Being a computer user, you can’t actually be safe. With progressing technology and improvement in computer protection software, the viruses are also undergoing massive improvements. From the file-oriented malware to file fewer viruses, a great series of transformation has been seen in this regard. Great Duke of hell malware is definitely a new addition to this family, which up to this date is nearly invincible.

What is great duke of hell malware?

This Astaroth Trojan is an advanced form of malware, which hides itself under the usual operations of the computer and gets hold of the important information from your system. Microsoft Defender cannot detect it because of its disguised identity. And your computer gets infected.

What does it do?

Great Duke of hell malware can steal all the important data from your computer. It can detect the keyboard stroke, monitor the clipboard for this purpose, and get your sensitive details, including passwords for financial transactions. Once the data is recovered, it is sent back to the hacker. The hacker can use it for conducting a fraud transaction or sell your personal information online.

Why is it more dangerous than other malware?

This malware works as an invisible man and thus is not detectable by the anti viruses that are already the part of your computer. It uses the running system files so everything on your computer seems legit, but it actually is not.

How does it enter?

If you are wondering how this invisible Astaroth Trojan virus enters in your system, then you won’t be much astonished to know that phishing emails are the most common source of these viruses. Opening a spam link from these phishing emails can result in starting up of a terminal command. This command initiates the JavaScript Code after downloading. The JavaScript runs the DLL files and masks itself as one of the routine operations.

Anti-viruses usually cannot detect anything because the entire process of entering into the system and sending information only uses DLL files with no other downloads. This helps in deceiving the anti-virus software and thus resulting in intrusion.

Is there any solution?

According to the experts from Microsoft, finding thins gets easier when you know what you are actually looking for. The new updates of the anti-viruses would be capable of checking the age of the file. This will help in inhibiting the newly created files from running. Thus saving you from malware attack. Through this exercise, this deadly and invisible Duke of hell malware can be stopped. So, you would be able to save your system and the information within it.


Do you really think that detecting the Duke of Hell malware is going to make your computer secure? We don’t think so. As mentioned earlier, the advancement in technology is paving ways for the viruses to get stronger as well. So, no matter how strong your security gets, there is always a chance of its intrusion. This is why you’ll have to live with this fact that your computer and the information within it could never be safe. You can definitely put your effort in the form of anti viruses but be ready to face a problematic situation.

What’s your take on it? Do you agree with us about the ongoing security threats? Is there really a way to keep your data secured?