Brands Get More Choices, Creators Get More Exposure: Instagram’s Creator Marketplace Goes Global.

Big news for brands and creators alike! Meta has announced a significant expansion of its Creator Marketplace on Instagram, opening its doors to a wider world. Previously available only to US brands, the Marketplace is now accessible to businesses in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil.

This expansion creates a fantastic opportunity for both sides of the influencer marketing equation.

What is the Creator Marketplace?

Launched in 2022, the Creator Marketplace acts as a bridge between brands and Instagram creators. Brands can search for and connect with creators who align with their target audience and campaign goals. Creators can find brand partnerships that complement their content and potentially generate new income streams.

How Does it Work?

Brands can access the Creator Marketplace through Meta Business Suite. Here, they can search for creators based on various criteria, including:

  • Niche or area of focus
  • Follower demographics (location, age, etc.)
  • Engagement rates
  • Past brand mentions or collaborations

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