Got to know it is Mother’s day tomorrow and you haven’t planned anything for her? Have you been thinking that there is no need for celebration as you honor your mother and make every day a mother’s day for her? Well, this can be a point of view but why would it matter if you are going to take a day out and make it extra special for her. We are not arguing to make other days less important rather you can put in some extra effort on this one day to make it extra special that would literally surprise her. The history of mother’s day actually supports this point. Aren’t you aware of it? Don’t worry. We can help to make you aware about the history of Mother’s Day.

In this article, we are going to discuss the history of mother’s day and provide you with some of the celebration tips for mother’s day along with some gift ideas. We bet you are going to be on board for making this Mother’s Day special for your mother after reading this article.

History of Mother’s Day:

The original purpose of celebrating Mother’s Day was not to look at it as a commercial venture; rather it was expected to be recognized as a day to remember the efforts of a mother in the life of her offspring’s.

History of Mother’s Day: How did it all start?

Anna Jarvis was the first women who came up with an idea of celebrating a day in recognition of the efforts that her mother had in her life. The idea came up in early 1900, precisely in 1905 after the death of her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. She was a proponent that every child should give his/her mother the honor she deserves in the form of celebrating a particular day with her.

In order to make this concept prominent in the entire country, she wanted the acceptance of this day as a holiday. This is why she requested the assembly to pass a bill. However, it wasn’t approved rather this concept was mocked. People started saying that after the acceptance of mother’s day as a holiday, there would be a demand for a holiday for mother in law’s day.

She turned this concept into a movement and celebrated the first Mother Day, in May 1908, in Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia. Although, the government gave this neither support nor it was a public holiday on this day. But this celebration paved the way for its official recognition.

History of Mother’s Day: How did it reach here?

The basic concept that Ann Jarvis conveyed to the public was that society is patriarchal and not willing to adopt something to honor a woman. Such a stance got continuous backing by certain elements of the society. This is why in the year 1914 Woodrow Wilson announced the second Sunday of May as an official Mother’s Day.

This is how Mother’s Day came into existence. But remember this Mother’s Day is not something that we can relate with today. Soon after Mother’s Day was announced as the official day, companies started using it commercially. The cards business, flower shops, and nearly all other industry started using this event as a day through which they could increase their earnings. Seeing such a scenario, it was Anna Jarvis who campaigned to ban it. But it went in vain. Today, we can see all the industries capitalizing on this day.

However, we believe that the actual feeling of the Mother’s Day and the way you are going to celebrate it depends on you not on others if you can put in the real feel of your love towards your mother in it, you are set to celebrate it. Another important thing here is that you don’t have to how your feelings on this particular day of the year only. You can continue your day-to-day efforts for making your mom happy. But you can definitely go for some social arrangements on this particular day.

Mother’s Day Ideas:

You must be panicking at the moment, as you haven’t thought of anything significant for tomorrow. Don’t panic. We have a number of ideas to help you get out of this panic. Yeah we really do have a lot of ideas here to help you plan your mother’s day gift and the overall arrangement, which would make your mother feel superb. Here are some of the superb ideas that you can arrange for your mother within the time that you have got.

1. Gather all your siblings:

If some of your siblings are out of the city and you are having a feeling that your mum would be missing everyone, then you can arrange a plan to bring everyone back home for a day. This surprise visit by all her children would definitely be a great idea to honor her and make her feel special.

You might feel that with such a limited time in your hand, you cannot persuade everyone but you must try. There is a chance that everyone could get into your plan of doing something great for your mother. In case if they won’t be able to make it back home on the official Mother’s Day, even then you can plan next weekend together and later do tell her about the delays that your plan has faced. She’ll surely be so indulged in the happiness that the day and time won’t matter.

2. Arrange a surprise party:

When we say, a surprise party, we don’t mean to invite all the extended family members or friends to a party. It must be a small arrangement that would let you depict your love towards your mother without hesitation. You can arrange a few eatables of your mother’s choice and the party is arranged.

If you can manage to find a place, which you can, décor for the surprise arrangement, it would actually give the real party feel. This will even show that you have spent some significant time in planning and arranging the party for her. So, she is really going to give you extra credit for that.

3. Bring a gift:

We usually don’t ring any gifts for our mothers. In most cases, it is our mother who is caring for us and our needs. So, on this Mother’s day you can actually go the other way around by bringing something special for her. It could be something she likes or what she has been longing for some time. Such a gift will not only make her day but will also give her the confidence that you care for her and you know what does she like.

