No one in the 21st century is unaware of the greatest search engine of all time, with a net worth of about $279.3 billion. But Google didn’t come to be of such a worth in blink of an eye. What were the steps in the making of this marvelous initiative? And what makes it the best search engine of all time!? So, in short, it is important to learn the history of Google.

Building blocks of Google

It started when two Stanford graduates Larry Page and Seregey Bin, who were initially working on a computer program called BackRub a search engine that used backlink analysis. The interesting thing about BackRub was that it sorted the ranks of a website by counting the number of pages it had and then linked it to the original website.

This was all the motivation and ideology they needed to start google which was initially funded by Larry Page and Seregey Bin themselves having a very low budget. They initially used discounted computer parts because of the low budget.

First investment

Now it was obvious that they both can’t go on for long without having some investment at their back. So when they approached Andy Bechtolsheim (co-founder of Sun Microsystems) with the Google product demo, he agreed to invest 100,000 $ to provide a base to the company and to get it running. The company was up and running by 1998.

Series of investments

After the company was up and running many big tech giants started showing interest but still the search engine was yet to be launched. The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos was one of the early investors and with some of these early investments Google was able to set its mark (by making history) and started finding its way to the top. The search engine was finally launched by 1999.

The initial shelter

Soon after the search engine was launched in the same year Larry Page and Seregey Bin opened up the first Google offices in a garage in Menlo Park, Ca. The garage owner was Susan Wojcicki, an early member and now the CEO of YouTube.

The name Google and mission statement

Initially the mission was quite simple and focussed “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

An interesting thing in the history of Google is the originality of its name. The term “Google” was taken from the word “googol” which is the term used for the digit one followed by 100 zeros. This term has been stated in the book “Mathematics and the Imagination” and both Page and Bin were fond of reading it. They assumed that the word fit the purpose of the search engine which is the collection of the numerous data on the internet and organizing it.

The path to growth

After being launched google continued to grow at a steady rate hiring engineers and computer scientists, sales professional, administrative and marketing staff. The company was, however, growing so it no longer could be managed in the garage, so it was moved into an office in Palo Alto California. Thus, the history of Google was under making.

Soon after another great investment arrived as the venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital invest $25 million. Moreover, Now even the Palo Alto office wasn’t enough for the company as it grew tremendously, so the company was further moved to Mountain view California.

Also at some certain stages, the founders approached some leading search engines to sell the company. Like Yahoo was approached to buy the company for the price of 1 million $ at first and also 3 million dollars the second time to which they rejected both the times. Luckily all these offers were rejected.

Google’s impact on advertisement

Moreover, apart from the search engine google approached an alternative way to earn more and also to help the marketers. Thus google started featuring advertisements through a program called Google Adwords. It offered the marketers to have a look at the keywords and advertise their products. This was one of the sources that helped Google flourished into becoming one of the richest companies.

Shifting of leadership

Furthermore, Eric Schmidt, who was appointed chairman in March, was further named CEO and Sergey Brin and Larry Page were named company presidents. Making Schmidt CEO brought leadership experience as he previously served as CEO of Novell, and also as the vice president Sun Microsystems.

The Launch of Gmail

Moreover, the company launches a webmail service namely Gmail, initially meant as an April fool’s prank which turned out not to be a prank but one of the greatest mailing service ever. Gmail was launched on 1st April 2004, at first it looked like a prank because google has made several of these before but also as such a capacity to store messages wasn’t considered possible. However, Google was able to launch such an email service in real with having now almost 10GB total space for the emails and also additional space if purchased. This was a real turning point in the history of Google.

Purchasing of Android

In addition to it, Google now laid eyes on a struggling mobile phone software company called android. Hence, the company purchased android for a small amount of about $50 million, thinking that in future it might turn out to be valuable as at that time touch screen phones were starting to get in demand which led to the flourish of the smartphone business. No, doubt, it was one of the greatest achievements in the history of Google.

YouTube into the collection

Furthermore, in October 2006 the company then sacked an in demand video company YouTube for 1.65 billion. Which then help the channel to enable user generated content, further giving a platform to numerous stars.

Google Chrome

Finally, the company releases one of the most amazing web browser of all time Google Chrome. It is speedy, less space-consuming and an efficient web browser, giving a tough time to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari. This new browser quickly grew and rose to popularity.

Future plans

Furthermore, with how marvelous the history of Google is it is of interest to know what are the future plans of the company. The company now plans on expanding about 1.7 million square feet in New York providing additional space for about 7000 more employees. Lastly, with already the company having a huge net worth of about 279.3 billion with also the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin not faring low of both having about $54.4 billion and %3 billion respectively, google intends to keep developing further with their aim to aid the world of advancements.