Instagram Upgrades Hashtag Search to Broaden Discoverability.
Instagram just made finding your next favorite creator or post a whole lot easier! They’ve revamped their hashtag search function to broaden discovery on the platform.

What’s the Change?

Previously, clicking a hashtag led you to a feed showcasing the most popular posts with that tag. While this offered a quick glimpse into trending content, it limited exploration.

The latest update broadens the scope of your search capabilities. Tapping a hashtag now brings you to a comprehensive search result page. This includes relevant profiles alongside those enticing “Top Posts.”

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Deeper Dives: Users are empowered to delve into the topics that intrigue them, allowing for a deeper understanding. Discover new accounts that consistently create content you love, instead of just seeing fleeting posts.
  • Following Favorites: The update makes it easier to follow promising accounts you discover through hashtags. You can create a personalized feed that caters to your individual interests.
  • Content Creator Boost: If you’re a content creator, this is an opportunity to get your work seen by a more targeted audience. Utilizing appropriate hashtags strategically and creating engaging content can enhance the likelihood of gaining new followers.

How to Win With The New Hashtag Search:

  • Hashtag Research: Don’t just throw random hashtags on your posts. Research relevant hashtags with a good balance of popularity and reach.
  • Profile Optimization: Include relevant keywords in your profile name and bio to show up in hashtag searches.
  • Compelling Content: At the end of the day, great content is the key. Keep posting high-quality, engaging content to grab attention and keep those new followers coming.

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