Professionals get their Reels moment: LinkedIn Dedicated Video Feed in beta testing.

LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals, is testing the waters of short-form video with a dedicated feed inspired by TikTok’s wildly popular format. This move comes as video content consumption continues to soar across the internet, and LinkedIn seeks to adapt to how its users engage with information.

Here’s What We Know so far About the Test:

  • Focus on Professional Content: While inspired by TikTok, LinkedIn assures users that the video content will remain professional and career-oriented. Think industry insights, skill demonstrations, or company culture snapshots, all condensed into short, engaging clips.
  • Increased Engagement and Discovery: The new feed is designed to boost engagement on the platform. Scrolling through short videos is a quick and easy way to consume content, potentially leading to increased discovery of valuable professional information and connections.
  • Early Testing Phase: The feature is currently in a limited beta test, so not all LinkedIn users will have access to it yet. This allows LinkedIn to gather feedback and refine the concept before potentially rolling it out to a wider audience.

Swiping Through Professional Snippets:

The new feature, currently in a limited beta test, introduces a “Video” tab within the LinkedIn app. Tapping this tab brings users to a full-screen, vertical feed of short videos. Scrolling mechanics mimic other popular video platforms, allowing users to quickly browse a variety of professional content. Just like posts and articles, users can like, comment on, and share videos they encounter in the feed.

Why Short-Form Video for Professionals?

LinkedIn acknowledges that videos are a preferred format for its members seeking to learn from industry experts and thought leaders. This dedicated feed aims to streamline video discovery, presenting bite-sized chunks of information that professionals can easily consume in their busy schedules.

Following the Trend, But With a Professional Twist:

While LinkedIn is borrowing the short-form video concept, the content itself is expected to remain firmly focused on the professional sphere. Think industry insights, career advice, skill demonstrations, and company culture glimpses – all condensed into short, engaging clips.

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