Meta is currently testing a new feature on Instagram: a “Meta Verified” comment filter. Meta Verified comment filter would allow users to see comments from verified accounts (those with the blue checkmark) at the top of the comments section, separate from comments from regular accounts.

Social media users and industry experts have noticed the filter, but Meta has made it clear that Meta Verified comment filter is still in the testing phase. However, there is no confirmation yet on whether it will be rolled out more widely.

What’s the Purpose?

There are a couple of reasons behind Meta’s decision to test this feature:

  • Boost Engagement for Verified Accounts: Public figures, social media personalities, and verified accounts frequently receive an overwhelming number of comments, which can make it challenging to distinguish authentic messages from their fans. Implementing this filter could enhance their ability to see important messages.
  • Reduce Spam and Misinformation: Instagram’s community guidelines place a greater level of responsibility on verified accounts. By implementing verification filters, the platform aims to minimize the presence of spammy or misleading comments, thus enhancing user experience.
  • User Control Over Experience: Certain users may prioritize viewing comments from verified accounts initially, particularly on posts from public figures or on subjects where they place importance on expert opinions.
  • Increase Visibility for Verified Accounts: Comments from celebrities or influencers may be buried in a sea of ordinary comments. This filter might increase their involvement.
  • Enhance Brand Interactions: Businesses have the opportunity to utilize the filter in order to view feedback directly from customers.

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