Marketing tools can ensure great results for your business if you’ll keep a line between using them and relying on them solely. Everything is in your hands.

Do you want to target the right kind of market for your product or services? Do you want an increase in sales? Is it the long-term relationship with the customers that you are looking for? Or is it just the promotion of your new product line that is bothering you? Do you know what is common in all of these requirements? Marketing! In one way or the other, each of these questions requires the implementation of marketing techniques to generate results for you.

Okay, so that leads us to the point that marketing is integral for every business irrespective of the size and age of your business. But not every business has enough resources to hire a professional marketing agency or marketing team to execute all that you want from your business. Agreed. Now just think for a moment, do you actually need a marketing expert?

What we are expecting here is a “yes” as an answer. Not because you actually need someone else to market your business but just because you aren’t aware of some of the marketing tools and techniques that you can use. And this is the reason we are here. Our aim is to help you out in the best possible way so that you can do a lot with your minimum resources.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt. So, with the help of some basic tools, you can show others what you are passionate about. Your Business!

Marketing tools for boosting your business:

We are going to discuss some of the basic but effective marketing tools that can give your business a constant boost. But before we start, let’s make one thing clear. None of these marketing tools is going to work on its own. You are the driving force behind any of it, and you’ll have to show it too. Technology can make things simpler and complex at the same time. So, be vigilant about your actions and make your life simpler, not complex!

With this word of caution, here is a list of marketing tools that you should use:

1. Buffer:

Social media accounts are now a new reality. You can’t expect to ignore this reality and still be successful. So, the creation of accounts on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are treated as a necessity now.

Managing these accounts can be time taking. You’ll probably have to dedicate a specialized individual for handling all of your social media profiles, and if you are doing it on your own, then you’ll have an idea how tiresome it can actually get.

Realizing this aspect of using different social media accounts for business – Buffer – one of the marketing tools that we have in the digital world provides its users with an ease of handling everything through a single platform. Nearly all your business profiles on different social media can be managed. You can schedule your posts, analyze the engagement level, and even coordinate with the other team members using Buffer application.

2. GetResponse:

One of the comprehensive tools that you can utilize for designing marketing campaigns for your business is GetResponse. This marketing tool can actually allow you to design e-mail campaigns, optimize your landing pages, track visitor’s behavior, and analyze the traffic visiting your website.

Moreover, you can also conduct online surveys to know what your customers think about your new product or service. Additionally, automatic responses for e-mails are also one of the features that you can get from this wonderful tool.

Basically, if you are expecting to run e-mail campaigns for your business, GetResponse is a complete package that does not only help in analyzing what type of audience is visiting your website, but it can also help you in contacting them and getting them to your optimized landing page.

3. Wordstream:

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” — KB Marketing Agency

So, ignoring online marketing can no way be your strategy. This is why we are sharing this online marketing tool with you. By using this marketing tool, you’ll be able to create Adwords campaigns and Facebook campaigns.

The easy to handle software can actually reduce the actual amount of work that you’ll have to do. Apart from that, the optimization of the other pay per click (PPC) campaigns can also be managed, which can be beneficial in reducing the overall time that you spend on online marketing.

4. BuzzSumo:

All the marketing efforts without content are actually vain. Rebecca Lieb has actually defined the importance of content in digital marketing by saying, “Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.”

So, to ensure that you manage all your content in the best possible way, BuzzSumo is a tool for you. With this marketing tool, you can get ideas about what to write on your specific niche. So, if you are amongst people who actually get stuck on this step, you’ll find it a blessing with multiple ideas focusing on a keyword.

Moreover, it is not about the ideas for the blogs only; the ideas regarding Facebook and Twitter campaigns can also be generated with this marketing tool. Furthermore, you can even find the influencers on a particular niche who could be willing to promote your blog or campaign. Thus, a complete tool for your content needs.

5. Hemming Way:

One of the marketing tools that can make your life a lot easier, whether you need to write Facebook posts or articles for your websites, is Hemming Way. This application ensures that your message turns out to be a beautiful piece of writing intended for a specific audience.

It cannot only help you in engaging the readers with your content, but even from the SEO point of view, this application can improve the quality of your content. And being a marketer, you should keep it in mind that with quality content come the chances of success. So, using this marketing tool is not at all a bad way to look for more customers or increased revenue.

