Meta’s “Meta Verified” program, launched with much fanfare a year ago, seems to be falling short of expectations. The subscription service, offering a verification badge, impersonation protection, and priority customer support for a monthly fee, hasn’t gained significant traction with users.

According to sources, Meta is considering the inclusion of new benefits in the package to increase the number of sign-ups.
Here are some of the features being tossed around:

  • Original Content Protection:
    This would involve human reviewers taking a closer look at flagged content to identify and address copyright infringement of posts and potentially original content theft.
  • Faster Ad Review Process:
    Content creators concerned about their advertisements being delayed may benefit from opting for accelerated ad review. This feature would give precedence to ad submissions from verified users.
  • Enhanced Customer Support:
    Upgraded customer support could offer verified users a more direct line to address any issues they encounter on the platform.
  • Bonus Features for Reels:
    Exclusive access to features like the ability to include more links in Reels videos (up to 8 per month) could incentivize creators who utilize this format.
  • Priority Case Monitoring:
    Flagged content or account restrictions can be stressful. Priority case monitoring would allow verified users to have their support tickets reviewed and addressed quicker.
  • Alternative Badge Design:
    While the verification badge holds weight, some users might find a different visual cue, perhaps something like a gold checkmark, more appealing.

Will it be Enough?

Are these new features enough to incentivize users to pay? The current price point of $11.99 might need adjusting. Also the core features like impersonation protection might not be enough of a motivator for everyday users.

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