With a total of 1 billion users of Instagram, this social application is making its space in the top few social media applications that exist today. If you own a business and want to use Instagram 2019 for promoting it, then this is the right time. Just to give you the necessary motivation, here is another statistic: around 60% of the Instagram users rely on this application for searching for new products. Thus, you can capitalize on this opportunity and enjoy an increase in your followers and customer base through this application.

But in order to capitalize on this opportunity in the best possible way, you will need to know Instagram, its features and the upcoming trends and changes that Instagram is going to adopt in the next few months. Only then, you can go with the flow and attract your potential customers towards your brand. In order to facilitate you, we have planned this article to provide you with all such information about Instagram 2019 and the upcoming predictions for this year.

Instagram 2019:

We are going to divide the entire section about the changes in Instagram into two main sections. The first section is going to highlight the new updates in Instagram whereas the other section would revolve around some of the trends and predictions that are going to be the part of the upcoming updates of the application. So, let us start the exploration of Instagram 2019:

Changes in Instagram 2019:

In this section, we are going to highlight the new updates that have been already announced by Instagram management. Some of you might have installed the new updates in their application as well. However, some of you might still be using the older version. In any case, not every update is visual enough to inform all users about the changes that have been the part of the update. So, in order to highlight such changes in Instagram 2019, we are mentioning them explicitly for you.

1. New creator accounts:

Influencers have always been one of the important ways to attract business for leading brands and organizations. With the rising use of social media applications, this trend has increased further over time. But this trend was not very well incorporated in Instagram up till now. But the recent update has understood the need for the creation of separate profiles for the creator account and the business account.

Now, influencers can sign up for the creator account and get a number of tools to improve their overall contribution for the business and enhance the sales. Some of the benefits that you can expect to associate with creators account include the tools to evaluate the engagement of users, provision of the facility of filtering message and getting a better set of analytics tool to ensure that the efforts being put in influencing are actually paying off.

In case, you haven’t seen this update on your Instagram application, then there could be a few reasons for it. Firstly, this feature is in the beta testing stage. It means that a few users have been providing with this feature in the initial phase and their feedback would be used to make this feature available to a wider audience. Secondly, you might not have updated your app. In order to ensure that your app is updated, you can either look at the version of the app you are using or go to the Application store on your phone and check if the automatic updates are switched on.

Thirdly, this feature is going to be available for limited users of Instagram. Why? Because there must be a specific number of followers on Instagram to get the most out of this feature. If the influencers are limited in number, there won’t be any specific use.

2. Donation Campaigns:

Up till now, you had to share your account details or other sorts of information of your financial details to let the subscribers or audience pay to a cause that you care about. There was no way for the audience to make a direct donation. This led to the complication of the procedure and thus lower turnout for the companies who were asking for donations.

Keeping this problem in mind, Instagram is introducing a Donation feature to Instagram accounts. This feature is going to allow all the users to donate for a cause they care simply by pressing the button on the specific profile. The businesses or non-profitable organization would have ease in handling their accounts and appeals for donations as well.

Again, if you aren’t seeing this update in your account or application, then make sure you are updating your application regularly. Once you’ll update your application, you’ll find these changes in it and you can donate to the organizations you support directly.

3. Change in camera:

One of the salient features of Instagram is the camera. For your surprise, the recent updates are going to change this mode to a considerable degree. The old and new camera mode, both are going to convert in the radial dial around the shutter button.

By enabling this mode, you’ll be able to share anything literally. It doesn’t have to be a picture or video particularly. But stickers and other file types would be supported. So, now things are going to move away from the extra hassle of taking a picture or shooting a video in order to upload it on Instagram.

In order to ensure that you are able to use this new update of social application, you’ll have to update Instagram 2019, right now. Try it now or this feature will get too old.

4. Hiding “likes”:

There is a general trend in the Instagram users that the pictures or videos with ore likes are often “liked” by the user upon scrolling the feed. In order to reduce this impact on the Instagram feeds and likes, Instagram has decided to hide “likes” of a picture or a video until you interact with it. This will result in more genuine likes towards a picture according to the management of Instagram.

This feature of Instagram 2019 might not be visible to you up till now because if you are not the resident of Canada right now, your Instagram application  would not be tuned to show this update a sit is being tried as a test feature for the Canadian users. Once the results generated from this initiative would be seen and evaluated, then you can expect this feature to be part of all the applications.

5. Hashtag insights:

The new updates of the social application have introduced hashtag insights for you. So, the hashtag game is no longer going to remain problematic for you. You can easily find out which hashtags have created the engagement on your post and which of the hash tags have remained insignificant in attracting an audience and their interest to your post. If you haven’t explored this feature up till now, it is better to do it now as it can help you in generating the better and engaging content for the users.

6. Remove Followers:

Another important feature that has been included in the new updates of Instagram is the feature of removing followers. You’ll be astonished on this feature that why would Instagram allow you to remove your followers and why would you want to do it. But the fact is when you are running a business account on Instagram, the number of followers is no doubt important but even more important is the level of engagement that you are generating.

