$88,101.71 – a fairly decent sum of money, right? We have earned it through Facebook. Won’t believe it? Wondering if it is even possible? You are rightfully skeptical considering the spam posts and fake content, but you have our word by the end of this article, you’ll have the complete strategy to earn thousands of dollars by using Facebook as the primary medium. So, keep reading, as this article is going to be worth your while.

Keep in mind: we are not talking about magic or overnight wonders:

We are talking about $88,101.71 of legal money. No one is going to hand this considerable sum to you through your computer screen. You don’t either get to earn it in a day or two. So, if you were looking for such a handy strategy to earn thousands of dollars, then you should try your luck somewhere else.

How we earned $86000 from Facebook
There is no easy money

However, if you are serious enough to start your entrepreneurial career, then the insights into our earning strategy would be of great help to you in making money and establishing your own presence in the online world. You’ll have to show perseverance and entrepreneurial abilities coupled with our successful strategy to get a hold of a sum close to this amount. And we won’t even say you should stick to this amount. Once you are an entrepreneur, willing to bear the risk and capitalize on the opportunities, then the sky is the limit.

So, let’s start with a brief overview of who we are and what has made us this successful.

Who we are?

Doers Empire is a collaborative effort of a few digital entrepreneurs who realized the true potential of the digital world right in time to capitalize on the opportunities of this media platform. With an urge to promote entrepreneurship, the founders of Doers Empire selected the “business” niche and invested their efforts and other resources to establish a credible reputation in the digital market.

When we talk about digital media, we aren’t focusing on our website alone. We mean our digital resources with the foremost importance given to social media platforms. Amongst these social media platforms, Facebook is the most important for us. Why? This is obvious – we earned $88,101.71 through it. You can earn it as well. You need to have a few ingredients in the right quantity to get success.

Ingredients of our success:

Just to share our secrets of success, we are highlighting some of the prerequisites that you must have, to enter the competitive race, let’s start:

1. Right strategy:

The first ingredient in the success of our business model is the right strategy. Without a compelling plan to be in the market, you are going to lose your focus and deviate in the stream of unending opportunities without capitalizing the one that you started off with. So, the first thing that you need is a good strategy. We are going to share ours’ in the paragraphs below. Therefore, you can get help from it in setting up your own business strategy.

2. Entrepreneurial abilities:

The entrepreneurial skills that we are explicitly referring here are risk-taking and the potential to capitalize on the opportunities. While entering into the business world, you should be having at least two of these qualities as these qualities will enable you to get hold of the right business idea at the right time. Similarly, without taking the risk, your business idea won’t be executed properly. Even in our strategy, you will find some decision-making elements requiring both of these abilities.

Road to success

3. Perseverance:

Even when you have the entrepreneurial abilities and other things right, you still need to show persistence to get closer to success. If your will to attain success is going to end up too soon, you won’t be able to reap the profits. This is why we have highlighted it earlier that this business strategy is not going to become your overnight success story. Be patient and then see the results.

4. Team effort:

Last but not least team effort is an essential aspect of our success strategy. We divide up tasks and set the performance indicators to create a collaborative effort that has resulted in our success today. If you aim to do everything single-handedly, then let us warn you that it could be quite exhausting and could drain all your strength to show perseverance towards your business goals.

Earning from Facebook: Our Complete Strategy:

Here our complete earning strategy from Facebook. Have a look at it and understand it from different perspectives.

1. Content Management:

Like every business, we wanted higher exposure from our target audience; that is why we create Facebook pages for our business. These pages helped us in building our audience and creating brand awareness.

Initially, we were used to posting infographics, images, and pictures relevant to our business along with the links to the articles on our website. This actually helped us in two dimensions. Firstly, Facebook pages allowed us to target the right audience, building a stream of relevant followers. Secondly, the traffic to our website has increased, helping us in increasing our reach and the prospects of future earning from it.

Later, considering the statistics regarding the preference of audiences for video content, we changed our simple images and textual content to the video content. This video content sharing is actually the key to our success and has led us to earn this significant amount. The next section of this article will cover some of the basics of Facebook Ad Breaks that we used to get money from our content.

Having said this, creating video content is not an easy task, and so is its use for earning money. So, be focused, and we are going to help you in finding the right content for your niche as well.

2. Facebook Ad Break:

We are sure you would have heard and even seen ads while watching videos on Facebook. After relying on the video content for creating engagement on our pages, we started learning everything that we can know about Facebook ad breaks and the ways through which we can use this strategy for earning.

