By now, you would have understood it in great detail that having a Facebook page has no longer been limited to the engagement of the audience for increasing your personal reputation or the reputation of a brand. Facebook provides you with a lot more than that. You can employ various methods for earning a handsome amount of money. Facebook monetization, especially through Facebook Ad break is one of the recent ways of making money. The only restriction that holds in place is the abidance to the terms and conditions of Facebook. So, we will give this method an elaborative look in this article.

You are probably reading this post because you are having a good number of followers and an active Facebook page already running. This assumption will allow me to limit this article to the ways of Facebook page monetization only. Bringing up the followers to the page and keeping them engaged is a different dimension of the story that we won’t be touching here.

So, let’s start with the discussion about some of the methods available for Facebook monetization.

Methods for Facebook Monetization:

Starting from the simple awareness creation to the funneling of customers to other pages, Facebook has provided a number of ways. We are not going to get in much detail for each of these methods, as you would have heard of these methods a number of times. However, touching them briefly would be necessary to give you an overview of those techniques. I would be focusing more on the newest method for Facebook monetization, i.e., Facebook Ad break.

1. Creation of Awareness:

Initially, the businesses used Facebook for increasing awareness about their products and services. This awareness creation resulted in more purchases for certain products and thus an improvement in sales. However, this method is not considered amongst one of the ways for monetization, especially when newer methods have dominated the market.

2. Selling through Facebook:

Later, small business and individual owners of the products used the Facebook pages for compelling the potential buyers to place their orders through Facebook. The existing feature of Facebook, i.e., messengers and simple posts were used for this purpose. This method for monetization is still in place, and you might have noticed people earning through it. So, you can create a special product or service and market the competitive advantage to get orders and make money.

3. Funneling customers:

As Facebook is the widely accepted medium, the business and individuals used it to funnel the traffic from their pages to the other websites or blogs. The consequent clicking on the links leads to sales of affiliate products. So, you can use this method as well, if you have a running blog too. Otherwise, you’ll need a solid reason for redirecting the traffic and generating earnings.

4. Set up a Facebook Store:

Now as Facebook is diversifying it is also providing you an opportunity to set a Facebook store. For that, you need a suitable e-commerce application to associate with Facebook and Facebook will host a storefront for you. Honestly, this way of monetization is not one of the most successful ones. Even, if you’ll take yourself as one of the examples, you’ll realize that for actually purchasing a product, you’ll prefer the established forums rather than choosing the limited featured Facebook store. So, you can very well understand the problems that you might have to face through this monetization method.

5. Facebook Ad break:

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the latest methods that you can use for monetization of your page. So, I’ll be explaining this method in detail so that you can have a look at the step by step procedure to earn through Facebook Ad break. Firstly, let’s focus on what is it. This method allows you to add advertisements in your videos that you upload on your page. These adds can be positioned in between the video content to get the maximum viewership. You can adjust the exact time for showing the advertisement or can go for the default ones. That is up to you. However, not every page can generate money through Facebook Ad break.

Now, when you have got to know what it is, so let’s see the procedure through which you can check if your page is eligible for monetization or not.

a. Check if your page is eligible:

Here are some of the things that your page must have for being eligible for this way of Facebook monetization.

b. Sign up for Facebook monetization:

  • Your page must have at least 10000 followers
  • There must be a few videos, which are at least three minutes long. The videos that are of three minutes or longer must have the viewership of at least 1 minute by 30,000 viewers.

If you meet these conditions, even then there is a bit of an issue. This way of monetization is not available in all countries and in all languages. So, you will have to ensure that your country is on the list of countries where this service is allowed. If it is, then you are all set to go. You can simply use your content for getting the relevant advertisements. But if your country is not on the list, then the process of monetization is a bit risky.

You can make people living in the “supported countries” as the admin of your page, and you can be eligible for this facility. But keep a note that making admin will give all your rights to that individual as well, so you must choose the person whom you trust.

Amongst all these methods discussed, Facebook Ad break is the latest and easiest methods to earn money. With all the details at hand, now you need to check your page insights if they meet the eligibility criteria. If they do, congratulations, you can earn a lot of money. Literally, a lot of it!