You’ll find a number of users who won’t react to your post or engage with any of your post in any way. These users are normally the bots who get in your followers’ list through different means. These bots add up to the follower count but when they do not react, they are lowering your level of engagement with your audience. Instagram would consider your content non-relevant or non-interesting as a result and your stories won’t get the proper position. The end result is a problem for you. But now Instagram has provided you with this feature and you can remove your flowers if you think they aren’t the right kind of audience for your page. This will help in increasing the overall engagement of your business page.

7. Add countdown Timer:

We aren’t sure if you would have explored this feature of Instagram or not. But it is better that we should update the new users about it. Instagram provides you with a countdowns timer running with your stories. This countdown timer is important if you are making an announcement, which is time specific. Additionally, if you are hosting an event, then this feature can provide your audience with the real sense of urgency with a countdown timer ticking with your story.

8. Multiple Account Support:

By now, you’ll have an idea about the multiple account usage on Instagram. But do you know that switching between one account to the other doesn’t delete your draft created for the post. You can choose the account that you want to post your content without any hassle.

9. A separate list of close friends can be maintained:

Another feature that would have already been explored by a number of people is the existence of the separate list of close friends, which is other than the followers.  If you have specific friends who are more important than the other or have higher engagement levels, then you can create a separate list of friends and share some specific story for them only, restricting the other users to have a look at those stories. this feature of Instagram is amazing, if you are looking to wish a few friends a special occasion or thank your genuine followers for the unconditional support.  

10. Locking out of user names:

This update was a particular one of the most needed ones when it comes to the users who have recently changed their names on Instagram. What if you don’t like your new name or your business audience doesn’t get used to it? Well, in such a situation, there was no solution previously. Because all those names that were left were instantly acquired by grabber bots and you don’t have an option to get them back. But now, you can change back to the old name for a 14 day grace period. In this grace period, Instagram will reserve your name for you and if you decide to be back, you can definitely be back.

Instagram 2019 is trying to provide business owners with the greatest ease. Because if you have been thinking to change the name but skeptical if your existing audience would recognize it or not, then you can definitely give it a try. There is no harm in it. And there are no risks involved.

This feature is currently in the testing mode. So, you might not see it applicable to your situation currently. But it is definitely going to be the part of new updates of Instagram 2019.

11. Co-watching video Tool:

Another feature, which is expected to roll out in the future updates of the application, is the co-watching facility. You might think it is similar to Facebook Watch party. Yeah, it is but there are some distinguishing features. Instagram does not allow you to watch a video on public forums rather it facilitates this process in the direct messaging. But still the purpose of hosting a watch party or co-watching is same i.e. to create joint engagement.

This feature can be beneficial for your business as you can expect to create higher interaction with the users. But you’ll have to create such videos, which would trigger your customers or the audience to co-watch them with the others.

12. Introduction of video seek bar:

Although, it is one of the basic attributes that should have been the part of this social application already as it has been the part of the other platforms. But Instagram is introducing it now in its videos. Still, in the testing phase, the feature is expected to roll out quite soon. So, now you’ll be able to reach the desired point instantly.

This feature would require businesses to be more vigilant. If you won’t make a catchy start, the audience will use this feature and forward it (at least) or would leave your video altogether. Thus, lesser engagement with the users and limited benefits.

Predictions for Instagram 2019:

If you are really starting using Instagram for promoting your business or your own profile at the commercial level, then you would definitely want to know the future trend of updates that Instagram is going to introduce. In order to provide you with this ease, we are discussing some of the predictions of Instagram 2019 in this section.

The above section highlighted some of the new updates in the social application that are already in place in at least some part of the world. But this section revolves around some of the predictions by the experts of Instagram and other social media application. The difference between both the sections is important to highlight because you might be confused about the division of this article into two sections and the possible benefit for you.

Well, to ease up this problem, the proposed changes or the new updates are already in the pipeline. These changes have either been implemented at some stage or are propagated by the management of Instagram 2019 itself. But the predictions are simply from the experts. Their predictions might not be totally true as there are no insights from the Instagram 2019 management. These predictions are based on the general trends and the competition of Instagram that exists with the other social media applications.

So, some of the predictions for Instagram in 2019 are highlighted below:

1. Interactivity in the Instagram story Ads:


Currently, the use of interactivity in the form of stickers is quite prominent in the Instagram stories but this feature can also be introduced in the Instagram 2019 story ads. With this feature enabled, the ads could not only be more interactive but would also allow the companies to generate polls regarding the significance and relevance of the advertisement for the users. The polls could also ask the customers about the choice that they are going to make from the two versions of a product or services that a company is offering. Moreover, the provision of a wider range of opportunities for interaction would result in better engagement and the higher chances that a brand would accomplish its goals.

Impact on business:

If you are new to Instagram or have been using it for business purpose, but not generating enough results, then you can use this application for creating better results that you have been generating previously. So, if you were going to abandon Instagram for work use, don’t even think about it especially after the updates that Instagram is expected to throw-out in the market.