Takeaways of Facebook Ad Break Research:

During our process of research, the following are the main key points that we learned. We are sharing them with you to provide you so that you won’t have to do all your research again. If you want to have a look at some of the essential prerequisites for Facebook monetization, visit the support pages of Facebook available for this purpose.

  • ·Ad breaks are breaks in your video content for showing your audience an advertisement
  • Your page must have 10000 followers. Don’t confuse it with profile followers.
  • You must have the watch time of at least 30,000, 1-minute views on your videos (of 3 min)
  • Only those videos are eligible for ad break services that are at least 3 minutes long.
  • If your Facebook monetization request is accepted, then you can have automatic or manual placement options for the ads, depending upon your choice.
  • The first ad on your video must be after 1 minute, and each consequent ad must have a gap of 120 seconds.
  • You can choose the brands or the type of content that would be shown in the ads of your page. However, the exact ad preview would depend on the preference of the individual watching it.

Although these are a handful of conditions and prerequisites that we found, ensuring compliance with them was not easy. This was actually the most challenging stage, and we had to go with the trial and error method to see how we could engage our audience for longer. At the same time, the quest for keeping engaged audience also helped us in serving them better and thus fetching us two-fold benefit.

3. Why is Facebook paying?

Do you still have any confusion regarding the Ad breaks and monetization policy of Facebook? We’ll try to cover any possible aspect of confusion in this section. If you are thinking that, why is Facebook paying a lot of money to the content creators despite the fact that Facebook is a free platform and has the most number of users as compared to the other social media platforms, already?

Well, in this era the competition is never-ending. Before Facebook started the paid version of video content, all the good content was used to become part of YouTube. However, the growing demand for the video content and its higher engagement levels in the audience has actually made Facebook move towards video content. And in order to get the best quality of content from the creators, there was no other way to pay them significantly high. This would actually help Facebook to get more content with higher chances of user engagement.

We used this aspect of Facebook’s strategy, as well. We became their high-quality content creators, and Facebook paid as a result.

4.      What did we do?

Now you would be wondering what we exactly did to get our audience hook to our content? How we earned $88,101.71 from Facebook? As stated earlier, it wasn’t easy at the start. Not until we realized that knowing our audience could be the key to our earnings. With this realization, we modified our content according to the needs of the audience, and this was the best move that we made.

We are attaching the screenshots of our earnings from 1st Oct 2018 – 20th August 2019 to prove what we earned and how it went up gradually (remember we aren’t one of the overnight success stories).

How we earned $86000 from Facebook

5. How we did it?

If you are thinking that getting through the monetization process is going to be the most difficult phase of earning, then hold on. How do you expect people to view the unwanted ads in your videos? Keeping them tuned to the video for 1 minute is still achievable but keeping their attention to the level that they would see the entire video or triggering them to share it with their social circle is a totally different story.

To help you get through this question, let us introduce you to the concept of virality. Viral videos that we often see and share are the answer to this question. You’ll have to create and share content that would go viral – of course, keeping your audience in mind. The videos must be compelling enough to make your audience share it to their social circle in the form of an unending loop.

Thus, the takeaway for you from this section is that you can easily get your content viral if you are using the right kind of content for targeting the right type of audience. Once you’ll get it, you’ll actually be attracting money to yourself. So, why not give it a try.

Money attracts money

6. Why are we sharing it?

One of the other questions that you would definitely have in mind would be regarding the reason for sharing it. Traditionally, we should be keeping this successful strategy of our’s confidential and keep making money through it. Yeah, this is what most of the people do. But we have different aims in mind. Our primary purpose is to develop entrepreneurs that would be self-sufficient, at least to support their own needs. This is what our business concept is about, and that is making us popular.

Another reason for sharing our strategy is the undiscovered potential of the internet and social media. Most of us are not even aware of some of the prominent business features that each of the social media platforms offers. We are actually living in the most modern and one of the wonderful eras where multiple income-generating platforms exist within your reach. It is you who can manage to use these platforms to the best of your potential and believes in earning maximum out of them.

So, just to uncover one of the ways through which you can utilize Facebook and earn money through it, we have shared our strategy with you. This should motivate you enough to make you find a specific niche on which you can start working.


We are not claiming that you’ll be able to get thousands of dollars without effort as we know that is one of the impossible things. But by sharing this strategy, the only thing we expect from you is that you’ll give your best to change your destiny. A simple business idea when combined with the right strategy, right audience, and the right platform can actually make you a millionaire.

$88,101.71 – This is what we have achieved up till now with this Facebook monetization strategy. We would like to know your plan of earning through Facebook or even other social media platforms. Sharing your story would help in motivating others, so we’ll be looking forward to it in the comments section.