Shaping the future of AI: Meta partners with Stanford for responsible development.

Meta partnered with Stanford’s Deliberative Democracy Lab to conduct a community forum on generative AI. This forum aimed to gather feedback from actual users regarding their expectations and concerns surrounding responsible AI development.

With the rise of generative AI and its potential to significantly impact our lives, the conversation surrounding its responsible development is more important than ever. Meta, recognizing this need for public input, recently partnered with Stanford University’s Deliberative Democracy Lab to conduct a unique forum. This forum aimed to gather insights from everyday people on their expectations and concerns regarding AI development.

The forum, held in October 2023, boasted over 1,500 participants from Brazil, Germany, Spain, and the United States. This diverse group engaged in discussions on the Stanford Online Deliberation Platform, a platform specifically designed for large-scale, thoughtful online conversations. Participants delved into key issues and challenges surrounding AI development, providing valuable perspectives that can help shape the future of this powerful technology.

This initiative by Meta highlights a growing trend in the tech industry: leveraging public forums to guide AI development. Traditionally, AI advancement has been driven largely by researchers and corporations. However, by incorporating the voices of regular people, Meta is ensuring that AI is developed with a human-centric approach, addressing the needs and concerns of the very people it will impact.

The results of the forum, released in April 2024, offered fascinating insights. Participants emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in AI development. They also stressed the need for AI systems that are fair, unbiased, and designed to benefit society as a whole.
The forum incorporated responses from over 1,500 people from Brazil, Germany, Spain, and the United States ¹. The key findings of the forum are as follows:

Glimpse of Forum Outcomes:

  • The majority of participants from each country believe that AI has had a positive impact.
  • The majority believe that AI chatbots should be able to use past conversations to improve responses, as long as people are informed.
  • The majority of participants believe that AI chatbots can be human-like, so long as people are informed.

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