Have you ever wondered who has the most money in this world? And how much is it? I am sharing the top few of the entire list of billionaires to help you find the answer to your questions. You’ll be amazed at the amount of money they have and the businesses that have helped them in earning that money. Most of these top billionaires are philanthropists too. Additionally, you can have a better idea about the activities that they do to keep this world a better place by reading this article.

List of Billionaires:

So, let’s start to review the Wealthiest person 2019.

1. Jeff Bezos:

Guess who has the first spot on the billionaires’ list. It is Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. The Net Worth of Bezos alone is $130.5 billion. Although Jeff Bezos started with a small online bookstore, which transformed into an online store for everything. He is the wealthiest person 2019, but not all this money has been earned from Amazon alone. So, where does he get his income?

Business Source:

No doubt, Amazon is too big, but it is not solely responsible for all this earning of Jeff Bezos. He has been moving into other industries as well. Some of the marvelous ideas have increased the net worth of Jeff Bezos to such a level. The initiation of drone shipping and the acquisition of whole foods are the two prominent ideas that have worked for him in the past year. Now, making him the richest person in the world. You’ll be astonished to know that he is the richest of all time, the first person crossing $100 billion mark. Want to know some of the routine habits of a billionnaire, check out this article.

Philanthropic Activities:

Jeff Bezos believes in helping the poor and needy from the money that he has. This is why he has been donating money to a large number of charity organizations that could bring change in the lives of the people. One of the recent initiatives taken by him is to donate $2 billion under the name of Day One Fund. With this fund, he expects to invest in the education of homeless children. So, a nice cause isn’t it?

2. Bill Gates:

You were probably expecting him to be on the top of the list of billionaires as he has remained on the top for many years now. But not anymore. As you have seen, now it is Jeff Bezos, but that does not put Bill Gates to a disadvantaged position. He is still the number 2 with a net worth of $92.2 billion.

Business Source:

The founder of Microsoft we all know him. He has given to the world the easy way of using the computer with the wonderful operating systems. It is still the largest company manufacturing the operating systems and the other software for the computers.

Philanthropic Activities:

Bill Gates is known for the philanthropy that he shows for everyone. According to one of the Forbes’ articles, he is the philanthropy king. He has a working charity organization by the name of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He continually contributes to this charity, but in the year 2017 he gave away his shares of $4.6 billion to this organization. Sparing this much amount of your wealth for the welfare of others is great. So, are you getting inspired?

3. Warren Buffet:

He has $91.3 $billion as his net worth. With all these assets he still lives in the house that he purchased when he was just a struggle. For those who don’t know him much. He owns Berkshire Hathaway, an American company, and is an entrepreneur having investments in various other companies as well. The difference between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates is of just a few billion dollars. So, you never know he could be on number 2 next times.

Business Source:

Berkshire Hathaway is the main business that he owns. Although this business has reached the current level through the acquisition strategy. So you can find a number of businesses a part of his business empire.

Philanthropic Activities:

His philanthropic activities cannot be questioned. Through his inspiration struggle has acquired a lot of lessons. Maybe this is why he is donating 99% of his wealth to the philanthropist activities. Yeah, this wealth is being donated through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Yes, the one, which is founded by Bill Gates. So, you can see the cooperative element here.

4. Bernard Arnault:

He is the guy from the fashion industry who owns one of the luxurious brands. His company has become so famous that he has become a part of the list of billionaires. With a current net worth of $75.7, he is still in the industry and making money with his famous luxury fashion brand.


LVMH (Louis Vitton Moet Hennessey). Haven’t heard of it? I bet you would have. See it as Louis Vitton only. Yes, that’s it. He is the owner of this famous brand. So what are the other names in the company name? Moet Hennessey is the merger outcome of the champagne manufacturer. A considerable increase in the position can be seen when analyzing Bernard Arnault. Last year he was not amongst the top 10 and this year he is in the fourth place. So, the expansion of the brand in the other countries of the world could be the probable reason for the rapid expansion.

Philanthropist activities:

I am sure LVMH (Louis Vitton Moet Hennessey) would be donating a significant amount of money under the CSR activities. However, Bernard Arnault does not have a specific philanthropic organization where he gives donation or charity.

5. Mark Zuckerberg:

He is the man who created Facebook. And he has earned it from Facebook too. To such a level that today you are reading his name at number 5 on the list of billionaires. He still has a lot of potential. So that brightens up the possibility that he could be on the top of the list of billionaires quite soon.

Business Source:

I don’t think I need to discuss much about it. It is Facebook. We all know it quite well now. However, one of the things that I would like to highlight about it is its growth strategy. With the acquisition of more than 2 billion users, the growth potential was lowering gradually. This is why the founder of Facebook has decided to go for the acquisition strategy to continue the growth.

Philanthropist activities:

Mark Zuckerberg is among the individuals who have pledged to contribute 99% of their income for the causes of public welfare. In addition to that he and his wife have a charity organization too. Thus, he is spending a lot of money for the public welfare. So, isn’t it great?

6. Carlos Slim Helu:

$70.5 billion is the net worth of this rich man on earth. But, in this year, he has actually lost $6 billion from his net assets that have resulted in the drop of his position. Now, he ranks 6th. What does he actually do? So, let’s find it out in the section below:

Business Source:

He has a conglomerate by the name of Grupo Carso. A number of industries have the presence of this conglomerate including media, health, energy, retail, and the real sector. Overall, you can expect the businesses of Carlos Slim Helu to be everywhere in every sector.

Philanthropic activities:

He is another wealthiest man who is contributing to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Apart from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he also contributes to Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The estimates are that he has given around $200 million for different causes that could create a change in the lives of the less privileged people. So, he has already donated a significant amount.But you can always consider it less when it comes to donation.

List of Billionaires: Conclusion:

These are the top 6 people from the list of billionaires. Each one of them has his own inspiration struggle, which has actually led to the creation of these billionaires. Additionally, every one of them started from scratch and has now become a few renowned people in the world. You’ll observe that most of these people on the list had the main idea. Around which they built the entire empire. With time obviously, you can diversify rather you have to. But you must have a strong idea that could trigger the business for you. You can review the article here for getting to know how can you work on an idea. It is definitely not easy but not impossible as well. So, give it a try at least.

Such stories are actually the inspiration for people like us. They teach us that with a simple idea you can expect to reap significant rewards from your idea and effort. So, why not try it and be in the wealthiest person in the world.

You might have noted one thing, all these rich people are men. Why? Is that the glass ceiling that is hindering women from being on the list or maybe something else. I’ll leave this question to you. You might want to ponder on it and share your valuable opinion.

You might have noted one thing, all these rich people are men. Why? Is that the glass ceiling that is hindering women from being on the list or maybe something else. I’ll leave this question to you. You might want to ponder on it. So, share your valuable opinion.