Google announced a major update to its search algorithm on March 14, 2024, focusing on improving search quality by reducing spam and weeding out low-quality content. This update, called a “core update,” is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to ensure users find the most helpful and trustworthy information on the web.

What to Expect from the Update:

The core update targets several areas:

  • Identifying Unhelpful Content: Google’s getting better at detecting webpages that don’t provide value to searchers. This includes content that’s poorly written, outdated, or irrelevant to the search query.
  • Controls Spam: The update cracks down on new spam tactics, like repurposed expired websites and obituary spam.
  • Prioritizing User Experience: Google aims to surface content that offers a positive user experience. This means prioritizing well-designed websites with clear information and easy navigation.
  • Discouraging “Search Engine Content”: The update targets content created solely to rank well in search engines, rather than for human readers.

What You Can Do?

If you’re a website owner, here are some tips to ensure your content remains discoverable after the update:

  • Focus on Quality: Create high-quality, informative content that provides value to your readers.
  • Prioritize User Experience: Make sure your website is user-friendly and offers a positive browsing experience.
  • Target Humans, Not Algorithms: Write content for your audience, not just to match search engine keywords.
  • Stay Updated: Keep your content fresh and relevant by regularly updating it with new information.

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