fit is Noom. Like all other applications, this application also provides you with the tracking of your physical activity and exercises along with the calorie intake. Moreover, with this application, you can have access to the weight tracking part of the application too.

One of the specialties of this application is that you have access to the personal coach as well who can help you with the selection of right kind of food and the right kind of exercises to live a healthy life. All this can be done with the information that you provide to the application.

5. Studio Tone it up:

With this application, you can have access to the variety of exercises in different formats, whether it be the yoga or cardio one. So, in order to go for the full body workout at home, you can choose cardio exercises as they help in moving up your whole body.

This application has the feature of getting the new exercises each, you won’t have to get bored of the same exercise and even the same flow of exercises. So, for that this application provides you the right solution.

6. Seconds:

An application that ensures there is enough intervals between two exercises so that you catch up your breath and get ready for the next exercise. It is the application particularly for the beginners who want to get into shape by using the workout at home techniques. The exercises involved in this application are simple and can get you to work comparatively easier than the other applications.

Moreover, the use of Seconds is quite easy. You don’t have to keep on configuring the settings of the application. So, use it for shaping up your body without wasting any time.

7. Nike Training Club:

This is the most sophisticated application amongst the ones that have been discussed here. It is a special application from Nike to provide you with the best ways to remain fit. Additionally, with this application, you can get the personal recommendations for the workout. These recommendations are dependent on your previous choices.

Moreover, you can establish your goals within the application and track them as you progress. In addition, there are 185 levels for the workout. So, you don’t have to leave your workout even for a day because of boredom. Additionally, you even get the facility of video trainers who can provide you the right way for doing an exercise. So, you can definitely get help from these video tutorials and shape up your body in an effective manner.

Additionally, you even get tips on nutrition and mindfulness as the part of this application. In short, you don not need to go out of the application for anything related to your fitness and health.

Full Body Workout At Home: Conclusion:

As you are reading this article, I hope that you are aware of the importance of fitness. For that you need to exercise. In this article, I have tried to differentiate between the full body workout at home along with the workout at the gym. By opting for workout from home, you definitely want a basic guide to get your exercise started. So, this article has basically tried to cover it. You can get help from these exercises or download the applications mentioned above to generate maximum benefits for you. However, you must not leave exercising at any cost, whether it is your busy schedule or other things. Because lack of fitness won’t let you achieve your long term goals.