In case, you don’t have any idea about what to buy for her, and then you can find something from our section “Mother’s day gifts”.

4. Do her chores:

Sometimes, mother’s need a break too. They take care of us and the entire house on a daily basis without complaining. So, it is our duty to spare at least a day for her where she could rest and you can perform all her duties.

Make sure that while exercising this plan you should not make her life more difficult. Although, she’ll like your effort that you’ll put up in helping her. But without outcomes, you won’t be able to call it a successful effort. Similarly, if you are going to create more mess in the house rather than helping her, then that could portray your feelings towards her but won’t make her day. So try doing things with perfection, so that she can really take some rest.

Mother’s Day Gifts:

Looking for some ideas regarding the Mother’s Day gift? Here are some of the prominent gifts that you can buy for her and make her feel special. You can definitely customize each of these gifts. We are presenting you with a general idea, so that you can find the clue to start your search.

1. Perfume:

Perfume is one of the gifts that you can buy for your mother on this Mother’s Dy. Why is it a perfect gift for her? Firstly, because the sweet smell can help you in expressing your feeling towards her. Secondly, nowadays perfumes don’t only serve the smelling purpose rather they are packed in charming bottles to grab the eyesight as well. So, it could be a 2-senses gift. Thirdly, another benefit of selecting it as a gift is that you can specify your price range and select the perfume accordingly.

2. Handbags:

They are amongst the accessories the mothers’ favorites. You can buy something classy and relevant to her taste. She is surely going to love it. Make sure to give higher importance to the type of bag that you are buying and the color available. In order to be sure that the handbag you are buying is appropriate for mothers, you can take help from the store’s staff. In case, you are shopping online, you’ll have to rely on your instincts. But make sure to include the style and color factor into the analysis.

3. Watches:

Not all women like watches, especially when they are mothers as well. So, make sure to look for your mother’s taste before buying it as a gift on Mother’s day. However, if you are sure that your mother is going to like it, then you can choose the watch that could give the royal and elegant look.

One of the pieces of advice here is to go for a quality product. Otherwise, your gift would lose the essence of purity and quality that you would want to portray through this gift. Additionally, it won’t give you the right value of your money as well, if you won’t keep quality as one of the prominent factors.

4. Jewelry Items:

Going for diamonds would be too expensive, right. Although, women love diamonds, as you would have heard, you’ll need to take care of your pocket as well. So, it is better either to go for a small gold pendant or tiny gold earrings. In case you think it is a bit too much for your pocket, then going for artificial jewelry is also an option. It would be definitely less expensive than gold. But you still have to spend a significant sum of money in order to buy something that would look decent.

5. Mother’s Day Cards:

Last but not least, you can give your mother a simple Mother’s Day card. She’ll be overwhelmed with you with just a simple card stating your true feelings towards her. Some of the choices that you can make in this regard include making your own handmade card or buying it from a store. The grace of each of the card would be different but the handmade card would definitely show more love and care for her. This would also help you in giving the due credit to the history of Mother’s Day.

We would suggest you make a card and give it along with a present. It will enhance the overall emotional value that your mother is going to associate with the gift. In case, you don’t have the time for the gift or due to any other reason, you can simply give the special card as the entire gift and we are sure that your mother would love it.

Mother’s Day Quotes:

Either you are giving your mother a handmade card or a purchased one, you can definitely write some customized messages so that your mother could feel the intensity of your love for her. Apart from mentioning some specific incidents that could reveal your love for her, you can use the following Mother’s day quotes on the card as well.

Quote 1:

“Mum! You are my lifeline. I can’t live without you.”

Quote 2:

“Amongst the countless blessings that I have got in my life, you are the best”

Quote 3:

“Despite all my imperfections, the person who considers me apt for everything is your mum. You are my strength and my support system for everything that I do.”

And simple:

“I love you mother!”

Using these quotes or making your own would also help in giving the tribute to the originator of the idea of Mother’s day, the originator of the history of Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day is something that you can use as a tool to give your mother the due importance. Let us reiterate, we don’t believe in focusing on one day of the year and leaving the rest when it comes to the depiction of feelings. But there can be one day when you could make her feel more special than the other day. And that day could be Mother’s Day. This was the only reason of highlighting the history of Mother’s Day as well. Hope you would have liked that as well.

What do you think of Mother’s Day and how do you intend to celebrate it, do share your plan in the comments below.