Positioning as an industry leader is no longer a choice; you have to be the leader in your industry to grab the audience’s attention, maintain your earnings, and ensure continuous engagement.

Would you like to have any business advice from the individual who has just established his/her own business? Would you really consider such an individual experienced enough to judge what others are doing wrong or right? Probably not.  Simply because we don’t consider the people who have newly stepped in the industry competent enough, right?

Now apply this situation on yourself. Would you really think that others would consider you some authority over a subject matter unless you provide yourself? Not a chance! Especially when the industry experts could just be a click away.

So, what should you actually do to position yourself as an expert in the industry? Here are some steps that would help you in positioning as an industry leader.

Ways for positioning as an industry leader:

A leader means someone who has more knowledge than the rest of the world, the individual who is not looking for his/her own success but would be willing to help others to show them the path. Neither it is meant for everyone, nor everyone can do it. If you want to be a leader in the industry (either as an individual or as a business), make sure you have the right spirit to be the leader.

Here are some of the ways through which you can create your desired positioning:

1. Make sure you provide value:

Value is the key to every business. Whether you want to establish yourself as an authentic blogger or a credible store, one of the things that can actually lead you, there is the provision of value.

You’ll have to make sure that the product, services, content that your audience is getting through have something new that they wouldn’t have known before. The best way to do this is to answer questions that newbies could have. You can use your experience as a newbie to cover the hot topics.

Albert Einstein said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

When people start finding answers to their queries or concerns through your product or services, they will start considering you as their mentor. And this is what the leader is, isn’t it? Motivator, guide, influencer. Don’t worry, engagement and your earning would come as a complementary package with your audience. If they like you, they are definitely going to recommend you to others.

2. Engagement is necessary:

Who’s your leader? Don’t you think if they would respond to your comment or answer your query directly, that would create a feeling of satisfaction in you? Wouldn’t you be willing to see them in the live videos interacting with their audience?

When your audience is seeing you as the leader, they would love it if you’ll do all this with them. Interacting and engaging with the audience actually creates a good bond between you and the audience, which makes it easier for them to share their feedback and ask relevant questions for you.

Obviously, it helps you in creating your positioning as a leader.

3. Have an opinion:

You can’t stay diplomatic and still have an audience that would get inspiration from you. You’ll have to show that you are a human and you take a stand on the cases that create an impact on your life or that you think is important. It will help you in identifying a clear audience. The people who would like you will stick around, and the others would go away, thus providing you with the niche-specific and relevant audience. This will be far better than a random crowd will.

Moreover, by going your opinions, you’ll be positioned as someone more credible and trustworthy. Backing up your opinions with facts and arguments would provide your audience with the awareness that you have the necessary knowledge about the subject too. So, your general discussion and subject knowledge would be given more worth.

positioning as an industry leader

4. Avail live events as an opportunity to express your thoughts and give advice:

If you get a chance to visit some industry-related events, then take this opportunity to speak up and interact with your audience. By talking about your experience in a live conversation, you would be hooking them to your message.

After the end of the event, there is a great chance that they’ll search you up online and find more about you and would start following you on the different social media platforms. Live speaking gels in establishing credibility. The audience feels that they are being addressed directly. Moreover, if you have the convincing power and charismatic personality, they might be over charmed with your presence. In any case, your objective is positioning as an industry leader would be achieved.

Steven Wright discussed how live sessions actually are. “There’s something about being in front of a live audience that’s fun. It’s a really interesting, very electric, very alive, and intense experience, and you can’t get it anywhere else. And I’ve been doing it since I was 23, so it’s part of my being – it’s part of my fabric as a person.”

So, by creating such an attachment with an audience, you can expect that they’ll remember you.

You don’t necessarily have to join the live events specifically. Now the live sessions on social media platforms can serve you with this opportunity, and you don’t have to wait for the next event to talk.

5. Include testimonials from the clients:

Reviews and testimonials about your products and services can help in sharing up the opinion of your audience. These reviews actually tell your audience what you can do, how tough situations can you handle, and how does your knowledge fit in the practical scenario.

With all this information deduced from the testimonials and reviews, your audience would see you as a prominent player of the industry whip does not share the theoretical part of the knowledge but can implement it too with a sound base of satisfied customers.

6. Be with people who are already the authority in the industry:

If you have just started up, we believe it would be time taking. You won’t randomly find connections with the industry leaders just because you entered the industry. You’ll have to build these relationships, and relationship building is a gradual process.

But if you have certain authority already, then be with the industry leaders (it doesn’t have to be physically always). Giving a gesture that you know the current leader of your industry and you probably discuss the latest trends etc. can help you in establishing the credibility that can ultimately help you in establishing yourself as a leader of the industry.

7. Invest some time for this purpose:

All of these activities that we have highlighted above for positioning as a leader in the industry aren’t an overnight effort. You’ll have to invest your time in order to create a positioning for yourself and then to maintain it.

Writing articles regularly, releasing videos, or coming live for a bit of chitchat with your audience on a particular topic would also require effort from your side. So, be ready it put in this effort. However, don’t expect immediate results as it can be a long-term process.

Firstly, you’ll be creating awareness in the market or in your audience that you exist. Then, your audience would evaluate you on the potential of becoming a leader, and if you’ll satisfy the set criterion only then you would be able to create your desired positioning and reap the results that you have been looking for.

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Positioning as a leader is not an easy task. You should have the necessary knowledge along with the other leadership qualities, and then you can expect to be somewhere near your dream. Even after all this, you’ll have to work a lot. But it is essential that you should start the effort today. So, at some time, you’ll be closer to achieve your desired positioning.

If you’ll keep on considering that you aren’t ready yet, then achieving leadership would be a matter of decades. Share your opinion on it. Don’t forget to share the industry that you are targeting your criterion when you select someone as a leader in your industry. Sharing this would actually help you to evaluate where you stand currently and what are your goals.