Google Chrome’s AI Gets Pen Pal Ready: Introducing “Help Me Write”.

Calling all writers, bloggers, and anyone who spends time crafting content online! Google Chrome has a new feature that might become your best friend: Help Me Write. This AI-powered assistant is designed to make writing on the web faster, easier, and more confident.

This experimental feature, available in the latest Chrome M122 update (for now!), aims to boost your confidence and efficiency when crafting content online. Whether you’re composing an email, leaving a review, or drafting a social media post, “Help Me Write” can be your handy writing companion.

How it Works:

Here’s the scoop on how it works:

  • AI-Powered Suggestions: Help Me Write leverages Google’s latest AI model, Gemini, to understand the context of what you’re writing. This means it can offer suggestions tailored to the specific situation. Need to craft a persuasive product review? Help Me Write can provide prompts and ideas to highlight key features. Composing a quick email? It can help you find the right tone and wording.
  • Simple to Use: No need to download extra extensions or navigate complex menus. Help Me Write is integrated right into Chrome. Just update to the latest version (M122) and enable the feature in the “Experimental AI” section of settings (currently for English-language users in the US on Mac and Windows). Once enabled, simply right-click in any text field and select “Help Me Write” to get started.
  • Still in its Early Stages: Help Me Write is an experimental feature, which means Google is still refining its capabilities. As more users try it out and provide feedback, expect to see even more functionality and support for different writing styles and tasks.


  • Boost Your Productivity: Struggling to find the right words? Help Me Write can offer suggestions to get you past writer’s block and keep your content flowing.
  • Improve Your Writing: Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, Help Me Write can provide helpful prompts and ideas to elevate your writing.
  • More Confident Online Communication: Need to express yourself clearly in an email or online forum? Help Me Write can ensure your message is well-crafted and gets your point across effectively.

As with any AI tool, it’s important to remember that Help Me Write should be a writing aid, not a replacement for human creativity. It’s always wise to review and edit the AI’s suggestions before hitting submit.

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