When we are in our student life, we really want to excel from our peers and stay ahead of them in every field. All it takes to be different, in the spotlight and charming is take that extra mile where many would rather give up. Success always comes when you have the courage to go that extra mile. Be it an extra hour of preparation or a day taken to make that ordinary project into an extraordinary one.Nonetheless, there are far more things that collectively gang up and shape your influence as a student. However, there is always space for improvement with every day passing. Some of the tips to achieve your aim of being an influential student this are and getting the most out of the student life are herein discussed.

1. Don’t Run For Grades:

Yes! You read that right. Cramming up a night before your papers might get you amazing marks in your paper but this would not necessarily add to your treasure of knowledge. The most influential students amongst the lot aren’t those who score the most but are those who keep improving and at least know what they are actually doing (in a subject/niche/course).

You don’t have to be the “know it all” student but you should understand the concept enough to teach it.

2. Lend a helping hand:

Those who strive to be competitive, and by competitive I mean harshly competing, do get to the top but usually don’t last long there. They are unable to continuously influence their peers as they usually end up hitting people wrong. Therefore, you must realize early on that sharing your knowledge in the aid of others while not being condescending would make you a go-to person in your community.

You also would get the chance to learn and see things in new lights as to teach is to learn.That is why, they say that more than reading, you should indulge in reciting the concepts that you already know.

3. Pick a hobby:

Life is far bigger than writing a paper efficiently and scoring high marks. If you want to leave a positive impact during your academic pursuit, you must know how to prioritize what you need to do and what you wish to do. Develop a hobby and push yourself to keep sticking to it.

Studies tell that the most influential people in this world have hobbies they religiously partake in. Pick a hobby, keep doing it because you enjoy it and you would see the difference. Make sure to get the most out of the student life.

4. Don’t be timid. Say what you think.

If you really want to be extraordinary and want to stand out from a group then you should stand by what you think and believe in. Do not let others see you as a person without a stand. He who stands for anything stands for nothing. No matter what others do or say, be strong in your convictions.

You do not always have to be in line with what everyone else thinks or believes. You are gifted with a mind, so use it. If you feel members of your group do not share fundamental beliefs you do, leave. Do not stay to please anyone. However, this does not mean that you must always have a different point of view. Just make sure your views are yours after thinking things through. This is one of the important learning from the student life.

5. Keep challenging yourself:

Do not settle into a rut. Do not live a monotonous and predictable life. You cannot achieve greatness if you do not take risks or leave your comfort zone. Predictability and success are like oil and water, they do not mix.

You can challenge yourself in different ways. Moreover, you could research a concept you are interested in and find out how you can participate or carry it out. You could also, prepare a virtual challenge for yourself along with a deadline. This will help you keep moving whenever you feel distracted. Trust me, having a to-do list and ticking them off one by one brings its own variety of satisfaction.

You can get most from the student life, if you’ll follow these simple tips. You can excel at everything you’ll do in your career ahead, if you’ll learn them now.