Internet cookies aren’t very flavorful but they are everywhere you go

Do you have any idea about cookies. Not the ones that you eat. But the ones that are the part of your computer. No? Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to discuss about the internet cookies and what are they? They are the detectors of your information present on different websites. Their main purpose is to store your data and the things you do online. The web server doesn’t request this again and again rather once you visit the website you agree to abide by the policies of the websites.

Information like registration data including your name, address, and the contents of a shopping cart are stored through cookies. Moreover, your choices regarding layout for a web page and other such details are also kept by these cookies. They help the servers to personalize your information to the best possible extent.

Why Are They Named As Cookies?

There is no particular explanation about their name and its origin. For some, the name has derived from “magic cookies” whereas for the others Hansel and Gretel story has something to do with the name. But there are no clear signs available for the naming convention.

Are They Dangerous?

Usually, the answer to this question is that they are not. But some of the websites collect the personal information and browsing history. And this data is old to the third parties without permission. This leads to some of the privacy concerns and this is why the world is concerned about them these days.

Can Cookies Be Used To Spy On Me?

Cookies are only available to track the information that you use in the online world. They cannot access your offline data or intervene in your hard disk or other parts of the computer. Moreover, cookies can only be seen by the server from where they started. So, no other party can get the data from these cookies.

Why are they Controversial?

Although only the server initiating the internet cookies can access them but recently companies are attaching the cookies to the banner ads. So, when these banner ads are present on different websites, it is possible for them to collect the data available on those websites as well. The website cannot track your browsing and activity because of their cookies but the banner ads can make it possible for their company.

You might not be having a good feeling about these internet cookies but they are actually helpful. They can help you in optimizing your experience online. If you are searching for some product on Google, you’ll be able to see the ads of the relevant products on different websites you visit. Thus, making your shopping process easier and better. Apart from that, other suggestions and recommendations that you see online are because of these internet cookies.

Disabling cookies from my Computer would work?

It is actually an ambiguous question. The answer to which depends upon your need. If you need to personalize your experience and have suggestions according to your taste, then these cookies are helpful and you must not disable them. Because if you’ll disable them, you won’t be able to have any sort of customizations available for you.

However, if you need to hide your online history, then it is important that you must disable them. After disabling them, the cookies won’t be tracking your data and you can browse online freely.

In order to be on the safe side, you can implement a partial stop on the cookies. With this setting, you’ll get to know when a cookie would be setting up and you can make your own choice regarding the selection or rejection. But with the number of websites that use cookies these days, you’ll have to spend a considerable time in making this choice. It would be quite frustrating.

Conclusively, cookies do not affect the computer or your information in a way that you would have to suffer from it. They are available to enhance your user experience. But at the end it is your choice. You can enable them or disable them, depending upon your individual needs.