Over the course of a lifetime, you will make a lot of mistakes and see a lot of failures, but they are not all bad for you. Mistakes are an important part of your growth, the key is to learn from them so that you do not repeat the same mistakes in the future. As you grow up, you learn a lot of new things, including many unspoken rules of the society which nobody really tells you about. There may be things that you wish you could have learned when you were younger, but everything comes to you at it’s own time. Some people mature early while others take their sweet time to learn about life. Still there are a few things which are better for you the sooner you realize them.

Here are 8 things, in my opinion, everyone should realize as soon as they can.

School will not teach you everything:

In my opinion, Schools and educational institutions are a bit too overrated. It is important for you to know that you will not learn about everything that goes on in life from school. You will learn a lot of skills and lessons, which are very important for you, in practical life. The truth and reality is that there is no substitute for self education, as it will help you understand what you need to do with your life. Because let’s face it, what good is a diploma or a degree, If you don’t realize your true potential?

Others’ opinions don’t matter:

Sometimes, in life, your goals and ambitions may not conform to the conventional standards or practices. However, what you need to understand is that your aspirations are unique to your personality. You can not worry about the things that are out of your control, people’s opinions being one of them. What you should do is stay true to your ambition, and not make a big deal of people’s expectations of you.

Your best friend is you:

Another important lesson: Not everyone, who claims to be a friend, is a friend. People are like seasons, they come and go. Many people in your life will be with you only for the good times. When things start to go bad for you, many of the so called ‘friends’ will abandon you. Similarly there will always be people who will always be there for you.

The best thing to do is to learn not to rely on anyone or expect things from people. Furthermore, you just need to be positive about life and accept the fact that you will meet all kinds of people in life. Some people will be a source of happiness and consolation while other will teach you valuable lessons about life.

Failure will lead you to success:

Sounds a bit crazy, right? That’s because we as humans don’t like to fail. From a very young age we are taught that failure is bad for you. Actually failure is your best teacher, because when you fail you learn valuable lessons about self control. Looking forward to failure will propel you towards growth. As long as you don’t give up, you will survive and those who have failed more are better able to cherish success.

Money is just currency:

Money is not everything. When you are young, you could be excited about the freedom that comes with money. But in business and in life alike; rather than focusing on money, you should focus on the value. When you have money, think about how you can use it for the benefit of other people. Build new relationships and cherish the ones you already have.

Your body is your most valuable asset:

Take care of your body, because if you don’t do so it can highly affect your success. It is important to take care of your body so that you can embrace and experience the success you desire. Exercise, not to show anyone, but because you will feel good when you do. Exercising will greatly reduce your stress and make you more focused so that you are always ready to hustle.

Narrow down your choices:

When we are younger we are interested in many things, and we are able to multitask very well too. As we grow older our ability to focus on a lot of things at once starts to go away. So it is better to realize early on in life, what things you like doing the most and what makes you most happy. Life is about finding a purpose and living along a well defined path.

Life is not fair:

Bad people have good things happen to them and good people have bad things happen to them. Life is a series of ups and downs which sometimes may seem unfair to you, and it is. How you deal with the unfairness in life is what forms your personality. Some people whine and complain when they fail, while others dust themselves off and start anew. It takes a lot of courage to accept failure, but because life is unfair you are very strong too. You are supposed to survive everything that does not kill you, so if you are lucky enough to be alive; you should be able to survive and soldier in through life.


You should never be afraid of making mistakes, and you should never let failures and fear overwhelm you. The mistakes you make in your life will serve as valuable lessons throughout your entire life. Your mistakes will be your guide to right choices and eventually success.

All these lessons are just an effort from me to give you a heads up about life and it’s ways. Your mindset should always be positive about life and you should know that like everyone else, you will also encounter several obstacles on your path to success and peace. Learn to tame your mind and not to rely on anyone but yourself.