What actually is a SWOT analysis? SWOT signifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is a matrix that helps in determining the major aspects of a personality. You can use this matrix for analysing these aspects and finding opportunities that help you in excelling your career.

Why SWOT Analysis?

Why SWOT Analysis? One of the interesting questions that you can ask before going further to its utilization. The SWOT matrix provides you with an opportunity to compare yourself with others. There has to be some productive parameter with which you will compare yourself to others. Competition is helpful in letting you excel in your domain.

Here is how you can conduct a SWOT Analysis on your personality:

1. Recognize your strengths

The first step is to recognize your strengths; those things that you are good at. For a person, these strengths could be determination, honesty, leadership qualities, or being hardworking. You don’t only need technical skills to be the part of your strengths. They can be the soft skills too. Find answers to such questions as to know more about your skills:

What is it that you have that most people don’t have? Or what is that you do better than most people? What personal resources can you access?

Recognizing your strengths allow you decide on how and when to use them to your advantage.

2. Identify your weaknesses

In order to find the best in ourselves, we need to find our weaknesses too.

Don’t lie to yourself by claiming not to have a weakness or by ignoring it.

Weaknesses can be being overtly emotional or prone to procrastinating. You need to ask yourself salient questions like:

Which tasks I avoid doing? What are those things I am poor at? What negative work habits do I have? And more.

When you find these weaknesses, do not do yourself a disservice by shying away from them.

3. Seek and take the opportunities

You need to be ready to get the opportunity. Because if you aren’t ready for the opportunity then that opportunity is actually not an opportunity for you. How can you do this? You can continue using your strengths and work on your weaknesses for enhancing your personality and traits.

To find these opportunities, see if the industry that you are working in has deficiencies or needs you can fulfill. Does the market need anything new? Can you fill a gap? Can you create a new niche?

Never stop learning and you will never stop achieving. The world is constantly changing, we need to change along with it.

4. Keep an eye on the threats

This world is full of threats. You’ll need to manage these threats to move on in life. While applying this matrix on a personal level, you’ll have to see if your weaknesses are someone’s strength? Are your colleagues better in public speaking? Or are they analytically better? If you have answered these questions as yes, then you need to work on them for progressing.

With this SWOT Analysis, you can expect to know yourself better.