By now, you would have realized that the use of SEO is important to grow your business online. In order to utilize SEO in a better way, planning for the keyword is necessary. The Google Keyword Planning Tool is one of the tools to help you in this purpose. By learning this tool, you can expect to increase the SEO of the website.

What Is this tool?

Google Keyword Planner is the part of Google AdWords to help you in managing the content of your website in the best possible way. This free tool is available for the both the beginners and the advanced users.

You can perform keyword research with this tool to find the phrase or term through which you can target the traffic to your website. Moreover, it also helps in finding the success rate of the keywords in the past.
Furthermore forecasts can also be made in this regard, which can help in finding the best keyword.

Is It Really Free?

Google Keyword Planner is an associated tool of Google Adwords. Both these tools are free to use unless you decide to run an advertisement campaign through it. If you plan to run a campaign, then the pay per click model will be adopted.

Using Google Keyword Planner

Are you wondering how to use Google Keyword Planner? Let’s discuss the process below as well:

  • You need to click on “Find New Keywords”
  • Type the word or phrase that you want to target
  • Press enter
  • You’ll find a list of keywords available regarding the initial keyword or niche that you would enter

Optimizing Keyword Ideas

You can filter the results according to a number of ways. These include:

  • Relevance
  • Average monthly searches
  • Level of competition for each keyword.
  • High bid ranges
  • Low bid ranges

For Metrics and Forecasts

Volume and forecasts of the data can also be gathered through this tool. You can even upload the file to search the keyword on Google Keyword Planner.

Where to use Keywords?

Keywords are used in various different parts of the content to make it SEO friendly. Some of these include:

  • Page titles
  • URLs
  • Images (file names, titles and alt text)
  • Meta descriptions
  • You also need to use keywords in your content.


  • Apart from using the keywords in the content, you need to use them on the landing page too
  • The keywords must be relevant to your niche
  • The content created with the help of keywords must be informative

Google Keyword Planner is an efficient tool to help you in finding the relevant keywords for your website. However, after optimization of your website don’t plan to check Google rankings through software, Google will penalize that.