2. Interactivity of Instagram stories:


With the increasing competition in the stories, Instagram will have to move a step further to sustain and maintain a position in the market. You can’t expect the Instagram stories to remain the same and other platforms capturing the market of Instagram. This is why the experts say that Instagram is going to introduce interactive features in stories to keep them relevant and that is the only reason we believe them. There has to be a change in the exiting features to keep going.

Impact on Business:

Yes, interactivity in the general stories is going to impact the businesses as well. You don’t have to post ads all the time. Most of the time, your interaction with your target audience is going to be governed through simple stories. So, when your audience is able to interact with you, it would be essential that your content and story line should be awesome. Otherwise, you might be generating negative publicity as a result of this new feature.

3. Investment in IGTV:


You might be considering that this is not something new, as Instagram has already launched IGTV. Yeah we know that. But the prediction for the upcoming year is that the investment in this channel is going to get a serious boost this year from Instagram. Up till now, Instagram did not take this channel as seriously as it should have. However, it is never too late especially when you know that the viewership of the visual content is increasing rapidly. Around 95% of the US users of Instagram use YouTube (a competitor)!

Instagram can add new features and functionalities in IGTV to make it popular amongst the people. It can use its own platform, Instagram, to encourage people to watch IGTV. Competition is building up, so you better get prepared for it.

Impact on Business:

The impact of a new and dynamic video channel is going to be significant. You’ll have to take care of another media application if it manages to establish its reputation in the market because your customers would be expecting you to provide all your videos, usage technique, and information about the product and services etc. to a forum that they like to use. It is better that you should think ahead and use this prediction about Instagram 2019 to your advantage.

4. Powerful Instagram Analytics:


The analytics section of Instagram provides limited information to the users up till now. But in the year 2019, Instagram is going to be powerful in terms of business analytics. You are going to get information about the sales, conversion rate, revenue and other such details about the performance of your Instagram account.

Impact on business:

If this prediction from Instagram experts gets true, then you’ll be able to handle your page in a better way. You’ll be able to know the engagement level created by each of your stories and the audience details that have engaged with a particular post. Keeping it under consideration, you can find the likes, dislikes of your business audience, and make their social application usage better.

5. Authenticity is going to get a higher value:


One of the problems of using social media is the lack of authenticity and credibility of the information, posts, and business that is available. All the major social media applications have been moving towards it and so is it predicted for Instagram in 2019. Instagram is going to give higher importance to the authenticity of the story than any other factor. So, if this prediction really comes true, then the story creators will have to be sure that the stories must be real and authentic rather than being perfect.

Impact on business:

The business impact that you can see as a result of implementing this prediction by Instagram would be that if you aren’t much into creation of a perfect story but you believe on sharing the real information, then you are going to top the trends and become relevant for your target audience. However, if you have been doing the opposite of it until now, then you‘ll have to change your practices to remain relevant.

One of the tips here is that you can create stories about the benefits of your products or why should people choose your services and there are higher chances that you’ll not only make a significant position on Instagram rather you’ll also be able to retain it even if the authenticity is given higher importance by this social application..

6. Influencer marketing would be there in Instagram 2019 but in a different form:


The role of influencer marketing is not going to fade away in the near future. But the way it has been used and is currently being used is going to change. Previously, the influencers with a large number of followers or audience were considered important by businesses. Although, this technique of influencing people at a mass level has worked now people are becoming hesitant to follow these influencers.

This is why one of the new trends that you could be seeing on Instagram in 2019 would be related to the use of micro-influencers. People with thousands of followers would be given more importance as they are expected to have a strong hold on the audience, which could be one of the ways to increase sales.

Impact on business:

You should be giving higher importance to the creation of satisfied customers. This will create a chain reaction for you in terms of positive word of mouth shared through Instagram. Your customers when sharing their experience would trigger others to try. You, as a business, don’t have to target the celebrity or the broad level influencers in order to generate the positive results for your business even if this prediction gets true.

7. Direct communication between user is expected to increase in Instagram 2019:


An increase in the direct dealing between the Instagram users has been triggered last year. According to the experts, the tools to enhance direct communication would be increased in the year 2019 as well. This is because the other social media applications have been providing bundles of features together. Secondly, the direct contact tools have been started to show up in the year 2018 as well. So, there is a higher tendency that Instagram would continue the investment stream.

Impact on Business:

The direct communication between users is not going to impact the businesses directly. However, if you have been looking for opportunities that your audience must share it with the other users directly, and then these direct communication features could be helpful for you. You need to set your clear aims before you can expect to generate benefit from the direct communication tools and features of Instagram 2019.


In this article, our purpose was to highlight Instagram and its upcoming outlook in the year 2019. Apart from the predictions, some of the changes that have already been in place have also been discussed. But the major focus of the article is on the upcoming changes. Amongst which increase in investment in IGTV, direct communication and better analytics have been the most prominent ones. Although, there are some tools available to handle social media applications but it is better to have a wide support by the application itself.

Let us know what do you think about these predictions and how could they impact your business. Share your business goals if these changes are implemented by Instagram – the social application.