Once you have acquired the basic level skill and created your portfolio with regular practice, the next haunting question that comes your way is the client acquisition. 

For most freelancers, getting the client is the most tedious part of the job. And this is one of the biggest reasons for the high quit rate of freelancers. Usually, people don’t find the clients or, I must say, the right paying clients to keep the freelancer motivated. 

What’s my take on client acquisition in a digital marketing agency? Typically, the client acquisition in this niche must not be challenging when brands run more ads on different platforms than ever before. With such a high chunk of employers already seeking digital marketing experts, you must land your client with significant ease.

However, I also understand that for newbies who are not very confident in their skills, all this is easier said than done. 

This is why I have decided to unveil one of the least tapped media for client acquisition, i.e., LinkedIn. 

What is LinkedIn?

Although my post is not about teaching you the basics of LinkedIn, I still believe I’ll have to give you an overview of what it is and how it works. So you can fully understand the mechanism of client hunting through the medium. 

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. On this platform, you’ll find people discussing work, their opinions, work ethics, job opportunities, and other technical aspects. 

So, this is an opportunity for every job seeker to get direct clients. It is true even to get digital marketing clients from LinkedIn in Pakistan. 

How it works?

LinkedIn is similar to any other social media platform where people write posts, comment and share what’s important for them. 

Within all this posting, you have to look for your next client. Besides, there is a special “Jobs” page that lets you set the right filter and look for an opportunity that could prove fruitful. 

Why should you opt for LinkedIn to get digital marketing clients in Pakistan?

Before I move on to the exact method to get your client from LinkedIn, let me share why this is an important platform you shouldn’t miss.

It is the RIGHT platform to look for clients. People here are looking for the right resources already. So, there is a high chance you’ll find clients for your freelancing journey or business too. 

This network is still untapped. Not everyone knows about the right strategy to get clients from LinkedIn. Many people in the freelance world let go of this platform and have no idea to leverage the platform for optimal usage. So, that allows YOU to get hold of the clients on LinkedIn. 

There are no boundaries – you can explore the entire world within a few clicks and acquire international high-paying clients with your LinkedIn account. 

For all these reasons, your chances of success get even more. So, you must pay close attention to the LinkedIn client acquisition strategies I will reveal in the next section. 

Digital marketing clients from LinkedIn in Pakistan:

Like any other platform, the first step you have to follow is to optimize your profile. With a blank profile, no one will know what you do. So the chances of getting hired are nowhere. This is why you see LinkedIn being of no use currently.

So, let’s get started with the optimization of your LinkedIn profile and use of other tactics to get the clients:

Optimize Your Profile:

LinkedIn provides you an opportunity to add the headline and description to your profile to let the viewers see who you are at a glance. You should take it seriously and not miss writing your role and skills. 

For example, if you are a digital marketer, your headline must say it. The fancier you’ll make it look, the better image it will create. However, it is advisable to use the right keywords relevant to your niche to get the best results. 

Besides, do not miss out on a professional headshot as the profile picture. Anything fancy with a selfie-style isn’t recommended. It is a professional platform, and it must look as such. Similarly, you must add the cover image explaining your services or the reasons for hiring you. The more appealing and relevant it will be for the users, the more results it will generate. 

Then comes the Work experience and educational background. You must add everything you have done so far as an intern, volunteer, or full-time employee, even if it doesn’t relate to digital marketing. The same is the case with education. 

Filling it up completely and honestly will indicate your journey and professionalism. Moreover, your profile will look filled up, giving the potential client or your profile visitors a better impression. 

Make sure to include your keyword throughout the about section or description of the LinkedIn profile. So it gets matched up with the relevant searches from the digital marketing clients from LinkedIn in Pakistan.


Once you are ready with your optimized profile, you have to start the networking part. LinkedIn is all about networking. Unlike other social platforms, you don’t only have to add people you already know from your school or university. Instead, people from your workspace, related industry, profession, and designation can all be part of your network. 

You must search for people in the digital marketing niche who are already successful and connect with them. It will help you remain aware of the trendy topics and new things going on in the industry. 

As a digital marketer, you must connect to entrepreneurs and owners of the startups to grab an opportunity for the digital marketing work you have been looking for. By being a 1st or second connection to such individuals, you’ll increase your prospects of getting the right projects, eliminating any middlemen or forums. 

Establish Your Authority:

While you add more people to your network, you must also work on building authority online. You must share testimonials, case studies, proof of work, or your knowledge about digital marketing through regular posts. 

It will not only give rise to engagement on your profile but also make you visible in the relevant networks. People will understand you are an authority over the subject and the right person to contact for digital marketing ventures. 

Apart from posting on your wall, I recommend you comment on the other’s posts. It will give you exposure beyond your current network, establishing your worthiness and the chances of landing digital marketing clients from LinkedIn in Pakistan.

Tip: You might find it difficult to engage professionally on LinkedIn at start but you must set a goal of commenting on at least 5 posts daily by using more than 3 words. It will help you build confidence.

Look for Jobs Actively:

On LinkedIn, there is a separate section of jobs too where employers post vacancies, and you, as a LinkedIn user, can apply on these posts. 

You can find this section from the top menu. Write digital marketer or Facebook ads in the search box and mention the location. If you are seeking local clients only, you can keep your search to Pakistan. Besides, you also get the facility to choose the remote or office setup. So, you can filter it according to your needs. 

If you are just searching for clients as a freelancer, I’ll advise you to go for remote companies only. 

An important thing here is when you will be working from home, then why restrict yourself to Pakistan? You can apply for digital marketing positions worldwide and get the privilege to work with international companies. 

Another filter that can be useful here is the experience level. If you are just starting, keep it to entry-level. So LinkedIn will filter out the relevant jobs. It will enhance your chances of getting the job. Applying for a senior-level position without experience is what you shouldn’t aim for as it will create a negative image, and there are chances of a higher rejection rate that can demotivate you. 

So take baby steps and keep learning. You’ll reach the top one day!

Summing up:

The clients you land from Linked are often high-paying. With no intermediary involved in the process, you can expect higher rates and the due value of your efforts. 

So, if you still rely on traditional freelancing platforms or social media, it is time to up your game and explore LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a huge potential and the right audience to which you should pitch. 

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