6. Canva:

One of the most comprehensive tools when it comes to graphic designing and effective content creation is Canva. From multiple templates and numerous content creating options, you can just use the drag and drop feature, and you’ll get what you’ll need to boost your business.

Photographs, graphics, and different types of font options ensure that your creativity is not restricted in any way. The best this about this marketing tool is that anyone can use it irrespective of the expertise level. So, if you are new to designing and want to create a Facebook banner, all you need is to know what you are talking about, and you’ll get all the options to do so by making a few clicks.

7. Google Analytics:

For any sort of business, the first thing that you’ll probably be looking for is to have insights about your customers. After all, you need to develop a long-term relationship with your customers. So you should at least know who is your customer, what do they like about your website, what other products they could be interested in etc. 

In order to answer all these questions, Google Analytics is free and the most authentic tool that you can find online. But why exactly are you looking for all this information? By using this data, you’ll get to know which keywords you should target next, what type of content should you create for more engagement, and how to drive your marketing strategy further.

Remember, more insights about your customers means chances of building stronger customer relationships, and stronger customer relationships translate into more revenues and increased customer base.

8. Hello Bar:

Generally, more than 90% of the visitors leave your website without taking any specific action. To encourage the visitors for a particular action, you can utilize Hello Bar. It detects the exit intent of the visitors and provides them with a clear call to action, which is expected to improve the level of engagement and help you in the achievement of your goals.

Some of the calls to action that are supported by this online marketing tool are a collection of the e-mail address, highlighting your social media page for the visitors to visit and presentation of a coupon code to encourage purchase.

When you’ll actually be reinstating the customers with what you want them to and entice them, just when they are going to exit, then you should expect some particular actions from the users. These actions can improve your overall business. Use this tool once on your business website, and we are sure that you’ll be thanking us for haring this tool with you.

9. Headline Analyzer:

How many times have you read an article or open a website, just because the headline was thought-provoking? Or you just feel that you’ll find the answer to your query on that particular website. Usually, this how we skim unlimited content online.

When you do it for yourself, why don’t you expect your customers to do it as well? So, to ensure that your business gets all the attention from the right users, create specific headlines that can actually attract your users right away.

With a higher click-through rate, you should expect more engagement, higher chances of closing a sale. We cannot guarantee the other aspects right now, but if you’ll use Headline Analyzer, then it will definitely guide you to make the most from it.

10. Trello:

Even if you are running a sole proprietorship, you’ll still not be the only one executing all the tasks when it comes to the online conversion of customers or marketing of your products or company. So, when dealing with your team members, one of the things that you actually need is collaboration.

With proper collaboration, either you won’t be able to execute any marketing strategy, or you’ll lose a lot of your time in overseeing the work. So, in all situations, when you have a team to manage for the marketing purposes of your business, you must use Trello.

Trello is an application that can reduce your work burden by helping you coordinate and collaborate with the other members of the team. You can assign tasks to the other members, track the progress and schedule the further tasks as well so that everyone is clear about their responsibilities and the time frame provided for each task.

By using this application for coordination, you can get improve your productivity, get better results from your team, and use all the efforts to boost your business. 

11. LiveChat:

When you have made all the marketing efforts and managed to bring your audience to your business website, what’s next? What if they have any questions? Do you think that they would be waiting for your 24-hour response time through “contact us” forms? We don’t think so.

“It’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” — Douglas Warner III

Without a live chat application, you’ll be losing potential customers. So, one of the best marketing tools that you can use for this purpose is LiveChat. You can integrate this tool on your website, and that will allow you to respond to queries of your customers in real-time. The higher importance given to the customer is often translated in higher revenues.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

So just, integrate this application and see the impact.


Our focus here was to provide you with a marketing tool that would cover all the aspects of marketing rather than focusing on any one of them. By using all of these tools, you’ll be able to reduce the time taken for the completion of marketing campaigns. Some of these tools help you with execution, whereas the others are to help you create the perfect content. So, each of these tools is going to beneficial.

But make sure that you don’t rely on these tools exclusively. These tools are here to assist you. So, be careful in how you are going to use these tools because remember you are the driving force behind all your marketing efforts, and you’ll have to show it as well.