Has another hero fallen from grace? Has Jay Shetty been stealing and rebranding content from various sources?

If you have ever delved into the motivation and self-help niches on social media then Jay Shetty must be a name that you’ve probably heard somewhere.

Maybe one of his videos changed your life. But what would happen if you found out that someone who inspired you to change your life and do the right thing has been stealing all his words from someone else’s mouth?

Jay Shetty is a British-Indian influencer based on social media. He regularly interacts with his audience over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On these platforms, Jay Shetty shares enlightening videos and quotations.

It’s no secret that in the past few years of sharing and ‘creating’ content on social media and being a motivational speaker, Jay Shetty landed on the Forbes ‘30under30’, has gained more than two billion views on his produced content and has generated millions in revenue.

But how much of the content that Jay Shetty posts is actually his?

So here’s what went down:

“Jay Shetty is just a professional meme reader.”

Nicole Arbour on Jay Shetty

On 20th-august, famous Canadian YouTuber and content creator Nicole Arbour came out with shocking allegations regarding the ‘Urban Monk’. Nicole put out an 8-minute video in which she details how Jay Shetty has been pathologically stealing quotations and ideas from others and putting it up as his own. Nicole provides plenty of evidence to support her claims in the video.

She says, “It’s not like he reposted somebody else’s meme, he crops their name out and puts in ‘Jay Shetty’. That’s stealing.”

The allegations cited by Nicole Arbour about Jay Shetty revolve around his continuous theft of the quotations that he uses in his social media posts and motivational lectures. In the video, she also shared proof of the quotations originally coming from the likes of Tony Robbins and Audrey Kitching, which were used by Jay Shetty as his own. Similarly, voice recordings from several videos of his can also be heard against the quotations of some prominent leaders of the world such as India’s former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

The banger comes when Nicole shows a plagiarized quote by Shetty published on a copy of Forbes(middle-east) magazine. It would be really alarming to see that an uber-popular magazine can overlook such basic fact-checking if this is true.

To see the extent of all the shocking allegations and decide on their authenticity for yourself, watch the video Nicole posted.

What’s the reaction?

Since the video came out, Nicole has received mixed reactions on the video she uploaded. Some users came forward with examples and pieces of evidence of their own to prove that Jay Shetty is a cheat, while many others seemed to argue that he was after all helping people and impacting their lives with positivity.

jay shetty

Some users also actively defended Shetty and said it doesn’t matter where the content comes from as long as people can benefit from it.

Nicole and some followers also expressed concern over how her posts have not been reaching to many of her audience after she uploaded the video. Some users also complained of having issues on Jay Shetty’s Facebook community.

 “It’s so easy to type in the things that he pretends he made up and see who really said it…” said Nicole suggesting viewers to google the quotes Jay Shetty posts to find out who’s the original author.

“Accepting rewards for other people’s material is wrong… and preying on vulnerable people who need a spiritual pick-me-up is really fu*ked up.”


Nicole Arbour has labelled Jay Shetty as ‘fake’. She claimed that Jay Shetty has been stealing content from others for years and that it needs to stop. We will let you decide which way you want to go with this.

Jay Shetty has been widely popular for quite some time now. During that time he has produced tons of content which have genuinely inspired many people. So it’s not the content that’s the problem. The alleged problem here is not that Jay Shetty has often copied content off others and almost always fails to credit the rightful owner of the content, but as Nicole shows in the video how he replaces his name with the owners’.

Here’s a final thought,

It is truly a service to mankind if your work impacts someone’s life in a positive manner. But to take credit for words you’ve not said is what weak and unauthentic people do. And sometimes you may feel like you don’t have enough influence to raise your voice, don’t lose hope and shout it out. Maybe your voice will give someone else the courage to speak too.

You have watched the video and seen the comments and reactions, now it’s for you to do your due diligence and decide if you believe what Nicole says is true or not.